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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and Some More Goodies!

It's been quite a bit of time since the last posting here... lots of stuff has been going on... where do I start? How about with a

a day to rejoice... a season of rebirth...
Spring is upon us... we are all blessed with fresh, new beginnings...

Now... how about some projects? The first banner of the Sew Cherished Wool Banner of the Month was this little bunny banner. I was supposed to have completed it in time to enjoy for the entire Easter season... but, I just started it yesterday and finished it today... lol... hopefully the second banner will get completed a bit quicker... ;-)

Next is the completed hooking of the Antique Coverlet rug! I finished it Friday night. Since then I have added the stay stitching around the edges... but ran out of time to steam it... maybe tomorrow... it seems no matter how many days off I have, I always need "just one more". I've requested that my headstone be engraved with words "I'm not done yet"... lol ;-)

I was also the lucky winner of a Carolina Stitcher giveaway! Faye does some beautiful stitching... and she stitched up an accessory pouch as part of the giveaway.... beautiful craftsmanship and the perfect fabric choice! Love the little charm on the zipper too! Faye also added some cross stitch needles, some gorgeous linen, a couple of hanks of Victorian Sampler threads and a notepad.... thanks once again Faye! I do have a pattern picked out to try out this linen with!

Some Easter gifts arrived in my mailbox last week too! They are from Pam (who hooked the blue coverlet rug pictured in the previous post)... She sent me a very pretty insulated lunch tote (with my initial), some woolen carrots, a With Thy Needle and Thread punchneedle pattern and a cute chick notepad! Love it all Pam! I can't thank you enough!

Did I mention this little sheep yet? Betty of Primitive Betty's sent this to me "just because" a month or so ago... but I haven't been able to get a good picture of it yet... it's a punchneedle piece and his legs are sticks... love the little bell around his neck too! I have him displayed in my hallway... he makes me smile each time I walk past him! Thank you Betty!

Well... I think that about wraps things up here for now... I have so many projects planned for April... hopefully I will accomplish at least half of them...

"I'm not done yet"... lol! ;-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!



  1. Sounds like you have been blessed, love the photos!

  2. Your projects are always so lovely Sharon. Happy Easter to you. Your epitaph is hysterical!

  3. I LOVE the rug you hooked, I love the colors. Happy Easter!

  4. Well, you finished the bunny today, so that counts, lol. I started a flower piece to give to my daughter and still working on it. Love the rug and love the colors you used. Very nice gifts and surprises.


  5. Those banners are fun...they have a banner of the month thing at my lqs and I am always tempted to join...but resist. Good for you for getting it done! And, course...that rug is absolutely gorgeous! What size is it? It is so fun to win giveaways, especially when an extra item gets thrown in, hey? Love the sheepie.

  6. Easter blessings to you and the Mister Sharon! Wow, you have lots of fun things to show us!! Love how your rug turned out. And I love the epitaph for your tombstone! I may have to request that too!! Years ago when I did knitting and crocheting Brian would say we did things in rows cuz I would always say...just let me finish this row first! Big hugs, Lori

  7. Wow that is all great!!! I love that sheep. The rug you hooked is fantastic. So nice to see what you have been working on.

  8. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. I,too, love the rug you hooked and the sheep. I'm Not Done Yet...Love it!

  9. Great looking rug and Easter banner. You are always working on something. I wish I would have thought of that Epitaph, it fits me to a T, lol.

    You got some lovely gifts and just in time for Easter. It's fun to get some gifts in the mail.
    Happy Easter and Happy Spring.

  10. One More Day - I'm right there with you on that one. It was back to school for us today - after having last week off for spring break - although it felt like winter break outside. LOVE your hooked rug - very nice. Wonderful gifts and winnings too! ~Ann

  11. Sharon ~
    You finished that rug in a big hurry and it is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I'm curious as to what is the size?
    I think I'll use your epitaph, too. Fits me perfectly!
    Hugs :)

  12. I'm not done yet, either! Great work on your rug it is fantastic! Pam and Betty sent you some great treasures. Have a wonderful week :)

  13. Love the bunny banner and your rug is wonderful!!! What great goodies!

  14. wow what wonderful things! I love your rug it is beautiful!

  15. Happy Belated Easter...the rabbit banner is adorable and the coverlet rug has me drooling to hook one of my own...lovely treasures...blessed are we to have such wonderful friends!


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