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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello September

Christmas in August was very uneventful. When the month began, I started out with high hopes... because I was starting the month with a week's vacation... and during that week I managed a really cute snowman punchneedle... but, still haven't finished the back and edges yet.

I went to start another Christmas project... but got side tracked with a Stacy Nash Girl's Club cross stitch... I'm half way finished stitching that one... I'll have pics next post...

We had a visit from Hurricane Irene... Irene brought buckets of rain and some good gusts of wind... some trees came down and pulled power lines down with them... our home went 40 hours without electricity... the town and building where I worked went 4 days without electricity... many areas suffered severe flooding... but, thankfully, no one I know was hurt in the storm... and no one I know lost any belongings or suffered damage to their homes... good bye Irene...

My hubby's Birthday was in August! Yep... the day after Irene's visit. So, we celebrated with eclairs and ice water... by candlelight...

Right now I have a severe craving for Autumn... and all that comes with it! The brilliant colored leaves... a sliver of frost in the mornings, bright full moons in the evenings, apple pie, pumpkins and cornstalks decorating the porch... and some wool. Yes... I hope to be getting back to hooking some rugs...

This is a rug I hooked several years ago. It's a design by Dierdre Wilson.

Hello September... I am ready to cool down and relax!

Until next time...

Stay healthy and keep smiling!


  1. oh Sharon...you did fine. At least you were thinking 'Christmas'. The only reason I got so much done - but not necessarily for Christmas - was because I was home practically the entire month of August. Not sure what I would have accomplished otherwise. The snowman needlepunch is darling, by the way.

  2. Poor you - 40 hrs with no electricity. At least it wasn't in the middle of winter.
    I did the same thing at the start of August - I thought I was going to do all kinds of things but as usual.....not much done.
    Happy September

  3. Glad the storm didn't harm you too badly. That sounds like a very romantic birthday celebration! Can't go wrong with eclairs and candlelight!!!
    I love that little kitty rug. I Googled the designer but nothing popped up about rughooking. How would I get in touch with her?

  4. I'm ready to cool down & relax too! :) Happy Autumn! I'm so glad you were all safe after the storm. :)

  5. Sharon you seem to get a lot done even though you don't think so- stitching takes time! Happy Birthday to Bob! Glad you got your electricity back - isn't it amazing how much we depend on it!

  6. We don't realize how much we use electric until we lose it;)
    Love your fall piece. I have the review to finish today, then the rest of the week I plan on finishing projects and getting my fall things out, time to redecorate and I have my beautiful cross stitch piece to display this year:)


  7. Happy Belated Birthday to Bob!! Hope he had a wonderful day and decides to continue ;).
    I agree with Joanne. Stitching takes lots of time. You are doing great! Your rug looks good surrounded by the fall leaves :)

  8. Oh my...all that time without electricity..but sounds like you made the most of it. I am the same way, Sharon...I get so side tracked with different projects. Everything is like eye-candy to me when I see it online..I want to make it all! I love your kitty rug.. Deidre is such a good designer! happy belated B-day to your husband!

  9. Ick on the being without electricity. But at least you did get to celebrate the birthday, even if it was by candlelight. Glad you don't have any major damage from Irene, Sharon. And here's hoping you get some hooker activities in this month!! Can't wait to see your piccys!!

  10. Sharon ~
    Happy belated birthday to the hubby!
    Love your little kitty rug!
    Pug hugs :)

  11. I was wondering about you! Glad you didn't have any damage. Love your rug!! How's the tomatoes??

  12. Wow, two days without electricity. I'm sure I'd miss it more than I could imagine, especially if it meant no air conditioning on a hot, hot day! Hope it wasn't too unbearable and glad that no one was seriously injured. Love your Halloween rug. Looks really great on the colorful leaves. ~Roberta

  13. love your little rug. We were without power for only a few hours so we got pretty lucky.

  14. Oh my that is too long without power. I also had high hopes for AUgust but they did not pan out! Oh well!! I love your rug!


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