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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Just Could Not Help Myself

Saturday and Sunday were two of most picturesque autumn days I could imagine. The sun was shining... there was a soft warm 70 degree breeze during the day that cooled to a cozy 45 degree breeze during the night... the leaves are starting to turn... the sky was a brilliant blue with big, white puffy clouds... so, how could I in my right mind sit in a chair and stitch all day? lol!

I could not help myself... Saturday I opened the windows and did my indoor seasonal cleaning (well... most of it)... haven't gotten to the windows and curtains yet... Sunday I did my regular bakery and grocery store run... followed by some yard work (trimming the hedges in the front yard)... followed by washing and drying my car and my hubby's SUV... then we had a nice Sunday dinner and now I am relaxing...

This is my favorite time of year... the time when I am most comfortable and have the most energy to do just about anything.

I will sleep like a brick tonight... I am sure of it!

But, since I did promise a stitching update to you... I will share the progress on the piece that was hoping to have finished by today. It's a Stacy Nash Girl's Club cross stitch that is offered through the Country Sampler Quilt Shop. The club ships four kits a year. The kits have the pattern, linen backing, threads, and the fabric to finish the stitched piece into a pinkeep. This was the first kit I had received... I think it's supposed to be the Summer one... It's called "Rosebud Cottage"

It's stitch over 2 threads on 32 count Platinum Linen. I'm nearly finished with the stitching... just need to put in the lettering on the bottom of the design and assemble into the pinkeep. And yes... I do have the Autumn kit already... you think I might get that done before Christmas? lol!

Seriously though... with how fast this year zoomed by... and how quickly winter is approaching... you can bet your last nickel I'll be outside wandering around somewhere during these gorgeous, colorful, energy filled days of autumn, every stinkin' chance I get! :-)

Here is a picture of the hubby and I tailgating during the Kutztown, PA Antique Radio Show and Sale...

Do we look like we just celebrated our 12 year Wedding Anniversary last Sunday? Well... we did! Had a fun time at the Sands Casino and a delicious meal at the Carnegie Deli... good stuff! :-)

You can bet that next weekend will include a whole lot of relaxing...

Until then...

Stay healthy and keep on smiling!


  1. Y'all look so cute together! Love the pretty kit!

  2. Well Happy Anniversary a bit late. You both look great. Your stitched piece is looking awesome! Happy Fall :)

  3. Happy Anniversary to you! Love the photo of the two of you I :-)

  4. Cuteness plus!!!

    I love that pinkeep! SN designs are just so awesome, aren't they? Nice work! I'd be blind by now, methinks. The weather is gorgeous here, too. Pretty much makes up for the heat wave summer we had. Relax and enjoy while you are able to!

  5. Beautiful stitchery, you do such wonderful work.
    Love the photo of you and your husband, and Happy Anniversary!


  6. Happy Anniversary! Your stitching piece is wonderful - I've thought about joining one, but I know I'd be behind from the get-go! Can't wait to see your piece finished - please share.

    It was a beautiful weekend here in Ohio too. You accomplished much more than I did - we had 3 baseball games so I enjoyed sitting and soaking in the sun.

    Have a great week. ~Ann

  7. That picture of the two is you is just great! Happy Anniversary!

    I love your stitching! Beautiful!

  8. Great shot of the Happy Couple! May you have many, many more!
    Your stitching is wonderful Sharon! Love the piece you are doing. Just beautiful :)
    Sure does take time....

  9. Happy anniversary and your stitching is wonderful.


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