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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We are certainly thankful for getting back our little bit of normal here in our home and lives. I've always enjoyed a simple life... but I really do enjoy me some electricity too... brighter lights in the evening and the spoils of a washer and dryer! Whoo-hoo! Seriously... I did good without electricity for awhile... until I realized I was soon to run out of clean clothes! ;-)

We're all good now. Home is safe. Tree is gone. Yard is clean. Tummys are full... back to stitching...

This pinkeep was started the night of the storm. It's a design by Country Rustic Primitives called "Bewitched". I stitched 1 over 2 in called for DMC threads on some prewashed osnaburg. The back of this pillow is black wool. Front and back was stitched together right sides facing out. I cut some fringes in the black wool and then pulled some threads out of the osnaburg for a frayed look and stuffed it firm with natural cotton. I think the messy edges of this pillow work well with the design... kinda like straw sticking out of a scarecrows shirt...

Anyways, I can't believe how quick this year is coming to an end. We missed out on some Trick or Treating because of the storm... today is Thanksgiving Day... and Christmas will be here probably before I get all the decorations up and cookies baked!

So, for now... I will enjoy the blessing that is today... and hold on to this bit of peaceful heaven for just awhile longer...

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the simple life (but with lights).

  2. I feel for those who are still displaced during the holidays, but glad that things are back to normal for you. Love your ornament and I have a bunch of old ones I made in the 80's with edges like that.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving,
    I'm glad that you got your power back and things are back to normal.
    What a cute little witch cross stitch pinkeep.

  4. So good to hear you are back to normal Sharon. We have much to be thankful for too. Each day has blessings no matter what. We just have to look for them. Take care and keep stitching! Happy day of thanks to you and yours. Hugs, Lori

  5. Hi Sharon,
    It's so good to hear you are getting back to normal there! I couldn't go too long without electricity I think I'd be unbearable to live with LOL!! I love your stitching and the fringed edge is perfect!
    Happy Thanksgiving dear friend!!
    Cathy G

  6. Glad your power is back! I think I'd be a real scrooge without it.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    Hugs :)

  7. Glad your life is getting back to normal!
    Yep, the simple life needs to include electricity! LOL!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Radio Guy!

  8. Great pillow! I am glad you are getting back to normal. I hope to sit and stitch today too. It sound like the right thing to do today.
    I always enjoy seeing what you have been working on.

  9. I'm happy to read that you and your family are safe and sound and life is returning back to normal for you. Lovely little Halloween pintuck, you will always remember where you were and what was happening when you stitched it! I enjoy the simple life too, but one with electricity. Have a good weekend, Julie.

  10. Great looking "Bewitched" always love your little stitches.
    So glad you have the hum of a washing machine and dryer again. Nothing like electricity to make the "simple life" even better.

  11. I hate being without lights. enjoy the season. love your pinkeep.


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