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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!

My word for the year:


My color for the year:

Butternut Yellow

We'll meet again...

~ Sharon

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Will Soon Be Here... Part 2

Hey there! Two posts in one day! :-) Well... I finally finished up that "mystery project" I was talking about and was lucky enough to have 60 degree and sunny weather outside today to get some pics of it...

This piece is called "Merry Christmas"... it's a pattern by Farmhouse Threads. I bought this as a kit from Primitive Gatherings last year... please excuse the footprints in the pic... but, that's the result of melting snow *hurray*... The size is 60" x 4"...

What made this a project that was different from anything I've done before... was that I used my ol' Kenmore (fitted with a walking foot) to machine quilt it! Yep... it was last year's 12 Days of Favorite Quilty things featured on Lisa Bongean's (of Primtive Gatherings) blog... that introduced me to a Hera marker. That's what I used to measure and mark the diagonals of where I wanted to quilt... then took a deep breath... and with the longest stitch setting on the machine... all those diamond shapes got quilted.

Then, the binding went on...

Next, the wool letters were fused in place with Steam A Seam Lite and whipstitched with matching DMC thread...

This was another one of those "learning projects" for me... and it was a fun one and something a little bit different! So now I'm looking forward to machine quilting my next project! :-)

And now, some more pics of the decorating... I love snowmen, so I have quite a few of those...

And, of course, the Christmas tree... decorated with Shiny Brites, cars, radios and tinsel!

Thanks for visiting and have a very Merry Christmas!!!


Christmas Will Soon Be Here

I'm sitting at my bench with cup of coffee in hand... this is the time that I'm usually reading blogs... but, thought it would be better to write a post here... I like to keep posts kind of on the short side and there is so much to show and tell... So, let me start off with some Christmas decorating...

Fifteen years in our home and I've been through so many phases of decorating... from shiny flashy bling... to the latest trend... to (one year) nothing at all... and this year it all just feels comfortable! I find the best decorations are handmade...  each piece has the thoughts of the person who crafted it... the newest addition is gifted to me by Debbie of Woolensails. She needlepunched these two Joy ornaments and stitched up the square sachet that is stuffed with balsam! Ahhhh... the scent of Christmas!

 I've also spent some time stitching for this season... this is a Pineberry Lane design called "A Merry Christmas Redwork Sampler". I stitched it with charted threads and linen... then stitched it to a pillow that I made with wool and stuffed it with wool snippets and some balsam. For accent, I added the tiniest jingle bells and safety pins...

OK. Have to go refill my cup with some more coffee... here are a few more pictures of decorating... I'll have more in a day or two... including that one "mystery project" I mentioned in my last post...

Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 13, 2013

NJ Antique Radio Club Holiday Party

This video is for the folks that enjoy the antique radio hobby... we are members of the NJ Antique Radio Club, and every year they have a wonderful Holiday party... this video includes some scenes from this year's "gift giving" part of the evening...

And, if you visit here just for the stitchy stuff... stay tuned! I'm working on a project that is a little bit different from what I have been doing...

Stay warm and enjoy your Merry Making! Only 11 days to go before Christmas Day is here!!! :-)


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mixing it up

It was such a relief to get one of my BIG projects done and off to the quilter... that I decided to tackle a couple of small projects before jumping on to my next BIG project...

This one is called "Quaker Sampler Stocking" and is a design from Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm. The pattern can be found in the Christmas 2013 issue of Early American Life Magazine. The front is needlepunch and the back is an antique black wool. I stuffed this with wool snippets to use as a door hanger... but, you could also stitch this as a stocking (with an open top) to hold some of your holiday greenery... finishes up at about 10" tall and 4" wide.

This silly little gal is a design by Country Stitches. It's called "Tricks and Treats" and makes me smile every time I look at her! :-) I was having a difficult time of stitching over 1 on the 22 count Ariosa (that was suggested)... so I tossed that start and moved on to my trusty ol' 32ct linen... over 2, of course ;-) The stitched area is about 7" x 6". I'm still trying to decide on a good way to finish this piece. The sample is in a black frame... but, I think this might make a great treat bag...

