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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skippy's Shelf & Some Spring

A big Hello to Tisha & Skippy! Way back here was when Skippy sent me a Thank You for giving him a name... and it was just this past week that I now have his generosity properly displayed. This beautiful handmade barnwood shelf is in between two windows in my sewing room... and has some of my favorite treasures nestled inside! The bonnet, apron, star and mini twig wreath are also gifts from Skippy & Tisha. Thank you so much!!! This is such a beautiful and generous gift! And I always enjoy hearing about Inspector Skippy's adventures over here on the Loafer Mountain Primitives blog! :-)

I had quite a few ideas as to where this shelf would be displayed. Thought about repainting the room, but then decided that I like the color of the walls just fine... and instead just rinsed the walls with some borax and water and freshened things up a bit. This is where I will see this shelf the most as I am always in this room stitching on something!

Since we have about 2 ft of snow over our entire yard with snow mountains about 4 ft tall along the curb of our yard and surrounding our driveway... I thought I would bring some Spring out of storage and brighten up the inside of the house a bit... more on the way...

Time to get back to some stitching... I have so many projects in progress that my head is spinning!!!

Ain't life grand? :-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Cheer

Our online eBay group is having a Winter Cheer Swap. One of our members (Rebecca) created a variety of designs all with the theme of Simplify. Each person that wanted to join the swap entered their name and was emailed a partner to send to. One item needed to be one of the Simplify designs done in your choice of medium... and then we were to add anything we thought our partner would like.

Well, Joanne received my name! And I am SO HAPPY she did! She hooked me the MOST BEAUTIFUL rug!!! I tried my darndest to get the color right in the picture... but you really hafta see it in person to appreciate the soft, muted, perfectly prim spring color she chose! It's GORGEOUS! And I LOVE it! Joanne also sent the fabric heart pillow... it has a little wool heart appliqued to it! :-)

And, if that wasn't more than enough.... she also sent me some black bean chips with CHEESE dip! Me luvs CHEESE! :-) Some pumpkin pretzels.... a good size thermal cup for my coffee, some wonderful fabrics and a garden themed card with promises that Spring will (eventually) get here! :-)

Thank you so much Joanne! All of these goodies are wonderful.... but that RUG is just top notch perfection! :-) LOVE IT!

I did take pics of the handmade I sent off to my Winter Cheer partner... but, she hasn't received it yet... so, I've got to wait a couple of days before I can share a pic of it with you here... :-)

I've been involved in some redecorating in my home this past weekend too... Tisha & Skippy will be the first to know when I have everything just right! :-)

AND, I've been getting into so much trouble with Jacque!!!! More details on that to follow... yes, it's all legal...LOL! ;-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Won!

My secret little addiction is reading blogs! I hop from one to another each and every morning as I am drinking my coffee... and, sometimes again in the evening to relax and daydream. I have, and I am sure you have too, entered quite a few contests and giveaways often offered on some blogs. Well, I just happened upon Kansas Troubles Quilters blog last weekend... and entered a giveaway Lynne was having... and much to my surprise and delight, Lynne drew my name as the winner Monday morning! :-)

The prize was a good sized tin from Moda that was designed to look like a well traveled suitcase! All of the "travel labels" displaying quilt designers, and fabric designers... caught my eye right away! It really is such great piece! It will be displayed among my other addiction which is collecting sewing themed tins! ;-) Lynne also added some goodies to the inside of the tin like a ceramic pie bird, a wire egg basket, some note cards, a sewing themed note pad and some Ragspun Quilting embellishments! Thank you so much Lynne!

I have been working on some projects that I hope to share pictures of soon. The one I just finished today is for a Winter Cheer Swap that is going on within our online group "An American Primitive Gathering" (USAPRIM on eBay). Once the recipient receives her gift, I can share a picture of that... until then, I will try and share some pictures of the other small stitcheries I have been working on...

Have a warm and wonderful weekend!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Honestly... I've been trying to think of a post to ring in the New Year with... but, the only thing I can think about right now is....


That's right... the one's that grow in my backyard... you know... during the Summer months when there is warm air, brilliant sunshine, extended daylight hours... did I mention WARM AIR?

I know, I know... don't wish my life away... try to enjoy each season for what it is... I did all that...

December was a glorious Winter

Now... can we move on to June?


Okay... iffin I can't skip all the way to June... let's at least wake up to February tomorrow... then I can dream of a...

Valentine Tomato?

Here's to a year filled with an over abundance of good health, ambition, love, contentment, and laughter...
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