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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Radio Show, Kutztown, PA

This past Friday and Saturday was the Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club's antique radio swapmeet. It took place at Renninger's Antiques & Farmer's Market in Kutztown, PA.

Joanne met up with me and we spent the day goofing around while my dh sold radios, radios parts and vacuum tubes...

For those of you who are interested in seeing some of the radios there... here is the video that my dh put together...

Another video of what's inside the main Renninger's building will be coming soon!

And for those of you that want to see some more stitching... some pictures of that is on the way too!

Hope you all had a chance to relax today! Sunday is a day of rest!


  1. I bet spending the day with Joanne is a day of fun, fun, fun!
    Oh, did I relax today. I took a nap ~ something I rarely do. It felt so good on this cold, dreary day to be snuggled under the covers. Of course I didn't get too much hooking done :(
    Hugs :)

  2. Glad you had a good day. It's always fun to hang with a friend.

  3. WOW...some really cool radios there! I have the radio on all day long...from the time I get up in the morning until I turn on the tv in the evening. Can't wait to see your stitchery!

  4. Wow now that's a lot of radios and in so many different shapes and colors! Loved seeing you and Joanne and boy that rooster at the beginning will certainly get your attention :)

  5. Cute video Sharon. Was hoping one of you would ask Joanne to do her singing again. Would have been great on video lol :).

    I bet you two had a really good time. One of these days' I'll get out there to Reningers. Can't wait to see more pic's!

  6. Joanne stopped at the store on her way home and told me of the good time she had with you...always!!! AND of all the good veggies and fruit she purchased. I also heard all about Skeeter!!! Won't elaborate!!! XO

  7. Yes it was a fun day - thanks for my lunch and donut! Debbie

  8. Sharon, Enjoyed your video of the old radio swap meet! I have 2 old radio's, one works and the other don't. By the way...your piggy is on his way to his new home in NJ! Mailed him yesterday!



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