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Monday, February 20, 2012

Cluster V and Urn Pinkeep

Many thanks for the well wishes! It seemed that during the last 3 weeks I had either been getting sick, been sick, or was recovering from the side effects of the medicines needed to zonk this germ out of my system... whatever it was... I haven't been this sick in many years... and I hope it stays away from me and everyone else too! :-)

As promised... I have a couple of stitching updates! I do have another one almost done, but I'll save that for next time. :-)

Let's start with a springtime butter yellow scarf! I've always crocheted with acrylic yarns as they are easy care with machine wash and dry... but, I've always wanted to crochet with wool, but did not like the "hand wash, reshape and lay flat to dry". So, I decided to give the new Martha Stewart line of yarns a try. It's an "extra soft wool blend" of 65% acrylic and 35% wool. Let me tell you, the color is soft and the texture is even softer! Like buddah! It's a real pleasure to crochet with!

This scarf is about halfway finished. I used a size I9 hook and chose the cluster-v stitch. One skein of yarn worked up to a 7" x 20" piece. So, I'll be continuing with one more skein which should bring the scarf to a good length. If anyone is interested in learning the cluster-v stitch... here is the video that I learned from...

And now, for a confession... I fell off the "no-buy wagon". Not all that horribly though! One of my favorite designers is Jenny Hoffman of Country Rustic Primitives. And, she released a "must have"!!! It's called "Early Style Flower & Urn Pinkeep".

I stayed with her suggested colors and stitched it 1 strand over 2 on prairie cloth. It finished up at about 5" x 7". This pinkeep is backed with a dark red wool and stuffed with cotton. Added a rusty bell and pin just for giggles...

So that's about it! The days have been getting longer... and the weather has been staying sunny and in the high 40's to low 50's! I think it's time for that groundhog to retire... Spring is here in spite of him still slumbering in that hole... lol!

Which brings me to flowers... I need them... seed catalogs are all over my house and I'm searching online for that perfect new specimen to plant in the garden this year... how about this one...

It's a Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan "Cherry Brandy"... sold online at Cottage Farms Direct. I purchased perennials from them last year and they shipped well and all are returning for another season! So, I'll try some more plants from them this year!

My next post will be another "Snow Days" block... in fact, that's what I'll be stitching on the remainder of this evening... :-)

Until next time... Stay healthy and keep on smiling!


  1. Oh, I hope you feel better...and stay better! Love your stitchery...very lovely. I have daffodils ready to pop in a vase. I can't wait until spring. At least I'm working on a flower rug...almost like the real thing!

  2. Hope you feel better quickly!
    The other things are just lovely.
    I love the flowers!

  3. Sharon ~
    I hope the road to recovery is over!
    Love the scarf and that pinkeep is just too sweet. I want to cross stitch, but don't want to put down the hook. Too many projects, not enough time.
    LOVE that flower.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Sharon,
    I hope you are on the road to recovery and stay there!! Some of this bug that's going around seems to last a long time. Glad to see you doing some very nice hand work...... that wool blend yarn looks wonderful.... leave it to that Martha! LOL!! Thanks for that video and I'm going to save it to my Pinterest " things to remember board" when I can take the time to learn to crochet!
    Love the Rudbeckias.....
    Cathy G

  5. Sharon, It's been the worst germ winter at our house too. Our kids have never been this sick & now my husband who is NEVER sick has a sinus infection. Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that winter has never arrived here in NW Ohio. Glad you felt well enough to do some handwork. ~Ann

  6. Wonderful pieces and sometimes we just have to buy at least one new thing;)
    Love those flowers, I need to do something with my flower beds, nothing is growing lately, so think I need to replenish the soil.


  7. ohmygosh...that pinkeep is adorable. For falling off the 'no-buy' wagon...you did okay, girlfriend! And, you do lovely work. Also, the crocheting is exquisite. Seriously. Those flowers are very cool.

  8. The pinkeep is adorable. I had a year like that last year I couldn't get over what ever I had.
    I too have been looking at spring flowers I have a thing for cone flowers they feed the birds in the winter and stay in bloom so long. I hope you are feeling better

  9. You stay healthy & keep smiling too my friend! :-) Your scarf is beautiful... such a lovely yellow! Your pinkeep is lovely - love Jennie's patterns! And the flowers... oh-la-la!


  10. You are always such a busy lady with so many irons in the fire! Glad you are feeling better....I had it bad for two weeks (but went to the DRS. and got medicines)!! No time to get sick...spring is on its way!!

  11. Glad your on the mend. What a wonderful scarf and I'll have to check out that kind of yarn. Those flowers are real beauties!

  12. Grats on your pinkeep finish. Those little finishes are always a nice pick me up, aren't they? And your scarf is going to be cool when finished. I don't like the color (at all, I hate yellow, lol), but I love the look of the stitches. Great job!!


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