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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hydrangeas and Snow Days Block 12

A very Happy Sunday to everyone! Here in Central Jersey we are having clear blue skies, brilliant sunshine and warm breezes! Second weekend in a row of absolute perfection!

I just came in from the garden. It's a small garden... as our property is kinda small. And, lucky for me, we have a few shade trees to keep the yard cool enough to be comfortable outside on a 90 degree day. Lately, I have been looking for some new, easy care shade flowers and shrubs. The growers come out with new stuff each year. During my commute to work, I had been noticing some hydrangeas in bloom that I just fell head over heals for! I wasn't lucky enough to find any at out local garden centers. So, I went to my favorite online source Cottage Farms Direct, to see if I could find it. I did. And, I found two other varieties too!

The first is "Endless Summer". This is the one that I "had to have". The coloring on them is spectacular!

The others I found are "Mariesii Varigata" Love the lacy pink flowers against the pale green and cream leaves!

And lastly, is "Pistachio". Odd, yet striking color on this one! I hope they all grow quick and fill with many flowers! Hydrangeas are becoming one of my favorite flowers... only second to Black Eyed Susans.

If only I had the sun and space for this bicolor butterfly bush...

One day...

In the meantime... I did relax with some stitches during the week. Finished up the embroidery part of Block 12 of the big Snow Days adventure! After supper today, I am hoping to trace off blocks 13 and 14.... so close... I can almost taste it! lol!

Time to finish up my big stitching projects in progress... big life changes going on here... changes that will be taking up most of my time and energy... and when these changes are accomplished...  :-)

Until next time... Stay Healthy & Keep on Smiling!


  1. Love the hydrangeas! We just picked up two this morning. I can't wait for my butterfly bush to bloom. Great to have these sunny days!
    Happy Sunday,

  2. This year I planted 5 Hydrangeas, I just couldn't get enough of them either. I just think they are so pretty and in every house I have ever lived, I just killed them. I finally found a spot that they love so this year I went crazy.
    Your snow block looks great. I can't wait to see that whole quilt finished. I still stare at the Patterdrip one but as of yet, still know it would be so much work.
    I like the new patterns that Meg came out with so I may just try a smaller one.
    It all looks really good, have a lovely Sunday.

  3. WOW...you really do like flowers, hey? I must admit, hydrangeas are gorgeous! With all you have going on, you're doing a great job on the Snow Days quilt. Now, if only I could get my butt in gear to start piecing the blocks...and finishing the stitching once those are done. We're awesome! {grin}

  4. Your block looks good, Moose. And good luck with the life changes. The Hydrangeas are beautiful, and so is the butterfly bush. I hope you can find a place for it somewhere.

  5. Your block looks great! The hydrangeas are gorgeous...the colors are fabulous! I'll be checking Cottage Farms Direct out right away>

  6. I am loving this weather, so nice to be outside and enjoying the sun and relaxing at night with our stitching.


  7. A girl after my own heart with your love of flowers! The hydrangeas are such a gorgeous flower. I had two tree hydrangeas in the front but sadly one is no longer with us! It was about 10 years old.
    Good luck with those life changes and hope you can stay stitching those beautiful quilt pieces! You have more patience than I with the fancy work!
    ( enjoy the perfect weather...... boy did ours change today from gorgeous to cold, windy and rainy.... we needed rain though!)
    Cathy G

  8. Sharon ~
    I, too, love hydrangeas! Frost got some of mine this year so I don't know how the flowers will do :(
    Snow days is lookin' good and you are getting so close!
    Best of luck with your life changes.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Sharon, My favorites are black eyed susans. The whole east side of our house is dedicated to them. Be sure to stop over and enter my giveaway on my 1803 Ohio Farm baskets blog! ~Ann

  10. WOW! Those are some spectacular hydrangeas! I had no idea they came in so many delightful colors. I can see why they were on the 'must have' list!

  11. I love hydrangeas too. But that pistachio plant is gorgeous! I think I may go buy a butterfly bush this year as I have a sneaky suspicion I am getting a butterfly house for my birthday.

  12. I love hydrangeas and have several kind. I have a blue one but it only bloomed once as it dies back in winter and the blooms comes on the previous year branches. I'm too lazy to give it winter protection.

    Your embroidered quilt blocks are coming along so beautifully. Your quilt is going to look so nice.

    I hope that your weather warms up a bit. We had nice sunshine today and it was warm but the mosquitos were also plentiful.

    Have a great week. JB

  13. Love the beautful photos and block your working on!!

  14. I have the Endless Summer Hydrangea. Mine gets pretty pink flowers on it. Been trying to get it to turn back to blue the last couple of years to no avail. It's getting ready to bloom right now. Will see what color it will be. Love that one picture of the hydrangea with the varigated leaves! Wish I had room for another one, I would get that one!


  15. I love hydrangeas too Sharon. Sooo pretty. I don't have a large enough spot, nor the shade for them. they grow pretty big. Great eye candy of color this morning, thanks! Terrific job with your stitching too.Keep it up!

  16. I have the endless summer hydrangeas but mine are always blue. I am going to experiment this year with turning them Pink. I am also trying to propagate them this year from cuttings. I got mine from Lowes a few years ago and they are there pretty regular. Mine bloom from April to October, they are pretty amazing.

  17. those flowers are so beautiful.
    your block is pretty but a whole other season.


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