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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smiles Across the Miles and Some Rugs

Friday was a wonderful day! I had taken a vacation day so that I could attend a meeting of the Hunterdon County Rug Artisan's Guild.

Well... the day started with a visit from the mailman! He brought me a surprise package from Jacque! Inside the package was a beautiful quilted tote and zippered purse that she made for me from the Iced Mocha fabric collection...

LOVE it! I especially like the way one side has the squares and the other is stripes. I've already sent her many, many thanks... but, one more couldn't hurt...



Then, it was off to Flemington, NJ to attend the meeting. Lots of topics were discussed as this was actually two meetings in one as hurricane Irene had caused last month's to be cancelled. I'll save the details and just show you the rugs that were there for show and tell... Some were finished and some were in progress. Each person explained a little about their rug and then the rug was placed in the center of the meeting area so all could see. So many talents and different styles of hooking...

I hope you enjoyed these pictures... and hopefully you now have some inspiration to get hooking on one of your own rugs!

I would like take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to leave comments here... I really do enjoy reading them all! I also want to thank those that have emailed me their comments because blogger was giving them some technical troubles... and also, a big HELLO to those (recent and from the beginning) who have decided to follow my blog. I hope you continue to read and enjoy the adventures and creations I write about here...


Until next time...

Stay healthy and keep on smiling!


  1. What a wonderful surprise from Jacque, she is doing such beautiful pieces, I really need to learn how to make totes and purses. And I love the rugs from your group, amazing work and such creative designs, really makes me miss hooking, maybe I should start something;)


  2. How wonderful!!..love your new tote and the pictures of the rugs are awesome!..thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh My Goodness Sharon...what glorious rugs!! What a fun day you must have had! Those 3-day weekends sure are wonderful!!! Thank you for posting all the pictures. Such an inspiration!

  4. Sharon ~
    I must post as anonymous or blogger won't let me leave a comment. GGGRRRR :(
    What a great tote from Jacque ~ LOVE it.
    Thanks for the rug show! What an amazing amount of talent.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Sharon, your new tote is so pretty - love the subtle colors. What an amazing collection of rugs to see all together. I'm just thinking of the enormous hours of hooking that went into all those rugs! Thanks for taking pictures and sharing.


  6. I have a Jacque tote too, and I love it! That fabric is wonderful. How about those rugs! Wow...what a lot of talent out there. Thanks for taking us to the show!

  7. How sweet of Jacque! Love the two pieces, they are beautiful. I like the different sides too!
    My goodness, look at all those rugs. What a rug show! Group looks so formal with them all in the center like that. So happy you took the day off to get out and enjoy it! Can't wait to see what you will be hooking next :)

  8. Thanks for sharing all of the photo's. I always enjoy seeing others work

  9. Beautiful rugs!! Have a great day Sharon!

  10. Jacque is wonderful and so giving. The rugs are fantastic. I love looking at rugs. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  11. Great rugs!!! Thanks for sharing the pics.
    Love the tote bag!

  12. Lucky you to get that wonderful tote!!! And all the pictures of the rugs were beautiful! There sure is a lot of talent in that group!


  13. What a lovely tote and zippered bag. Thanks for sharing all the different rugs. So many creative spirits!

  14. Wow! Jacque is so talented! I love your tote and little zippered case! I hope to some day own one of her creations!
    Those rugs are so awesome! I love to see all the different styles of hooking and the portrait rugs are just unbelievable! Thanks so much for your great photos and work to post them!!
    Cathy G

  15. Just amazing those rugs are just amazing. the faces on some of the rugs look painted.
    and what a wonderful gift of the bag.

  16. What amazing rugs!!! So many different styles, colors and themes. I truly enjoyed looking at them and bet they were even more amazing in person. Thank you for sharing them. I enjoy reading your blog, Sharon. Always interesting!

  17. Awesome bag....Jacque does beautiful work!
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful rugs....looks like it was a lot of fun to go!!!

  18. Glad I blog hopped over from My Field of Dreams! I never knew you could make such things. The rugs are amazing. Thank you for opening my eyes to new crafts.


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