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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snowmen, Snow Days Block 6 and Velvet

Have you ever seen something and said "Hey, that's nice!"? I'm guessing you said yes to that... we all have seen nice things. Now... have you ever seen something and said "Hey, that's nice!"... and smile every time you think about seeing it... day after day... until FINALLY... it is listed on Etsy and you can purchase it nearly immediately and make it yours? *big smile*

Well... that's what happened when Ginger posted a picture of this guy on her blog primitivesbythelightofthemoon! It was the bashful smile of this snowman, along with the way Ginger hooked the hearts into the background...

...that made me start clicking like a madwoman when I had seen it listed in her Etsy store prairiemoonprimitives! Ginger and PatiJane both make and contribute fantastic handmades to their store! Stop by and take a peek!

Ginger and PatiJane are also members of the eBay group An American Primitive Gathering that I belong to. And, sometimes they get together and hand craft the best happy surprises and mail them to every member in the group. We were all smiling big when these packages of Happy New Year wishes arrived!

The snowman is a paper wrapped Hershey Bar (with a snowman face drawn on it) and his hat is a pair of knitted gloves!!! Now, how cute is that?!?!? Also included was a woolen needle minder and a Happy New Year card! These ladies are so creative, thoughtful and generous! Thank you both so much!!!

And now... I bring you Block 6 of the Snow Days quilt that Jacque and I are working on... this was a fun and relaxing block to stitch...

I think Jacque is nearly complete with the embroidery of the 14th and final block... next comes the pieced parts of these blocks... and more embroidery on the pieced sections! This really an awesome design by Crabapple Hill... I can't thank Jacque enough for twisting my arm to stitch this! It's a long work in progress... but it is very enjoyable!

What's on my bench now? Well... here's a peek... those are little velvet hearts... sewn by hand as I'm sure my sewing machine would LOVE to gobble up this yummy velvet... more about these hearts to come in the next post...

After making a huge pot of chicken soup yesterday and a huge pot of sausage and peppers today... there will be plenty of leftovers remaining to enjoy during the week... so when I get home from work... I'll have some time to create!

Until next time... Stay healthy and keep on smiling!



  1. Sharon,
    I loved that snowman rug the minute I layed eyes on it too over at Gingers blog!! He is the sweetest looking guy and the background is LOVE!!
    Glad you were able to snatch him up!!
    It was so fun getting that cute package in the mail too from Ginger and Patijane....... I feel so pampered!!
    Can't wait to see what you will do with the hearts..... My fingers are itching for some little project with hearts..... just can't decide LOL!! A lot of indecision going on here right now I guess!!
    Happy creating and best wishes for this NEW year!!
    Cathy G

  2. Your new snowman rug is adorable and you can't help but smile when you see it.Ginger is so talented!! I just love the block, BEAUTIFUL!! It makes your evenings so much nicer when you have food all ready to go.

  3. Oh boy...a lot to comment on! LOVE the snowman rug...Ginger does awesome work and that snowman is dang cute! Congrats on getting block 6 done...looks great! Love how you iron your blocks right away...not me! haha. I am still stitching on the last block...might be done in a week, though. I so enjoy seeing all the stuff you get in the mail. What fun to open a package filled with fun and love, hey? Velvet hearts...hmmmm...looking forward to seeing what you do with them! So glad you got some soups made so that your evenings are more relaxing for you. Have a great week!

  4. Ginger and Patti are two wonderful ladies.
    I am actually hooking this weekend. A friend sent me a kit, so I can just hook and not think about what colors to use or cutting, so a nice break and something I will love on my wall. I can't wait to see what you do with your hearts. I have some velvet too.


  5. Oh Miss Sharon you are just too gracious. So glad you like the snowman rug he was such a fun guy to make.
    We have such a fun group of ladies in our lil' AAPG group just wish we could meet you all in person.
    Now I can't wait to see what those little velvet hearts will be and I just love your newest hand stitched block :)

  6. Love the snowman just love him. Love those little red hearts too!

  7. Your hands are always busy Sharon! Love the stitching piece you just finished. Lots of stitching,whew.
    Such a sweet snowman rug. Yep, Ginger does great work! Love her and PatiJane's friendship and creativity that they produce.
    Beautiful velvet hearts. I'm with everyone else waiting to see what you will be doing with them!

  8. That snowman is irresistible. Sweet little hearts - Now what you are going to do with them??

  9. Your post just kept getting better & better... when I got to chicken soup, my mouth was really watering! I love Ginger & Patijane's works... and was so tickled with the package I got too. :-)

    You lucky duck.. you got the snowman rug!! I will need to visit their shop more often.

    Your velvet hearts are just beautiful!!

    Have a great Monday girlfriend!

  10. You are so organized--making enough food to last through the week! Having time to devote to sewing in the evening is worth the extra work on the weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing your block stitched. That's a lot of work but I'm sure it will be adorable! Sweet, sweet, sweet snowman rug! ~Roberta


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