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Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Ramblings

I'm joining the "I can't believe it's December already" club... lol! Cuz... this entire year really did fly by fast. I could remember when I was a kid that it took

F * O * R * E * V * E * R

for Christmas to get here... the anticipation of staying up late enough on Christmas Eve to actually see Santa and his reindeer... ahhh... the presents... and when we awoke on Christmas morning... did it snow during the night so that we could at least see the reindeer's footprints?

Now, it seems it's either hot and sunny (Summer), or cold and grey (Winter). And those folks that are in retail are always two seasons/holidays ahead... is your head spinning yet? Mine was. So, I decided to slow it down a bit. Take a deep breath and just "Be". Of course, this decision happened only just within the last couple of months, so it's still the transition stage here.

I used to be stitching and creating for the season ahead... I've decided it might just be more enjoyable if I slow down and stitch the season I'm in. In the moment kind of thing. And, I can say it really IS more enjoyable. I haven't been doing this stuff long enough to accomplish speed AND accuracy... so for now I will just try to be accurate... even if it means pulling out a few stitches or loops to get it just right.

Here's progress on the current Stacy Nash Girl's Club offered by Country Sampler Quilt Shop in Spring Green, WI. The piece with "Snow" on it is an ornament... and the piece with the house is a pinkeep. Plenty more to go on that with a border, flower pots, snowflakes...

I will try to enjoy stitching this project... without any thought in my head that I already have "Christmas at Hollyberry Lane" quickly approaching my mailbox...


I *heart* this sampler.
Yes. This pic is borrowed from Stacy Nash's blog.
You can visit her blog if you wish to learn how purchase
a copy of the pattern for yourself.

Since cross stitching is easier for me in daylight. I thought I might have something else going on in the evenings. So, I remembered I had purchased "All Is Calm" and it's floss kit from Country Stitches last year. It's a punchneedle design and uses 3 strand Valdani's. I usually punch with 6-strand DMC... so, this is taking me longer than usual. And, I can see from taking this pic, that I need to repunch the "m".

And, just for giggles... I'm trying my luck at forcing hyacinth bulbs. I've never tried forcing bulbs before so this is new to me. I changed the water after I took this pic. I've had the bulbs in a dark area for about a week now and I can see the roots are growing good and the tips of shoots are beginning. I have paperwhite bulbs too. I need to get some moss or vermiculite to start those (I think)... always one ingredient short... lol!

So that's what I've been up to. I've also been reading lots of blogs. On one or two of those blogs, I read that we should "Enjoy the journey to Christmas Day". Those words stuck with me for some reason... made me realize it's not all about "getting stuff done and off my list"... but a process that should be enjoyed and savored... it doesn't really matter if it all "get's done"... it's about enjoying what you are doing right now. It's a magical time of year...

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


  1. Good for you Sharon! I'm trying to enjoy each moment also. I'm still working on decorating and cleaning as I go and although it's a lot of work I'm even enjoying that! Love your Stacy Nash project. I am really looking at the new Christmas sampler too. I do Iove it. I would like to have a nice size Christmas sampler for next year so I thinking will get it and start it. Did you order the linen and threads already? Take care and enjoy your stitching. Hugs, Lori

  2. Oh I love what you have been working on and that snow ornament is just great. Yes, I have drooled all over my keyboard staring at that sampler by Stacy Nash. I like stitching counted cross stitch by daylight and rug hooking by night. I have two needle punch designs I need to get to instead of picking them up and staring at them. Your looks so nice.
    It has been a long time since I forced bulbs. I still even have my jars. I need to do it again. Well you are right I should be enjoying the season instead of racing to see how much I need to get done. Thanks for the good reminder.
    Have a great week Sharon.

  3. Best way to handle it - just "be"!
    Love your projects! Gorgeous! That sampler is a definite "heart" also!
    Have a wonderful season my friend!

  4. I love you projects. Some years it is easy to enjoy the journey and others it is a dash to the finish line. Luckily this year it seems to be a leisurely stroll (so far). Thanks for sharing your projects.

  5. It seems like Christmas comes quicker each year and I am never ready, lol.
    I am finishing up things, then I will stop and work on my things, I need time to just relax and enjoy the doing, too. Your pieces are beautiful and you do such beautiful stitch work.


  6. I love the snowflake and the little house pin keep needlework and the All Is calm punch needle piece but I think that what I cherish the most is your good advice at the end of your post. Such a timely reminder for me tonight. Thanks so much. You are so right.

  7. I sound like a broken record...the time flies. HA! Love all the stitching! I have forced bulbs, it is fun. Looks like yours are doing very well!!

  8. Sharon ~
    Love that new Stacy pattern! I want to stitch more, but I want to hook more, too. Ugh! Just not enough time, is there?
    I've never forced the hyacinths, but paper whites are a breeze. Just put them is water with the top of the bulb showing. They grow faster than anything you've ever seen ~ besides a dandelion...lol!
    I am going to try to enjoy the journey, once the decorating is done {grin}, and it won't get done if I don't get off this darned computer.
    Hugs :)

  9. I agree, it's always more enjoyable to craft "in" the season. Sweet projects. I really like that idea of enjoying the journey to Christmas Day. I guess I've been subconsciously doing that because I have next to nothing done. (And I don't even seem to care). Lol

  10. I too am taking a step back to enjoy each and every day. I swear the older we get the faster time flies. Sweet little projects, you have reminded me I need to get the paperwhites started, amoung the many other things, ugh...Have a lovely week, Julie.

  11. That is a good thought "Enjoy the journey to Christmas" I believe we all need to do that!
    Love your stitches and the punch needle. Hope Santa and his reindeer find you again this Christmas Season!

  12. Love the SN sampler and her Girl's Club offerings as well. The "Snow" ornament and the red house look great! You do beautiful work! Paper whites are a part of our Christmas every year...fun to watch them grow!
    Love the thought...we do "Enjoy the journey to Christmas" at our house.

  13. A lovely post Sharon...I like the idea of working in the season...and especially love the "Enjoy the journey to Christmas" philosophy...hugs

  14. Your stitches look wonderful... as awalys :-) Your flowers will be very pretty too. I grew some Paper Whites several years ago. Each year I catch myself wondering why I haven't done it again.

  15. Beautiful stitches and your words ring true.... enjoy this Christmas season. It comes and goes so fast.

  16. Your Christmas cross stitch projects are beautiful. So nice and "snowy." Sigh. I do love Christmas cross stitch. :)

  17. Oh, I love the All is Calm rug you are hooking! The colors are so beautiful! blessings ~ tanna


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