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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Videos from Kutztown Radio Show

For the folks who enjoy a visit to the show via videos... here are two short ones from my Mr. "Radiowild"! Enjoy!

Next post will have some stitching updates!


  1. I'm not even a radio person and that was fun. Love that beauty he bought! It's more a work of art than a radio.

  2. Love how Bob has his hobbies and you have yours. What a great piece he brought home! Funny how it's no different than that pattern or wool we have been longing for and put off because it's too expensive. Feels so good to finally be able to get it :) So sweet that he gave a plug for your Blog!

  3. Hi Sharon!!

    Love the videos. What a great hobby, everytime I see an old radio I think of you guys-REALLY LOL!have a great weekend!


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