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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Christmas In August

Once again... I am teaming up with my buddy Jacque to accomplish something BIG. We've been cheering each other on through the "Snow Days" quilt and now, we have started...

"Christmas In August"

I know...

I know...

It's hot...

Don't rush the seasons...


The goal for us is to take the month of August to create our handmades that we will be gifting family and friends during the Christmas season. Because you know what happens every year... rush, rush, rush... last minute sewing the seam closed as the recipient is walking through the door...

Not THIS year though!
(we hope)

This year we have already planned which gifts go to who... purchased our supplies and are ready to get creating!

I do have one or two more items I need to finish from July... and when I return here to post those pics... I will also announce the giveaway I have been promising for a few posts now... next post... promise! :-)

Soooooo, enjoy the days of Summer... I'll be back before Friday...

Stay healthy & keep smiling!


  1. I have decided I need to start early two, have two projects in the works and I will do some fall items first, then christmas applique. I want to make something for each of the kids, to use for christmas and give it to them on thanksgiving.


  2. Good intentions!!!
    Getting the projects done early is a great idea and will relieve stress aqround the holidays.
    Happy stitching! Too hot to do much else.

  3. Sharon,
    Way to go you and Jacque! I need a cheering buddy here LOL! I am going to get your pattern drawn up by the end of this week...... it's been something here everyday! So bad I know!
    Your little stocking ornaments should be adorable and what super gifts they will be! Yes, the time is now ..... think Christmas..... it is coming!!
    Cathy G

  4. Good luck with your Xmas in August! I wish I was that motivated! I'm running out of ideas for people! Stay cool there and happy vacation!

  5. With this heat we all NEED stockings & snowmen! :) Have fun!

  6. Sounds like a good plan. Get started early, and rush less. Can't wait for pics in your next post!

  7. Sharon ~
    Great idea that I should follow {but I know I won't}.
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Great idea to get started (& hopefully finished) in August. Looks like some nice projects!! Would love to see the finishes.

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  9. What a great idea, projects are more fun when you work with a buddy cheering each other on. Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

  10. Oh I wish I was that motivated I can't do august in august.

  11. Yes I'm jealous! So nice that you have a friend to keep each other motivated. Hmm, maybe you've inspired me to "at least" make a list of what I will make. So when I do have the time, I can get started. I agree with Joanne on running out of ideas. Need to think outside the box! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and will be looking for your giveaway :)


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