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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Snow Days Block 2

I'm still amazed at how time flies while stitching... I sit down, thread the needle... relax the mind while pulling this loverly Cosmos thread through the Kona cotton... and the next thing ya' know... 6 hours has vanished! Granted it was 6 BLISSFUL hours... but, geesh! I still have so much more to go on this quilt! lol!

So here's the embroidered block area of Snow Days Block 2. Clicking on the picture will enlarge it so you can see it better. Full day tomorrow, so I'm looking to stitch up the pieced blocks that go with this embroidered block during the day on Thursday...

Since my last post, some sweet surprises have arrived in the mail! In the lower left of this picture is a sweet strawberry ornament and nest with egg ornament. They are both made of wool and thoughtfully stitched by my friend Mimi! They are both being displayed on my little german twig tree that I keep out all year 'round...

The fan of Red Violet is a swatch set of wool that was hand dyed by my friend Jo! Aren't they a beautiful color? The mottling is perfection! I have a floral rug in mind that I plan to hook these values into. Hopefully time will allow during this Summer. Jo has always hooked fantastic rugs... but now she has found a passion for dying the wool for her rugs and she is inventing the best color formulas. Visit Jo's blog to see her latest color experiment!

And, I will end this post with a pic of my Spirea bush I planted when I moved here 14 years ago. It's covered in bouquets of tiny white flowers for about 2 weeks each Spring. Had to get a picture of it before the wind blew them all away... I have this picture set as wallpaper on my computer desktop...

Next update might be some pieced quilt blocks... or maybe a hooked rug... or maybe a cross stitch?

Or... maybe... a giveaway?



  1. I LOVE it! So glad you got some stitching done! I am enjoying the stitching on this as much as you...and having a great time with you as my sidekick! We rock!

  2. I love your block, it looks so nice. That will be such a beautiful quilt when you get finished. I got Jo's blue violet colors. I think they are just beautiful and she does such beautiful work.
    I can't wait to see your blocks all together. I just love that kind of hand stitching.

  3. That quilt block is very cool. What a lot of work!!!
    Love the wool and your spirea bush is gorgeous. I hope the wind didn't blow all the blooms away!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. I love that snow days quilt, such fun blocks. I found some vintage kids ones that I plan on using for a larger one. Jo sure is great at dying, I am too lazy to do swatch dyes, but they are so nice for shading.


  5. Beautiful wool...what a nice dye job! I love your quilt block, the little scenes are so fun. I just love the spring blooms!

  6. Ok Sharon, I'm looking forward to the post where you tell us how you get everything that you have planned done :). you have a lot on your list! Good for you! Your work is turning out beautiful, and can't wait to see more. Love that bush. We have an area near me where there is a row of them, sooo pretty! Time sure does fly by when you are having fun, doesn't it?

  7. I love seeing progress on Your snow days quilt. Your spirea bush is huge and what beautiful blooms it produces.

  8. Wow, your bush is huge!!! I'd bet it's grown a lot in the past fourteen years! Great gifts, I'm glad you like them. Can't wait to see your progress too!!


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