And now that I got some smalls out of my system... it's back to the BIGGIE! Yep... Snow Days... piece by piece... it's time to "git-r-done"! ;-)

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing everyone the best of everything this
Thanksgiving Day
and every day forward!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wisdom House Top Complete

Yes, folks! I finally completed the Wisdom House Quilt top! :-)

This finished up at 69" x 89"... I did not realize exactly how big those dimensions actually are... until the blocks started to go together... and the quilt started taking up more and more space on my living room floor... *grin*... yah... pretty much the WHOLE floor! So, I really can't get a good picture of the entire quilt... too large to hang from any of my walls too...

This entire quilt process is new to me. This quilt created a lot of "firsts" for me... this was my first full size quilt... first Block of the Month... first attempt at needleturn applique... and first full size FINISH! :-)

I did have some interesting "opportunities to make-do"... lol! Yes... measure twice and cut once... but, if you cut the same piece twice... you will run short of fabric... see the piece of sashing behind the long stemmed star flower? That's 4 pieces... it should have been one piece... complicated story... but, the lesson to learn was to lay out all your blocks (on the design wall or floor)... so that you can see that some block sections were pieced together a month ago to applique something on the sashing... so those sashing pieces were not needed to be cut at the end... did I explain that right?

The other lesson to learn was... make sure you are reading the measurements to the block you are ready to cut. See the basket block? That was supposed to be the width of the double star block under the house... yep... found another scrap piece of fabric to fit in the hole that mis-cut left... lol!

I think the remainder of the pieces cut and went together ok. I did change the lower right block. The original one that Jan Patek did had her name and county on it. I decided to include a berry basket, my last name and the year.

And, 2013 happens to be about 3 years from the start of this whole process. The price tag on the first block had a date of August 2010. I started stitching on this March of 2011... and here we are November 2013... lol! What a process!


Who wants to quilt it?


Thanks and hugs to everyone for their tips and tricks and for cheering me on!!! You certainly sent me the energy to keep pushing to the finish line!!! :-)

~ Sharon

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wisdom House Block 12 and 12a

Happy November! And, what better way to start a month... than with a finish! :-)

Here is the Wisdom House Blocks 12 and 12a. The block with the proverb had the option to either embroider or needleturn applique the letters. And, when you take into consideration that this quilt is built around this proverb... I thought it needed some pretty fabrics to make it stand out in the whole quilt design. Since I still wasn't ready to test my patience with needleturn on such thin letters... I brought out the Steam-A-Seam and fused them to the background... then followed with some whip stitches for reinforcement and embellishment...

I've already gone back to Block 1 and started reviewing the blocks to the layout and now it's ready... set... go all the way to the FINISH line!!!! :-)

We had the most Trick Or Treaters last night than we've had in the whole 15 years we lived here. First time ever that we handed out more candy than we had to keep.... and the kids costumes were fabulous! Such a good feeling to enjoy some happy times! :-)

And now... I leave you with a picture of a November day out my side porch window... looks like there is a ghost in the bushes... but, that's just the reflection of my hand holding the camera... BOO!

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I sure hope the Trick Or Treaters get here
before I "run out" of candy... lol! ;-)

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Brandywine Hook-In

Taking a break from the Wisdom House quilt process here to share with you a most fabulous hook-in I attended this past Saturday. I have to say this guild does a superb job of keeping us rug hookers happy with wool and patterns and comfortable space for us to pull some loops!

Here are some room views so that you can get the idea of how many we managed to fill into the Wagontown Fire Department Meeting Hall in Coatsville, PA...

Our table... Kathy and Debbie... and many, many snacks and candies!
Dianne Pearce Basketmaker booth in the background
Our table... Debbie and Nancee with Rebecca Erb Wool Studio booth in the background.
There were rugs on display... they had so many rugs to show they needed to break down the first batch mid way through the show to set up a second display... here is a small sampling...

