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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Promises, Promises...

I make promises to myself all the time.

I promise, "This will be my last bowl of ice cream. Then I'll start my diet tomorrow"

I promise, "Just 5 more minutes, and then I'll get out of bed"

I promise, "Just this one more pattern, and then I won't buy any more"

I promise, "No more BOM's until I finish the 4 I have going now"

And then...

Country Stitches created "Word Plays". Yes. A monthly pattern release that had words and elements and colors to celebrate each month... not on auto-ship, but a choice... to stitch one... or all.

And so... I promised "I will not start this (Oct 2011) as I have too many "of the month's" going on already."

And so... I resisted.

Until a certain someone mentioned that it would be a great idea to stitch a person's Birth Month Word Play... and give it to them as a Birthday gift...


Now, I know a certain someone that has cheered me on through all my Snow Days stitches, taught me many quilting tricks, gifted me with a handmade Iced Mocha Tote, gifted me an embroidered strawberry pinkeep, and has just plain ol' been a great (and silly) friend! :-)

And today... Jacque received her February Word Play Birthday Present in the mail!!!


Since stitching these Word Plays are so dang relaxing and fun...

I promise...

To stitch them ALL!!! *grin*



  1. Sharon that is a great idea!!! Oh I wish I had thought of that. I am so glad you sent that to Jacque, She will be so happy. It looks lovely. I received my package. Thank you so much. You are such a wonderful person. I just love both patterns. I have always enjoyed Betty's work.
    That is the best idea, I need to get busy and do some for birthdays too. :)

  2. I just love them. I have looked at them so many times but so far have resisted. But I am tempted....

  3. Sharon ~
    What a truly perfect and thoughtful gift!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Perfect, thoughtful, best idea ever...for sure!!! I was very surprised and pleased when I opened my package to find the February word play! Mine...all mine! It is absolutely gorgeous and I am one fortunate woman! I know how much work this was and I thank you from the bottom of my chocolate February heart!!!!

  5. What a wonderful present to send to Jacque, you do such beautiful work, I love the pieces you have made for me.


  6. Now that is one super gift and every little stitch of it just looks perfect!

  7. Great post Sharon!!! Smiled the whole way through reading it and can't find a better friend than Jacque!!!


  8. Ah the promises we we make and never intend to keep:)
    I love the one you have pictured and by the way my birthday is this month:)

  9. a gift worth waiting for...lucky Jacque!

  10. Sharon, We must be long lost twin sisters! You've read enough of my blog to know that I have the same problem; no more patterns until I stitch these up, no more starts until I finish a couple that are in progress, etc, etc! This way we have a choice of what we feel like working on, right? At least that's what I keep telling myself. Try it, see if it works for you too. ~Ann

  11. Really wonderful finish, I love this pattern!

  12. I have admired those word play patterns but never purchased any. Makes a wonderful gift.


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