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Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Rains

It's a wonderful thing! We've gotten two rain storms this week and I'm sooooo happy! Why? Well... because it's not snow, that's why! lol! Plus, with the soaking rains combining with some warmer temps... all the grass is greening up, and the forsythia and blooming trees are popping open... color... beautiful color! Welcome! :-)

A couple of months ago I had won a giveaway over at The Wooden Acorn. Valerie sent along a top quality wool kit with threads for the Maggie B White Flower Pillow... I've finally gotten around to stitching it up...

It was a relaxing stitch all in neutral tones... and let me tell you... the wool was felted to perfection and feels like buddha! :-)

We all like posts with lots of pictures... lol... but, I haven't finished too many stitchy projects... so, I'll share a picture of a Hydrangea plant that I picked up at Home Depot right before Easter.

So many color variations showing up with all the hybridizing these horticulturists are doing... I sure hope this plant will weather the winters here as I would love for it to return each year bigger and bigger!

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. I just love Maggie B's designs and your pillow looks wonderful. I think your hydrangea should be fine. I have lots of them in my Phila. garden and grow them from cuttings. Make sure to plant it so it has time to establish roots before Winter. It does have beautiful colors in it.
    Smiles, ~Nan

  2. I love that design and yours looks wonderful. My hydrangeas have teeny-tiny little flowers. I can't wait for them to grow. I need one like your picture. I am so glad you are getting rain and not snow and things are turning green.

  3. Beautiful stitching, Sharon!

  4. Great piece I love the color and your plant is lovely. We are getting sleet and freezing rain I am so waiting for spring.

  5. That is a wonderful piece and you did a beautiful job on making it.
    I need to get new plants, but waiting for the nights to warm up a bit more.


  6. Great job on the pillow. It looks so soft.

    Good luck growing your Hydrangea. It's beautiful.
    We are waiting for another snow storm, can you believe?

  7. Hi Sharon,
    What a lovely finish.. love Maggie B designs! Your hydrangea is gorgeous! Glad you are getting some moisture there! We have had rain, snow,sleet and not many signs of Spring except for the Robins oh and that bear! LOL!
    Happy stitching!!
    Cathy G
    p.s. still loving that little dogwood pillow! Everyone who comes to the studio just ooohs and ahhh's over it too!

  8. LOVELY pillow Sharon...your handwork is splendid!
    The hydrangea is beautiful...the colour...ooooh yummm! Fresh blooms certainly bring a bit of joy to a Springtime most tardy.
    Wishing you a weekend filled with delights and peaceful stitches...
    Ever warmly,

  9. I love Maggie B and her patterns too! Your finish is great. More snow here today. It has been so long, I forgot what the sun looks like. Very dark and gray here. Have a great weekend.

  10. Well, we are getting the snow Sharon!! Love your pillow. The colors are great. My friend Kathy stitched this flower for me on a brown homespun towel and I plan (with her permission) to make a pillow out of mine too. The flowers are so pretty.
    Hugs, Lori

  11. Your little stitches are just perfect!!!! I simply love this piece.....

  12. Sharon ~
    Love the pillow!
    Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine. The colors on yours are so sweet.
    Pug hugs :)


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