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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Enjoying NJ

Did I really say that? Those of you who know me, know that I have been trying to move out of this state for some time now! lol! But, recently I have been enjoying some of the history of NJ... some of it is very interesting and I can honestly say that I never knew so many important things happened so close to where I have been living for the past 40-something years!

Yesterday, Bob and I ventured out to Alpine, NJ to get (what he has been referring to as) "Rock Star access" to one of the most history rich broadcast towers in the state of NJ. One of the most recent historical events was that this tower was used to broadcast major TV and radio stations following the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Did you know that the WTC buildings had broadcast towers on the very top of them? If you would like to read a detailed (yet short) article on the history of the tower, click here. And, if your curious about seeing how our visit went... give this short video a look-see...

I'll have to admit that (originally) I only went along for the ride just to see something different... but, after I learned the history and actually stood at the base of this 400 ft. tall tower and looked up at it... it truly has a magnificent and powerful presence!

I've been stitching some too! I started a Chessie and Me kit that is called "Pumpkin Row". The fob part of the kit is what is pictured (with the crow and pumpkin). This piece takes some time as it uses what's called the Smyrna stitch in some of it. The other piece is a Country Rustic Primitives pattern for Spring. Nearly finished with the stitching on that one, so will be finishing it up into a pinkeep before the sun sets today...

Did someone say shopping? Yah... I did some of that too! I've been a long time admirer of Karen Kahle's style of hooking... the soft colors of wool used and the floral-gardening-home-nature of the subjects in her pieces are so beautiful and peaceful! Sooooooo, I visited her Etsy store and found me some marbelized wool, a hooked pillow kit and a couple of needlepunch patterns! :-) It was all packaged nicely with some hooking and needlepunch tips too! So, I hope to be getting lost in some wool and hooking soon!

Until next time... Stay healthy & keep on smiling!


  1. Sometimes we take our own areas for granted, so it is fun to explore the area and we find things that we never noticed before. Wonderful new projects to do.


  2. oh, now that was fun! Watched the video...heard your honey call you 'babe'. {grin} So, ya wanted to climb the radio tower? Are you crazy? Lovin' the stitchin'...AND the Karen Kahle woolens and patterns. Yay for you. Looking for finishes.

  3. Oh you lucky girl to have a stash of Karen's patterns and wool waiting for you! I love your cross stitch...beautiful!

  4. Okay - I know I am suppossed to get "learned" out of your video - but I couldn't stop laughing at Bob filming you wanting to climb the tower! It was "so you!" And when did you get your hair so short! Looks cute! Love the stitching and the patterns too! Yummy!

  5. Sharon ~
    I just recently visited Karen etsy shop. What wonderful treasures you bought! I look forward to seeing some WIPs.
    Hugs :)

  6. A fun post Sharon! I watched the video too. Your hair is cute shorter. Love your x~stitch projects and yummy wool and patterns from Karen. I've always admired her style too but to be truthful it scares me to try it! lol All those shades make her rugs so awesome. Have fun playing! Hugs, Lori

  7. I have to admit all the buttons and tubes kind of lost me in the video but the tower looks fascinating! I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of you! I thought maybe you were really going to climb and scare the heeby jeebys out of us!! LOL!!!
    Love your new project purchases! Will look forward to seeing that awesome Kahle wool being worked with your hand!!
    More videos! Your hubby sure does a great job!!
    Cathy G

  8. Well I'm with you let's climb that tower! I bet the view from on top is awesome. Really enjoyed the video :)

    Love your newest cross stitch projects and wow you got some wonderful goodies from Karen....Let the fun begin!

  9. Oh Sharon, you and your husband looked like you had a great time. No tower climbing for me - thought you were going to do it!! I must go over to the KK etsy shop - from the looks of your stuff I could probably do some damage there. Don't know about all the shading though! Love your hair shorter-

  10. computer is not cooperating today. all i get is a black screen, and no video. will try reloading it again later. For all the flack that NJ gets, it was a wonderful place to grow up. I never felt more safe than in the area that I lived as a child. Of course things were different back then. I had a wonderful development full of kids to play with! I'm not sorry I moved, but I still think of the times I had there..
    Your stitching looks great Sharon! And you'll be keeping busy with Karen's patterns. They look awesome. Have fun with them!!!

  11. figures, I just refreshed and it worked. Nice tour! Darn,I was hoping to get a picture of you climbing the tower :)

  12. Great acquisitions and stitching. Glad you've been enjoying the state that you're in. It's wonderful to learn about the history at our fingertips. (Or maybe just a little bit further away.)

  13. Have you checked out Karen's new blog yet? primitivespirit.wordpress.com

  14. Hi Karen! I'm a new follower! I found your blog from reviewing the stats of the Primitive Handmades Mercantile selling blog! You sent quite a few gals over to the site and I thank you for that! Susan's work is amazing and yours looks great too!!! Looking forward to following your blog!

    Happy Easter!


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