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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Sunday!

This was back to work week for me and boy oh boy did it wear me out. Managed some overtime too, so didn't have much time or enthusiasm during the week to get any stitching done.

So I made sure to make some stitching time yesterday! Made great progress on one of the "Christmas In August" items!!! The punching was finished last night... was planning on putting the backing and finishing touches to it today, but got a little side tracked...

It's a Country Stitches pattern that was gifted to me by my friend Pam (no blog) a little more than a year ago. So, I think it's high time I get it stitched! ... I'll give all the details on the pattern in my next post when it is completely "finished". :-)

If anyone has an AC Moore near them... RUN, don't walk there and stock up on DMC floss! They have it on sale this week for 5/$1.00. That's nearly half price! I spent some time picking out some prim colors...

and kept the girl at the register busy for awhile too! :-) Do you know they have to ring them up by color? And, did you also know there were only TWO registers open while I was there? Yep... not a good "friend making day" today... lol! That's OK... I bought enough to last me at least a year... they might forget who I am by then? ;-)

We are also getting a good, soaking, much needed rain today! Local brooks, rivers and the canal are at or near flood level. I can hear the flowers, trees and grass drinking this stuff up though! Should help to make for a beautiful Autumn display of colors this year!!!

With the days getting somewhat cooler and the daylight getting less and less... and the crickets singing in the night... I've had pumpkins on the brain for at least a week now... :-)

Have a great week everyone!

Stay healthy and keep smiling!


  1. i'm thinking you didn't leave any floss in the store - when I bought floss for a class I ran into the same thing - they don't ring up quanity but by color - had i known that I would have left it sorted - yep the looks you get! Cute snowman!

  2. I'm still giggling. You bought "some"?? Great price! And yep, it's like that in every store that sells the floss.
    Pn is wonderful Sharon!

  3. I'm glad someone else is thinking snowmen in August. But I'm even gladder (just made up that word. Lol).... I wasn't behind you in line at the store. Hehehe

  4. Your needle punch looks wonderful. I bought one for me too, but never got around to punching it. You are so organized to start Christmas so early, hope it rubs off on me. Thanks for the A/C Moore info- Have a good week-

  5. Sharon ~
    Sure wish we had that store here in Ohio, but you probably wouldn't have left any for me...lol! It seems every time I buy it it has gone up a bit. Love your little snowman!
    It's rained most of the day in Ohio, too. We REALLY needed it!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Oh don't tell me that, lol.
    I haven't seen a sale like that in ages.
    I usually grab up all the black and white shades.
    At least that way I can dye the whites and use a lot of black in my stitcheries.


  7. What size/type punch needle do you use with the dmc floss?

  8. Awesome...I'm heading over there tomorrow morning...thanks for the heads up!

  9. I love that pattern! What a great deal!

  10. Good for you on stocking up on floss. I have that pattern, too and now that I see it all done up I may have to get busy and do one myself. Your's turned out wonderful.
    So glad you got some rain...we got a little, too!

  11. Cute little snowman. Glad to see you were able to find a bit of floss! LOL Those colors are great, though, even if it did jam the line for a while.

  12. No grass growing under your feet, there! That snowman looks wonderful! You truly scored on the floss. Hope this week at work is easier.

  13. The snowman piece looks great...very chill inspiring too...

    Oooh the floss sale is making me green with envy! No AC Moore around here and floss is 50c per skein...if I were you, I'd have to go back at least once this week for a little more...

  14. very sweet snowman! you snagged some great colors for sure. I hate to think of the shorter days not sure I am ready for winter. I saw a white pumpking at the farm stand on the way home from work. boo hoo

  15. Ha! Isn't that crazy that they have to scan each skein. I always feel so bad for the girl at the register when I buy lots. BTW... that looks like a lifetime worth of floss to me :)
    Your snowman came out great. That is some beautiful punching.

  16. Oh, makes me wish I had an AC Moore. Enjoy your haul!!!


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