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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Snow Days Block11 and Pewter

One good thing about rainy, wet days... is that the temptation to play in the yard after work gets rather... um... dampened... ;-) So, that creates about an hour (or a little more) of stitching time available each night. Early yesterday morning, I was able to finish up the next in the Snow Days series... Block 11. Whoo-hoo!

This was a little block... about 6" x 9"... so it finished up pretty quick. The little bunny is so cute with his tracks in the snow.... and the little birdie in the shrub nibbling on some winter berries... I'm getting used to making these french knots... which is something I could never do before.

The next block is about the same size... hopefully next weekend I'll be posting a finish on that one! It's getting so close to the time to piece these all together... 

For times when my eyes are tired by the end of the day... but, I still want something to keep my hands busy... there is crochet. This is a scarf I am working on.

I'm using "Pewter Shimmer" by Red Heart yarns... it's a great medium grey with some light blue sparkle in it. The top of the picture is how it looks on the skein...and the bottom part of the picture shows how the yarn looks using the basket weave stitch. I've made 2 scarves with this stitch before... but, I am liking it best with this yarn. It's very soft and light.

I've also been spending some time in the garden planting flowers. I did not plant as many as I usually do because over the past few years I've been planting perennials. Each year they return a bit bigger than the last and can be divided to fill in more areas. This makes for an very low maintenance garden which I am learning to enjoy! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


  1. Your block looks great, you are almost there! I still have a hard time with french knots. I think your scarf looks great. I love that color.
    You know I have been leaning more to perennials too. Well except in the garden. I really don't have time to fool with my flowerbeds so this makes it so much easier. Besides I love Hydrangeas. :) It looks so nice.

  2. A darling block Sharon! I'll look forward to seeing all of your blocks together In a top. I bet you will be too! I love that yarn. Your scarf is beautiful. I may have to find me some of that yarn to make a scarf. Hugs, Lori

  3. Sharon ~
    Love that sweet little block!
    Perennials are the way to go!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. love your stitching.
    haven't tried that kind of red heart before, it looks wonderful!

  5. Another wonderful block, such sweet designs.
    Beautiful yarns, that is going to be a gorgeous scarf.


  6. Love the little bunny and the heart tracks. The sparkly yarn is gorgeous. You know I love the bling.

  7. The bunny is very cute! The yarn you chose is beautiful - I may have to start crocheting at night - my eyes are starting to bother me at night when I try and stitch after a long day. ~Ann

  8. I love your block and can't wait to see it all together!! Your yarn is beautiful I'm going to have to get some and make a hat out of it!!

  9. Great looking block! Your crocheting is beautiful. I've been planting only perennials in the hopes of one of these years they will choke out the weeds!

  10. WOW! You are rockin! Almost done...and then the fun really begins for us. haha. Your scarf looks fab!

  11. Your block is great. Can't wait to see it all put together. Love the color that you used in your crocheting piece. Perennials are the way to go....lots less work. Have a great day-

  12. Looking good. I have some problems with French Knots, so I'm glad you got them all done. Mine tend to unknot themselves, or fall behind the fabby. Urgh!! Hateful things, lol. Your scarf looks gorgeous. Makes me think of cold days though, and we're just coming into summer. Hope you're doing well!

  13. what a sweet block. Your scarf is so pretty. I have not planted any annuals yet. I kow it will not be much.

  14. Sharon.....Love the block and your scarf ....

  15. Your block is just so nice and I love the little heart tracks left by the bunny. Too cute...
    That sparkly yarn is lovely and I like that basket weave stitch. Your scarf must be beautiful.

    I have lots of bulbs that bloom in the spring and when they are done some other perennials show up in some of my beds. I used to plant lots of annuals but not so much now. I'm getting too busy and old and achy for all that gardening now and my yard and patio are overrun by dandelions and weeds.

    Happy Mother's Day. Have a safe weekend. JB


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