And there were vendors... Grant Street Wool Works, Two Old Crows, Blue Tulip Woolery, Fluff & Peachy Bean, Spruce Ridge Studios, Heavens To Betsy Wool, Rebecca Erb Wool, Homespun, Heart In Hand, The Wool N' Gardner, Dianne Pearce Basketmaker,  Misty Pond Primitives...
Wool N Gardner booth is along the middle of the back wall.  Gorgeous hand dyed woolens...
Two Old Crows booth... I purchased the pattern for the top rug.
I visited only 3 of these vendors and completely depleted my funds for the day... lol! I bought patterns... about 8 or 9 of them... I'm looking forward to hooking them soon after I finish these two quilt tops I have in progress...

Many thanks to the Brandywine Rug Hooking Guild and all the vendors for making this wooly event a SUPER SUCCESS!!!

It truly was a wonderful day! :-)


Friday, October 25, 2013

Wisdom House Block 11

Whew! Forty eight little leaves... after hours and hours of stitching those little buggers they started looking like pumpkin seeds! lol! A test of patience for sure... like catching flies with chopsticks... 

In the instructions we were given the option of using thin strips of fabric or embroidery for the lines on the windows and branches of the willow trees. And while I'm no quitter... I ain't no fool neither... so I chose embroidery! lol!

Good thing... 'cuz forty eight half-inch leaves has me singing along with Barney right now... yes... the big purple dinosaur...


I'll be ok...


Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wisdom House Block 10, 10a and 10b

Now that the final blocks are drawing to an end... it seems each "Block" has multiple parts... good thing they are simple objects and still go just as quick...

This is Block 10 (the house), Block 10a (the stars), and Block 10b (the basket of berries)... in the main layout, the basket will go above the house and the stars will go below it...

Block 11 is a doozie! You know those teeny tiny leaves that willow trees have? 


Prepping them one by one today...

Until next time...


Friday, October 11, 2013

Wisdom House Block 9 and 9A

Cruising right along with this quilt project! :-) It's getting closer and closer to where all the blocks can be sewn together... so this is an exciting incentive to stitch a bit faster! :-)

The Block 9 is the house and trees on the left. The pattern instructions said to piece Block 8 to 9 and add some sashing... so that Block 9A can be accomplished. The pieces that make up Block 9A are the stars on the top and bottom sashing... and the basket of berries on the middle piece of sashing.
Seeing two blocks together with some sashing just simply amazed me! I was surprised to see how the "blocks together" looked different than "one block at a time"! lol! This sparked the energy to "stitch forward full steam ahead"... ;-)

I did take some time out of yesterday to put a few more items on eBay. Some Stacy Nash kits, some toile painting brushes, Quiltmania magazines and a hooked rug... click HERE to visit the auctions...

Well... I'm off to start prepping Block 10 *big smile*....

Have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Gathering Acorns and Gifts

I can remember trying counted cross stitch for the first time in 2008... my first piece took soooo looooooong. But, I tried another one anyways! ;-) Then came the pattern stash accrual... and floss and linens... and, while designers continue to release new patterns (each better than their last)... I decided it might be a good idea to start and finish some of the ones I first purchased (some 5 years ago), before continuing on with new releases... with that said, I bring you...

Gathering Acorns
A 2008 (maybe 2009?) release from Country Stitches
With Thy Needle and Thread

... stitched on 22 ct. Fine Ariosa with charted DMC threads. Lightly aged with walnut stain... stuffed with wool snippets and backed with same fabric as the top of the acorn. A fun, quick stitch... and yes, the pattern is still (after all these years) available on the Country Stitches website... here. lol! :-)

I also received some goodies in the mail from my buddy Pam! She stitched a beautiful Blessings Saltbox House (with angel) punchneedle and attached it to a really kewl basket! Isn't it beautiful? This basket also happens to be just the right size to hold my current Wool BOM in progress (more on that later... we are working on that together, though neither of us have been able to start it yet? lol!) 

Pam also included some projects books, and patterns for hooking and wool applique.. along with a gorgeous piece of wool! And those scarecrow plates and napkins are too cute! I love it all! :-)

And now... back to stitching the two BOM's (in progress for 3 years) of top priority! You know... the ones I must finish before starting another new anything!?!?!? lol! ;-)

Until next time! 


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Englishtown, NJ

I don't have any stitching updates for you... but, if you are interested in antique cars and a place called Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ... then take a few minutes to watch the following video... twice a year, my hubby and his friends share a selling space here...

 A little bit of everything for everyone!

