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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Snow Days Block 13

Whew! It's been a hectic two weeks... and I honestly don't know how June happened so quickly? ;-) In another 25 days, the year will be half over! But, don't let that little tidbit of information pressure anybody into enjoying the Summer that much MORE INTENSELY!!! lol! :-)

Actually, I'm about two weeks into recuperating from a mild Pneumonia. Yep. I did not have a fever. I just felt totally drained of energy, very tired (but could not sleep), and a general feeling of "something's just not right"... so, I went to the doctor's just expecting him to tell me I was imagining things... but, after a breathing test and chest x-ray... doc said my lungs had fluid in them and my lungs were functioning at a third of what they should be. Hmmmm.... ? Never had pneumonia before... so this was a huge surprise! So, the past two weeks have been slow and restful... just finished all the meds today and am breathing much better! :-)

Block 13 of Snow Days managed to get completed this past weekend! :-) This one was a biggie that measures about 9" x 15". Took quite a few (enjoyable) hours. Block 14 (which is the final embroidered block) is much smaller and should be a quick stitch! I'm looking to start the piecing in a week or two...

Beginning with the Memorial Day weekend, and continuing with the parades taking place on streets lined with Old Glory and Summertime now upon us... I've been having a craving for the red, white and blue... and strawberries...

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


  1. Great block, lots of detail. I'm craving the fresh strawberries too. All chopped up, lightly sugared on ice cream. ;)

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I think pneumonia must be making it's rounds. My hubby Greg and I had viral pneumonia, just getting over it. We were both in the hospital for two days, him in one room and me next door. I used to holler over...."Greg are you ok"....and the nurse came in and told me to be quiet and let him get some rest!!! After antibiotics and inhalers coming out the gazoo we're both finally starting to feel better and we can breathe again. He started it and I got it the next day. Not our finest hour!!!


  3. Sharon ~
    So glad to hear you are on the mend!
    Your quilt is going to be absolutely wonderful. So much work but so worth it!
    Hugs :)
    P.S. I don't know where the year has gone, either!

  4. I am sorry to hear you have a been sick, pneumonia can sneak up on your, like that.
    I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your summer, the months are flying by, way too fast.


  5. My goodness! Hope you get your strenght back quickly!
    Love the details in the stitching!

  6. I hope you get well soon. It is scary when it gets like that. I had the same thing and wondered why on earth I had no energy. Your block is wonderful. I can't wait to watch the rest of it too.
    Get better soon. :)

  7. I hope that you are healing real fast and that you are feeling much better. Your quilt blocks are just so pretty. I love this charming big block. Your quilt is going to be fabulous. JB

  8. Warm wishes for a quick recovery and love your block!!

  9. We so rock, doncha think? haha. Great job getting done with your blocks...only one more to go! Then, fabulous stuff coming! woohoo! Glad you are feeling better, too. By the way. {grin}

  10. Good to hear you're feeling so much better...pneumonia sure knocks it out of you! your blocks are so wonderful...lovely little stitches...

    grrr...time is flying by this year and so many projects unfinished...we must win the lottery!!!

  11. Sharon,
    I'm glad to hear you are recovering from the PN! It is crazy how it sneaks up on people! Be good to yourself and stay on the healthy side!!
    I think your stitching is so beautiful! I marvel at your patience! They are going to make one gorgeous quilt!!
    We do need to win the lottery like Kelley said...... I would probably just buy more projects though!! LOL!!
    Cathy G

  12. Your Snow Days block looks great. And so sorry to hear you had pneumonia. I've never had it, but with my lungs, it's definitely something to be avoided at all costs!! (Asthma) I'm glad you feeling better, and I hope that continues.

  13. Hope you are feeling better every day! Your quilt is going to be wonderful...ca't wait to see it all together!
    Take care,

  14. Glad you are doing better. Not fun at all being sick in the summer.


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