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Monday, May 16, 2011

Shopping at Renninger's

Here is the video of Joanne and I looking through the goodies in the consignment part of Renninger's Antiques. The scary picture in the beginning of the video is a picture of my hubby after his coworker ran his picture through an iPhone app called "Fat". I told him he looked like the Nutty Professor... thus, the "Nutty Radiowild" reference...

And, here is a really short clip of another good place to visit when in Kutztown, PA...

Also, a quick picture of the goodies I found while rummaging through Sharon Renninger's booth at the market. Always such prim and lovely finds there... I found two sock kitties, some lemon verbena sachets, this double tiered tin display, a ceramic flower pot with a cute bird in it and also some super grunged cheese cloth to use in some of my stitching finishes. The little kitty on the bottom of the tin display is a gift... he'll be traveling in a month or so... I just need to make a couple of items to go along with him...

So, that's it for the weekend! I have some stitching updates coming soon...

And, I've also been collecting some ideas for a giveaway!

Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, you found quite a few things to take home with you. Grats on the new acquisitions!!

  2. Sooo many things I wanted but with some of those price tags - oh my! Fun to re-visit the store!

  3. Hey, thanks for taking me antiquing. That was some shop. Some of those prices...look out! I love all of your finds. And the ice-cream...well, now I have a chocolate craving!

  4. What a neat store, lots of goodies.
    Love your sock kitty finds.


  5. What great finds! Love the galzanized container, lots of wonderful uses for that baby, good score!

  6. Looks like an awesome store, love your new goodies!

  7. That was fun!!! :) Ice cream!!!!! YUM!!! You know, I have been friends with you and Joanne for several years now online. It is WAY cool to hear your wonderful accents! :)

  8. Great videos...awesome store, fun by all!

  9. Thank you for getting me out of the house and to an antique market!!! I didn't realize how much I missed shopping for treasures.
    I think you all have a great idea! Renningers should hire you to give video tours of their booths and sell to people online! Better than Ebay!!!

  10. How fun and what a great place to visit. Awesome treasures you found. It was fun seeing you and Joanne!


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