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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dang Nabbit & Some Stitches

So.... anybody that knows me.... knows that I dream (maybe even obsess) all Winter and Spring for the arrival of that first juicy, backyard grown Jersey tomato.... I've even shared some pics of the small, freshly planted tomato plant... and most recently, the pics the 7 ft. tall tomato plant loaded with heirloom beefsteak green tomatoes...

wait for it...

wait for it...

You see this little guy?

He's been helping himself to my tomatoes! Sure, between the two plants I have about 50 tomatoes... enough to share... but the thing that's really annoying me is that Mr. Squirrel eats the perfect ones... and leaves me with THESE...

Funny, right?

Certainly not funny ha ha... not to me anyways... anybody have an owl that I could hire for the Summer? Something has to keep him away so that I can get to the good tomatoes... don't mention sprinkling hot pepper around the plants... remember... these are Jersey Squirrels... ;-)

I had once seen a t-shirt that read, "Jersey.... where only the strong survive". It's truer than most may think...

So, with the heat wave we all have been enduring... I have been spending most of my free time indoors stitching... yesterday I finished up the stitching part of primitivebettys "Spring Pillow Tuck"... I stitched it 2 over 2, using DMC 3866 on 32 ct. raw linen... I should have it finished into a pillow some time during the week...

There's more stories to tell... I will be back soon! I may even have a giveaway, so be sure to check back often!

Have a wonderful Summer Sunday!


  1. Oh I'm so sorry you have to put up with such a sneaky squirrel! Do you have a rubberband gun? You could pop him in the hiney a couple of times & maybe he will decide not to come back. :)

    Your stitching is lovely! I adore your fiber choices. :)

  2. The pretty little spring pillow tuck is coming along quite nicely. You have to give Mr. Squirrel credit he certainly has his game plan on! I'm sorry to say I don't have an owl I could loan you, but I do have a rooster!

  3. Too funny, never had them eat my tomatoes. I have lots coming in, but not red yet. Your stitchery is beautiful, love the light on light.


  4. Cheeky rodent...

    I love your stitching...especially the color choice.
    Very nice.


  5. I would have thought that was white floss on raw linen. Grats on the finish, and can't wait to see the pillow pics!

  6. Sharon ~
    I would not be happy with that squirrel, either!
    Love your cross stitch! Didn't you find it hard to stitch light on light? Maybe your eyes are much younger than mine...lol!
    Hugs :)

  7. That litte turd! Looks like your tomatoes are cross breeding also - funny!!

  8. That is pretty funny or not I am not sure what to do to keep him away. But you can bet he has waited all spring for that tomato.
    love the stitching so pretty.

  9. Maybe you and I should cost share on a rodent hit-man. That dang groundhog in my yard is pushing his luck too. Twice this week he has been in my composter. Arrrgh.
    Nice stitching btw -- Do I dare ask how the quilt blocks are coming??

  10. Sharon!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, you almost made me spit my coffee this morning! LOL! Tooo funny... "these are Jersey squirrels!" And that tomato you pictured.. ok girl you hit funny bone and i can't stop giggling! LOL! And then Betty's comment about the rubber band gun... yah.. i'll be laughing all day! :D Oh hey - you need to sign up for the huge wannabe aquilter giveaways!! Trust me - you dont wanna miss it! :)

  11. Why do they always eat the best fruit the day before it's ready for our picking??? Yeesh!
    We've had to do the dirty deed with a two groundhogs, but the squirrels seem to stay in the trees and leave the garden alone.
    Love the light stitchery on the natural linen!


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