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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy,
joyous, laughter and fun-filled

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Very Fortunate

I feel very fortunate to have talented friends that take the time to send some stitches my way! VERY fortunate!!! :-)

Just this past week I received an absolutely stunning mini quilt and ornaments from Debbie of woolensails....

The embroidery on this piece is absolutely fabulous!!! I love it!!! I think I sent her half dozen emails about how excited I am that I can call this piece "Mine, mine, mine"!!! lol! Really, it truly is an amazing piece... the design, the tiny stitches, the aging of the fabrics... I'm just plum crazy over it!!! Debbie also sent along some snowman ornaments... stitched to perfection with a wonderfully soft pine scent to them... ahhhhhhh... smells like Christmas!!! :-) I still can't believe these are "Mine, mine, mine"!!! Thank you, Debbie!

I also have some finishes to show... I made these for a Secret Santa swap. Finished them at nearly the last minute... and barely remembered to take a picture before adding them and a few extras to the package and run them to the post office...

First is "Kringle's Crow" by Nan of Threadwork Primitives. It was stitched with Gentle Art threads 2 over 2 on 32ct. linen. Stuffed with wool snippets and backed with a dark red wool.

Next is "Christmas Tree" by Jenny of Country Rustic Primitives. This was stitched with DMC threads 1 over 2 on 32ct. linen. Also stuffed with wool snippets and backed with same dark red wool and then I added a tiny rusty jingle bell on a rusty safety pin.

And... just to keep the red theme going... I stitched up a little woolen Christmas bird...

A lot of stitches both to and from this week! :-)

I'm a very lucky (and happy) gal!

We did pick out our Christmas Tree last Sunday... spent yesterday decorating the tree and adding a little bit of Christmas here and there throughout the house... I hope I can get some good pictures to share with you during the next couple of days!

Until next time... Stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Many More Thank You's!

I've been a lucky gal these past two weeks! The mailman has been bringing packages that are full of fun instead of just silly ol' bills and catalogs! :-)

Our eBay group hosts a few exchanges over the year... this time it was a "Secret Santa". One of the details of this exchange is that we don't know who will be sending to us... well... boy was I happy that PatiJane was chosen to send my way!

PatiJane knows I LOVE snowmen... so she created a few real great ones for me to display throughout the season! :-) The guy that is front and center is a little over a foot tall! He's made of wool and is holding a sparkly wreath and some candy canes... His tag is a cross stitched santa moon! PatiJane also stitched the bestest pillows with trees, snowmen and "Peace"... they are all simply beautiful! Love the little wool bird... his wings are made of "Silent Night" sheet music! The white tart is actually a heavenly "Sage & Lemongrass" scented soap that was hand made by Patty Cake Originals. Also included in the generous package of treasures was some chocolate (been devoured already!), a prim tea light in a metal holder, a mini wool feather tree, a list pad, some red sparkly garland and a handmade Christmas card... everything... and I do mean "every stinkin' stitch" is PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much PatiJane!!!!

And, as if that wasn't enough... I was also the lucky winner of a Little Drummer Boy hooked rug that was a giveaway on the blog of Ginger from primitivesbythelightofthemoon. Can you say WOW!!!! I tried my best to capture the soft prim colors that Ginger hooked into the rug... but, my picture seems to be a little on the bright side. Trust me when I say the colors are the softest of prims and adds to the peaceful spirit of the season! The size of this Little Drummer Boy is about 12" x 20"... he is proudly displayed in my living room for this Christmas and many Christmases to follow! The tag, envelope and card are also hand drawn by Ginger! She really is a talented gal! Thank you so much Ginger!!!! I will treasure this guy for a long time! :-)

And, one more good package came my way this week! This was from Kathy of rugsofmineintime! Kathy was generous enough to send along some of that "sparkly wool" that I've been dreaming about... I had seen it on her blog when she was writing about one of the hook-ins at Grant Street Woolworks! Linda (owner of Grant Street Woolworks) hand dyed some pieces and mine is a beautiful Christmas green! I can't wait to hook this into a rug! Kathy also sent along a rolled wool pinkeep and a beautiful needleminder with a Hibiscus on it! Gorgeous! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and generous Kathy! I love it all!

Now... receiving gifts sure is a lot of fun... but I've been working on some items for GIVING too! A couple of items started their travels this afternoon... and as they arrive to their recipients... I will share some pics here... just know one thing... I am so slow with my stitches... I intend to have stuff there by Christmas... but, at the rate I'm going... my next gift creation should be an Easter bunny! lol! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!

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