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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ohio Treasure

Here's what I've been stitching on for the past couple-three weeks!

It's an adaptation of an original sampler that is part of a collection of the Wisconsin Historical Society. www.wisconsinhistory.org

In keeping with my "use up what I have and not ordering new to finish a project" I stitched this on 30ct R&R Cafe Kona. I started out using the Gentle Arts Threads that were charted... if I did not have that, I used the DMC substitution (offered in the chart). And, when I ran short of the GA I started with... I continued on with the DMC... dare I say if I had neither the GA or DMC I substituted a close look-alike? lol!  So, I guess that keeps up with the art of make do... ;-)

Worke #4 Ohio Treasure
An Antique Needlework Adaptation by
hand in hand with R. M. Martz of
The Restoration of My Humble Spirit

The stitched area finishes up at about 8" x 15". I haven't put much thought into how I will frame this. There is a finishing suggestion included in the pattern... I am just still thinking on a few details... I might want to build my own frame... or, I might get lazy and see if a framer can think of something (but, that costs money)... lol! Time will tell... it's been ironed... and now I'll roll it up and tuck away safely until the frame epiphany happens... ;-)

I've been taking a serious look at my stash of hobby stuff... particularly my cross stitch and quilting patterns. I came to the realization that my ambitions far exceed my time allowances... and decided to list quite a few patterns on eBay... all starting at 99 cents... click HERE to see if you "need" any of them! lol! I'll be listing more after these... so check back often!

Time to get back to finishing the projects I had started... some quilty stuff should be appearing here soon...

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!



  1. It is SO BEAUTIFUL my friend. Oh, I just love it on the Cafe Kona. Love seeing a different look for it. I just adore this piece and have mine displayed in my sewing studio. Thanks for stitching it and sharing. Enjoy! ~Nan

  2. Your make do sampler is beautiful and good for you for getting a handle on overstocked patterns. Wow, you had a lot. I hope that you live to be over a hundred and maybe you'll get them all done. lol.
    I have quite a few projects that I've started but are still sitting in my studio too.

    Have a productive week.

  3. I love that piece and the colors. And I am in total awe of a crafter with a make-do attitude. So far I have only managed to completely hook 1 (yes, one) small rug exclusively from my stash without buying some new piece of wool. Isn't that terrible??

  4. beautiful! I just love those rich colors you are using.

  5. I always love seeing your stitcheries, you do such beautiful work. I need to do a stash clean myself, will never use it all and I want to concentrate on the things, I do want to make.


  6. Sharon ~
    I love that sampler and I love that you "made do" with what you had on hand. Yeah for you!
    Off to check your eBay listings.
    Hugs :)

  7. Beautiful sampler...love your "make something from nothing" attitude !
    I think all of us could take stock of all the wonderful projects we love but simply don't have time for.
    So much to do and so little time. ;)

  8. Hey Sharon. YAY for substituting. I swear...I had a bazillion skeins of embroidery floss back in the day...some so similar...who would know? So...you are not as anal as I. Apparently. And good for you. That sampler, by the way, is gorgeous! And, good for you for going through and destashing! Hope your stuff sells!

  9. Ooooh, what lovely stitches! I love your idea of make-do!
    Hugs and peaceful stitching to you...

  10. I bought that pattern but as of yet haven't started it yet. I had to laugh because I buy way more patterns than I could possible ever have time to do. Just like books, I have stacks of books to read and not enough time for those either. I am just wondering by chance since you are going through your patterns would you happen to have a pattern by The Goode Huswife I think it is called Irma Ray Crow? It is the female version of Ira Ray Crow. I have Ira but for the life Of me I can't find the girl. I would love to buy that if you have it.

  11. Gorgeous sampler Sharon!!! You have some wonderful patterns for sale too. I bet they all get scooped up. Have a great day. Hugs, Lori

  12. Love this design! Beautiful stitching! I too have more than I could ever hope to do. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop me from acquiring more. :)

  13. Thanks or commenting on my latest blog. I've been less than faithful lately.

    I love old samplers and enjoy making repros for myself. The one you finished is particularly nice. The make-do with the colors is just what a needleworker in the past would have done so that makes it look all the more authentic.

    Cool that you would want to make your own frame. The Radio Guy has a miter saw, right???

  14. Oh my, I love the color you chose to stitch this sampler on. It's gorgeous. I started this ampler and haven't gotten very far, I hope you won't mind if I borrow your idea to change the fabric!


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