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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Primitive Place Magazines

We had a glorious Thanksgiving and have been enjoying 4 continuous days away from work and responsibilities! Can you say BLISS? :-)

A good amount of my time has been spent catching up on the homefront. You know, the bigger tasks that usually get put to the side during the 5 days on / 2 days off schedule. Washing windows, curtains, cabinets and floors... actually moving the furniture and breaking up those dust bunny parties... lol! And, lots of organizing! During this process I have also found some items that may interest you... some are listed on eBay right now... and I will continue to list for the next day or so, so check back often...

(Auction Pictures Removed 12-10-11)

Some crafting and stitching has been enjoyed over the last 4 days too! Some are gifts and can't be shown just yet... and some aren't quite finished... I'll share with you what I can in my next post...

Until next time... Stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a proven fact...

Day after day...

Same thoughts
Same actions
Same Result


If you're not happy with the same results...

Try something


Yep... me and Mr. B have plans to have the best Thanksgiving ever!

And... it has nothing to do with that outfit pictured above! lol!

We wish you and your family all the health, happiness and delicious memories that life has to offer!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kringle Frost


You can keep the real stuff! I'm looking for glitter snow... I think Kringle Frost here needs a little sparkle! :-)

*** Kringle Frost ***
~Keeper of the Forest~
Original Pattern & Design by The Cheswick Company

This was my first attempt at a dimensional pattern. I had visited the website of The Cheswick Company and fell head over heels over this little guy! Snowmen are a favorite of mine. Anyways... they offered just the pattern, or a kit. I went for the kit as the pattern called for wool felt (which I don't have any of)... and a few accent pieces that would take some time for me to find around here. One would be the tree branch. The one that came with the kit is of high quality and looks pretty darn real! The other item would be the lantern. Anyways, these little details are what really finished the piece off nicely... methinks. Oh... and from his steel shot weighted bottom to the tip of his top hat measures about 14" tall! So, he's sure to be seen all throughout this winter season!

I'm putting away all the pumpkins for another year... feeling the urge to get decorating for Christmas!!! I'm seeing evergreens, shiny ornaments, candy canes, santas, reindeer... and more snowmen!!!

Until next time... Stay healthy and keep on smiling!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Redbud Cottage and Snow Days Block 5

These are my two stitching updates since I don't know when... I thoroughly enjoy the process of stitching and hooking... it just seems some things should go a little faster? ;-)

This cross stitch pillow is called Redbud Cottage. It's a Stacy Nash design that is offered through the Girls Club at Country Sampler Quilt Shop in Spring Green, WI. It is backed with a homespun that is mostly browns with some red here and there. I stuffed this pillow with wool snippets. It's a solid, heavy pillow.

The one thing I added to this project was sewing in a piece of muslin directly behind the stitching. I did this because the linen was light and most of my wool snippets are dark. The muslin kept the linen bright so that the integrity of the stitches stayed clear.

My other finish is another embroidered block from the Snow Days quilt that Jacque and I are working on together. This is Block 5 for me! It's a biggy! In fact, I could almost classify it as two of the regular blocks. I think some of the next ones are smaller...

That's pretty much it for now. We survived the snow last Saturday, maintained power throughout the storm, raked some wet leaves today and now I'm looking forward to a wonderful, sunny, cooler weekend... that is full of wool, cotton, needle and thread! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!

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