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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Sunday!

I've been stitching on some projects... but, since I have too many going at one time... there hasn't been any picture worthy progress on any of them... so, thought I'd give an update on a couple of the goodies I purchased awhile back at the Cinnamon Stick in Hereford, PA!

The Drying Rack made in onto the wall in the front entry room of my home. And inside the rim, I tucked a few items that I think go together pretty well! From left to right... a beautiful prim dolly made by Betty Dekat of primitivebettys! She made her for me as a Birthday gift... has my initials stitched on her apron and a bundle of sweet annie in her arms... :-) Next is a coffee pot that says "I won't be seen until I have me caffeine"! My dh has seen me before caffeine... man o man... does he have some stories to tell!!! lol! Next is a "Home is Best" cross stitch pinkeep made by Betty Dekat. This was part of a swap we had participated in with our eBay group AAPG... and next to that is a little egg basket that was part of a giveaway from Kansas Troubles Quilters. Pinned to the back of the drying rack is a sewie roll that I stitched... it is a design called "Blue Tulip and Bunny Sewie Roll" by primitivebettys. You can purchase the pattern in her Etsy Shop if you'd like. Are you seeing a theme here? lol! Betty always designs and makes beautifully prim items and irresistible patterns! :-)

The other item I had purchased from the Cinnamon Stick was this Shutter Basket. Well... that finally made it onto the wall in my sewing room! When I purchased this, I knew I liked it very much... but wasn't quite sure of what I would use it for. Well... the answer is... to hold all the BOM's that keep arriving in my mailbox that I can't seem to keep up with?!?!?!? lol! Yep... there's a couple of the "Wisdom House" blocks as well as one of the "Snow Days" blocks... lol! I'll get to them... sure enough!

Anyways... you can see plenty of pattern and instruction books, and wool, and quilting cottons and quilt kits also in the pic. Yep... so many hobbies, so little time to do them! I think if you're reading my blog... you know exactly where I'm coming from! ;-)

Have a wonderful week! I'll be back next weekend with some stitching updates...


  1. Wonderful ideas for holding your goodies. I could use a pattern basket like that or maybe I can make a wood one, but good idea to watch for when I hit the thrifts. Would be a nice way to store them and be able to get them.


  2. Your sewing room must be a fun place to play in - Love what you did with all your goodies! Hoping we can get together and go out and play again soon! Hugs!

  3. I love your disply! :-) Thank you for sharing & telling about my Etsy shoppe too. :-)

    Happy Sunday to you!

  4. You were very clever in thinking of ways to use your goodies. Can't wait to see what you have been working on. Keep in touch-

  5. Good evening, Sharon...I know..I feel the same way..I have way to much going on..nothing finished. I had to resort to showing old picture frames on my blog last week. I just don't have a lot of time to stitch or hook. I keep hoping to win the big one and retire..LOL!! Anyway..I love looking at your project room and the way you have your books and patterns organized. .

  6. Yes! Too many projects and too little time. I'm with you on that one, girlfriend! Sure wish I could come play with you and Joanne. That would be one fun day!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Love all your little goodies and they are nicely displayed. I totally get your point about too many interests - not enough time. I haven't picked up the hook for two weeks but I am taking lots of photographs. But that's not getting my funky flower rug finished!

  8. Hey Sharon! Great drying rack...loving all the stuff you put in/on that! And, the basket is perfect!

  9. You are good! I buy stuff, and then it just sits. You are way ahead of me lol. I like what you did with the things you bought at Judy's. Looking forward to seeing what you are stitching up!

  10. What a clever idea that basket is! I just love it. I have way too many on-going and unfinished projects. I'd need several of those baskets!

  11. Too much crafting, not enough time, right?!? Glad you got such nice things at the shop!

  12. Love the drying rack and display!!!! I don't think the little basket would hold all the BOMs I am backed up on, LOL!!


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