Catch up with you later!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pumpkins and Radios

Well now... finally have some pumpkin finishes for ya'! :-) First up is "Pumpkin Watch" by Threadwork Primitives. I stitched the charted dmc threads two over two on a 30ct Old Towne Linen (R&R, I think). Stuffed with wool and backed with a pumpkin colored cotton... this finished up at about 5" square.

Sitting next to it is a Country Rustic Primitives design... The name of the design is "1826 Pumpkins"... but, I left off the 1826 because I used a mystery piece of scrap linen and this is the part of the design that fit on it... lol! Also, two over two using DMC threads.

And here they are with some sunflowers and some other pumpkins sitting on top of our Zenith radio...

I never can tell how well something will photograph indoors. This time it went pretty well, but a little blurry.

And, this past weekend was the bi-annual Antique Radio Show at Renninger's in Kutztown, PA. It was beautiful weather and many great antique radios were present for show and sale... here's a video we made of some highlights of the show... as you will see, fresh air makes us giddy! lol!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Autumn and We Have A Winner!

With Autumn falling into place yesterday at 4:44 pm (EST)... I should have a pumpkin finish for you... but, I haven't finished a pumpkin yet... so, here's my latest needlepunch instead... ;-)

It's called "Old Glory" and is a design by Jan Goos. This one is pretty big... finishes up at 7-1/2" x 9-1/2". I just grabbed DMC flosses from my stash that kinda matched the sample pictured on the pattern. I used a double strand of DMC floss to whip stitch a thick wool yarn around the edge... then backed this piece with a piece of wool.

A big thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway from the last post! I may have to give away a few more patterns before the end of this year... because giveaways are kinda FUN! lol! Anyways, the winner of the Stacy Nash pattern and Mercantile Gatherings magazine is...
The Hoopless Stitcher

Congrats to Monica! I've sent you an email. Please let me know what your mailing address is and we'll see what else I can fit in that envelope... ;-)

So. What am I doing on this very first FULL day of Autumn? Well... washing all my woolies! Yes, that's right. I finally remembered to order up some Kookaburra Wool Wash and decided to lightly rinse and fluff all the wool I have in my stash. The Kookaburra Wool Wash has lanolin and other oils in it that condition the wool to be nice and soft and also helps as a moth deterrent. It also contains Tea Tree Oil as a natural disinfectant... I'm getting ready to get hookin' again!

First things first though... back to finishing up my quilt BOM's...


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wisdom House Block 8 and Some Halloween

This block is my favorite so far! Love the fabrics that were chosen (by Quilted Crow in MA)... and love the cottage look of the house.

Wisdom House Block 8
quilt design by Jan Patek

I've been out in the yard planting mums and getting the lawn ready for winter. I enjoy this time of year more than any other time of year. It seems the colors are so vibrant... grasses are a deep green and the leaves start changing to their fancy flashes of gold, orange and red... Of course, can't help but think about some Halloween goodies too!

The pinkeep on the left is an older Stacy Nash design called "Skeleton Key Pinkeep". This pattern was gifted to me by my Snow Days buddy Jacque! I think it took me a year to finally get to stitching it... but, I finally did it! And, it happens to be one of my favorite Halloween-ish designs! The pinkeep on the right is simply called "Primitive Halloween Pinkeep" and is a Country Rustic Primitives design. Both are stitched on 32ct Lambswool Linen with the charted DMC threads.... backed with wool and stuffed with wool snippets... and then I had some fun with the walnut stain... can't be Halloween without some grunge, right? lol!

The scissors are my newest find... I like the look of the copper handles... and the "S" on the blades (same as my first initial). They are made by Sullivans and have a good weight to them... blades are super sharp too. Anyways, they help make stitching time "fancy schmancy"... lol!

And so, since you're still reading along on this post... I thought I'd do another giveaway! How about the pattern for the "Skeleton Key Pinkeep" and a copy of the Autumn 2013 Mercantile Gatherings magazine? Sound good to you? Well, if you are interested in winning these, please indicate as such in your comment. Open to USA and Canada resident only please. This will probably be one of my last giveaways for the year.

I'll be back in a couple of days to announce the winner... so check back often!

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


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