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Friday, July 6, 2012

This 'n That

With Summer comes sunshine, warm days, thunderstorms and relaxation... time to take it slow and sip on many ice teas and enjoy lots of ice cream!

I've put the Snow Days project aside for awhile just to play a bit with some smaller projects. Mostly cross stitch, but some applique too. I'd really like to get hooking on a rug... but try and get comfortable sitting under a wool rug in this heat? lol! It's supposed to cool down into the 80's next week... so I may just have to get the wool and hook out then! :-)

In the meantime... I've added a couple of items to my Etsy Store. One of my favorite magazines is American Patchwork & Quilting. And, in the June 2012 issue was a pattern by Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms. Love the design... but wanted it a different size. So, I shortened the stem a bit and made this purple one. The sunflower was another spin off the same pattern, though even smaller and a bit more prim with the stitches.

I had a surprise in the mail too! It's a redwork strawberry pinkeep from Jacque! Strawberries and stitching are the perfect combo! Thanks so much Jacque!

I did a little shopping too... found this great sewing accessory from BeanInHandy over at Etsy. It's a good sized bobbin wrapped in a gorgeous tangerine colored thread. It holds an embroidery scissor with scissor fob and also a thread holder! I love that little doggie charm on the thread holder!

The other item in this picture is a rather cute piece. It's a pendant that is a scrabble tile with a picture on the front side. It's available with a variety of pics, but I chose the antique hooked rug design. I found this item on eBay, seller name crowdedcottagedesign

I've also been stitching some cross stitch pieces. The America one is done with the stitches... just needs finishing. The orange blobs one is still a work in progress that I hope to finish up this weekend. I'll give you designer and thread details when these are officially finished.

It's going to be 100 degrees here tomorrow with a heat index that's off the charts! Therefore, it is safe to assume that my hiney will be in a chair in front of the air conditioner stitching away! :-)

Happy Summer everyone!


  1. love all of the pics in this posting. The pinkeep is a real jewel!

  2. I always love looking at your finishes. They look great. Yep, when it is hot that is the only way to stay cool. I hope you get some cool weather next week too. I would love to see a rug project.

  3. Great stuff!! You've been busy. I haven't hooked for the past week but am thinking of doing a small cross stitch in between. Stay cool!

  4. Even with the air on, it is too hot to have heavy things in our lap;)
    Beautiful pieces and something fun to do in the summer, I need to get in my sewing room and get some things ready to work on for the weekend.


  5. It doesn't look like the heat has slowed you down at all! You have some very lovely finishes there! LOVE the sunflower pillows! Those little stitched pieces are great! Jacque's strawberry is perfect! I think you gals who can stitch in the summer have the right idea...... it does get a little warm under these rugs in the summer!! I have AC and fans going to survive! LOL!
    Have a good weekend Sharon and hope you get tons accomplished and ice cream treats to keep you energized!!
    Cathy G

  6. WOW...you're doing good, girl! The stitching is lovely...and the little bobbin/scissors thingie is so dang cute! Figures that you'd find something like that. Perfect!!! The cross stitches fun and look great! You're doing a great job keeping busy!

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Love your applique flowers. Really beautiful. Yep I'm ploping my hiney in a chair in the AC too this weekend. Today I had to go out and it was horrible. Showered before I left and came home and wanted another shower. I hate summer!!!! Have a great weekend and keep cool!!


  8. Wonderful creations, Sharon. Hope things will be cooling off for you soon, in the meantime, ice cream is always a good idea!


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