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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Goodies Galore!

Having a fun time getting out of the house more and enjoying the opportunity to visit with friends and see quilts and WOOL! Yesterday I ventured out to Lancaster, PA for the Woolright's Hook-In! I waited too long to decide to go, so I missed out on reserving a seat to actually sit and hook... soooo, poor ol' me was forced to shop the vendors! I found some loverly woolens at Rebecca Erb's booth.... and then some cute patterns at Handmaiden's Designs... and then found more wool, a redware mug and a pattern by Annetique's at the Grant Street Woolwork's both! I found a happy Joanne and Kathy at the Grant Street Woolwork's booth too! Yes... I brought along my camera... but was having too much fun to remember to take pics! So, You'll have to settle for this one pic of my goodies that I brought home... Wool, patterns, mug...

You'll also see an antique glass mason jar fill with Cadbury mini eggs and some  mini Easter ornaments for my wool feather tree... those are from Joanne! She mailed them to me last week... along with some Peeps (not in pic, because I ate them already)! It sure is nice to get a surprise in the mail... thank you so much, Joanne!

I also have some progress on the Antique Coverlet pattern I'm hooking... I hope to get more hooked today...

I'm hooking this rug a long with Pam (no blog)... she lives in DE, so we are kind of having a long distance hook-in... Pam's much quicker than I am... she's finished already... and even started another... lol!

So, that about sums it up for now! I'm looking forward to Spring... and being able to hook and stitch outdoors in the sunshine! Of course... I'm also looking forward to more road trips... radio shows, flea markets, classic car cruises... golf... barbeques... vacations... and sunshine! :-)

We've all been gifted just one life... LIVE IT HAPPY!



  1. Hitting the vendors is the best part, lol. It looks like you got a lot of wonderful goodies and some beautiful patterns to make That was nice of Joanne to gift you some easter ornies to put on your tree.


  2. HOw much fun, Sharon! I bring a rug to hook at hook in's, but most of my time is spent visiting and shopping. That's where you can get all the good wool! sounds like a really nice get together..I would love to go back to PA to visit Grant Street Wool. Glad you're getting out of the house.

  3. Another great outing for you!! You came home with some really great finds!! When Ginger and I go to hook-ins we never sit down to hook...we shop and visit. Think that is the best part of the hook-ins. Great goodies from Joanne too. Your rug is looking good. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Love all your goodies. Wish I hooked. Your rug is coming out gorgeous. I love coverlets and just charted one for cross stitch. Can't wait to see it framed. Hugs, Nan

  5. It was Great to see you Sharon!! Love seeing all your goodies in one picture :). Joanne is such a sweetie with her treats for you! Loving the coverlet rug. You are moving right along. Pam's looks wonderful too! Such a great pattern! Now get hooking :)

  6. I love your beautiful pile of wool. Great colors too. How fun to meet up with Joanne and Kathy. There is always so much going on at Grant Street Woolwork's. Sorry you didn't get to hook.

  7. I love the 'buddy' system, don't you? And, I am loving your rug...great work, Sharon! Nice pickings from the vendor booths.

  8. Looks as if you had fun shopping! Love the mug! Your rug is wonderful,,,really like your colors choices.

  9. How fun and oh boy am I ever drooling over the rug you are working on! Pam's turned out just beautiful!!!!

  10. What fun. You got such nice goodies too. I think it sounds like you need some sunshine and lots of spring weather. I hope you get to have it soon.

  11. Love the rug you are hooking!! Sounds like good times!!!

  12. Well, if you can't hook the next best thing is buying stuff for hooking!
    LOVE your rug!!!
    Hugs :)

  13. Sharon, I LOVE your current hooking project. The colors are right up my alley! How lucky (even if you couldn't hook) to visit PA and BUY goodies. ~Ann

  14. Your goodies look wonderful and your rug is beautiful.
    you have been very busy.


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