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Friday, January 11, 2013

Moving Right Along

I've been taking my time. Enjoying each stitch. Only thing is... it's half way through January, and I only just finished my Christmas pieces! lol!

Here is "Snowed In". The Stacy Nash Girl's Club from Country Sampler Quilt Shop.

Lightly stuffed with cotton and backed with the homespun that was included in the kit. It's a good size with the larger piece finishing at about 8" x 7". The smaller one is supposed to have a ribbon to be used as a hanging ornament. But, I left it off as I plan on using both of these as pillow tucks.

Next up is "All Is Calm". A needlepunch by Country Stitches.

Also lightly stuffed with cotton, this one is backed with a dark grey to black wool. When I first started buying wool for rug hooking, I would buy a lot online. The stuff I bought that I consider too thin for hooking, now makes a great backing for pinkeeps and pillows.

I'll finish this post with my stubbies... lol... my hyacinth forcing experiment looks like I needed to have them in brighter light. The poor things got to be just tall enough for the flower. No stems. They kinda look like hydrangeas... but, the aroma is absoutely heavenly hyacinth! Mixes well with the aroma of the fresh Christmas tree we still have in our living room... lol!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

So far, so good! We stayed home for New Year's Eve and to our benefit got some good rest to start the New Year with some ENERGY!!!! That Radio Guy built a transmitter... so that every antique radio in our home can capture the broadcast from his iPod! lol! Yep... let me tell you, not only is it cool, but very motivational too! I spent the morning in the kitchen making a pot of stuffed cabbage and then went on to making tuna salad for the next couple days of lunches and managed the dishes for all that.... while boogeying and twisting to the sounds of the oldies blaring from our kitchen radio... *sweet*

We have a video about the particulars of the transmitter... along with some of our home and greetings for a Happy and Healthy 2013! Take a minute to watch if you want...

It seems everyone has ben sharing their plans, goals and resolutions for 2013. So, I'll hop on that wagon and share some of mine...

(and stitch)


(and clean)

How's that grab ya'?!?!?

Seriously though... my main resolution will be to slow down and enjoy what's right in front of me. I spent most of 2012 just barely keeping up with the days. Holidays and special events went by without any real hoopla or acknowledgement. Too much running on the hamster wheel and "just getting it done".

The time between Christmas and New Year's had some work days... but, also had two back to back 4-day weekends. Plenty of time to sit and think and figure it all out. And with a rested mind, I came to the conclusion that...

I want


So, I guess my "Word for 2013" will have to be


Yes... I want to be prepared to have a good time... I want to be prepared for bad times... I want to be prepared to smile... and I want to be prepared to cry... yes... I even want to be prepared to actually sit and stitch on some the many patterns and kits I've managed to collect over the last year (or so)!!!! lol! Yes... shopping is "happy time"... but actually finishing a project is "genuine happy time"... and that's what it's all about...

Genuine Happiness

I visited Primitive Betty's blog this morning... and feel that her blessing for the year is so worth repeating many times over...

"May you rise each morning with love in your heart and energy to fulfill all your dreams
from the night before!"

Smart words, no?

So, it's time to dust off my sewing machine and get to finishing some stitchy stuff!

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


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