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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wisdom House Block 4 and 4a

The days just keep whizzing right on by...

Now that we have started having warmer and sunny days, I've been outdoors in the yard more often than I have been indoors stitching. But, to each week some rain must fall and to each day, night will arrive... and that's when the needle and thread get to work...

Moving right along with this Wisdom House BOM... I really do enjoy the applique type of quilting... seems to be getting easier and a bit quicker too... the colors of this set of pics are pretty close as I just managed to catch the last bit of daylight out on the back patio...

Wisdom House Block #4
12" x 12"

I like the fabric that is the shutters... reminds me of the fruit stripe gum I used to buy when I was a kid!

Wisdom House Block #4a
12" x 18"

I've had "tomatoes on the brain" since I pulled the last one off of last year's vine... Home Depot had these Heirloom Beefsteak variety... purchased two plants... they've been planted for two weeks now... still no stinkin' tomatoes yet though... lol! ;-)

Heirloom Beefsteak

Next will be some more embroidery on the Snow Days quilt... and I'd really like to hook on a rug I have started... but, I really should get caught up on the Snow Days quilt... but, I really want to hook for a bit...


  1. Your quilt blocks are looking great! I am longing for summer tomatoes too!

  2. To many things to do and just not enough hours in the day...sigh!
    Hugs :)

  3. Patience on those tomatoes :) Your quilt blocks are looking great!

  4. Hey Sharon...if you're going to be outside and hooking on a rug and anything else that comes up instead of stitching on your Snow Days...do not...I repeat...do NOT come whining that I am so far ahead of you! ha! Seriously...we all have our distractions and who is to say that we cannot follow the winding path to our goal?

    Okay. Beefsteak tomatoes...yummy!

    Your Wisdom House blocks are looking great...your needle-turn applique is looking wonderful, girl! YAY! You're right about the fruit stripe gum (yummy) and the shutters. :)

    Have a great rest of the week!

  5. you are on your way with those quilt blocks. they look great Sharon!! Evenings are just a perfect time to sit and stitch with so much else going on during the day. Although "I" tend to fall asleep too quickly after a full day lol.
    I loved that gum when I was a kid. Had a lotion a number of years back that smelled good to me. Stopped wearing it after someone told me it smelled like that gum lol. No wonder I liked it :)
    Hmm, wonder how the beefsteak tomatoes will be during shipping them to Shippensburg... How I long for a good Jersey tomatoe!!

  6. Oh Sharon, the blocks are looking great. We brought back some plants from FL and they have small tomatoes on them. Now Bobby's worried that they will fall off before they get big enough and ripen.

  7. more lovely blocks Sharon...BOM seems to make it easier to get something done...instead of being tempted to do too much...

    oooh, I'd forgotten all about that gum!!! gave me a big smile, thanks...

  8. Your quilt block is looking great! Funny about the gum :) On the field trip the other day, one of the boys did buy a pack of that gum & shared it with all the kids. CUTE!

  9. Just can't believe you don't have maters yet! Remember a watched pot never boils! LOL

    Love your quilt squares - you are doing such a wonderful job and can't believe how much you are getting done!

  10. But but but... You're gonna talk yourself into doing nothing, lol. I like the stripes too. I love that shade of green. It's just so pretty! Just remember, nothing beats fresh tomatoes from the garden. So if you have to wait a bit, it's well worth it!!!


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