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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hydrangeas and Snow Days Block 12

A very Happy Sunday to everyone! Here in Central Jersey we are having clear blue skies, brilliant sunshine and warm breezes! Second weekend in a row of absolute perfection!

I just came in from the garden. It's a small garden... as our property is kinda small. And, lucky for me, we have a few shade trees to keep the yard cool enough to be comfortable outside on a 90 degree day. Lately, I have been looking for some new, easy care shade flowers and shrubs. The growers come out with new stuff each year. During my commute to work, I had been noticing some hydrangeas in bloom that I just fell head over heals for! I wasn't lucky enough to find any at out local garden centers. So, I went to my favorite online source Cottage Farms Direct, to see if I could find it. I did. And, I found two other varieties too!

The first is "Endless Summer". This is the one that I "had to have". The coloring on them is spectacular!

The others I found are "Mariesii Varigata" Love the lacy pink flowers against the pale green and cream leaves!

And lastly, is "Pistachio". Odd, yet striking color on this one! I hope they all grow quick and fill with many flowers! Hydrangeas are becoming one of my favorite flowers... only second to Black Eyed Susans.

If only I had the sun and space for this bicolor butterfly bush...

One day...

In the meantime... I did relax with some stitches during the week. Finished up the embroidery part of Block 12 of the big Snow Days adventure! After supper today, I am hoping to trace off blocks 13 and 14.... so close... I can almost taste it! lol!

Time to finish up my big stitching projects in progress... big life changes going on here... changes that will be taking up most of my time and energy... and when these changes are accomplished...  :-)

Until next time... Stay Healthy & Keep on Smiling!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Radios at Kutztown!

Just in case some folks want to watch of quick video of some antique radios...

We had so much fun Friday and Saturday at this swap meet! Many smiling faces and numerous gorgeous radios! This is the first time Mr. Radiowild sold more than he bought! lol!

I enjoyed my usual stroll and gander through the antiques, farmer's market and flea market areas of Renninger's... nothing really sang to me to bring it home... just a few flowers.

Back to work tomorrow... hopefully I'll get a few minutes each evening to sit and stitch...

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling! 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Snow Days Block11 and Pewter

One good thing about rainy, wet days... is that the temptation to play in the yard after work gets rather... um... dampened... ;-) So, that creates about an hour (or a little more) of stitching time available each night. Early yesterday morning, I was able to finish up the next in the Snow Days series... Block 11. Whoo-hoo!

This was a little block... about 6" x 9"... so it finished up pretty quick. The little bunny is so cute with his tracks in the snow.... and the little birdie in the shrub nibbling on some winter berries... I'm getting used to making these french knots... which is something I could never do before.

The next block is about the same size... hopefully next weekend I'll be posting a finish on that one! It's getting so close to the time to piece these all together... 

For times when my eyes are tired by the end of the day... but, I still want something to keep my hands busy... there is crochet. This is a scarf I am working on.

I'm using "Pewter Shimmer" by Red Heart yarns... it's a great medium grey with some light blue sparkle in it. The top of the picture is how it looks on the skein...and the bottom part of the picture shows how the yarn looks using the basket weave stitch. I've made 2 scarves with this stitch before... but, I am liking it best with this yarn. It's very soft and light.

I've also been spending some time in the garden planting flowers. I did not plant as many as I usually do because over the past few years I've been planting perennials. Each year they return a bit bigger than the last and can be divided to fill in more areas. This makes for an very low maintenance garden which I am learning to enjoy! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!

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