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Thursday, April 21, 2011


FUDGE is a word that sums up my day in the quilt factory... :-)

I was determined to achieve perfection in my traditional quilt block piecing!!!! I measured five times, cut once... marked all of my seam allowances very carefully with pencil before I placed each piece under the needle of the machine... where I slowly and precisely allowed the feed dogs to grab the material through and stitch at a scant quarter inch...

I then opened each piece and used my finger nail to crisply help the seam to the dark side... then I grabbed my trusty new helper (a Clover Mini Iron... more on this later)... and permanently set each stitch and pressed each piece to flat measured perfection...

Ummmm... not really... it's more of a FUDGED prim-fection! lol!

Seriously no matter how careful I was with the measuring, cutting and sewing... my squares seemed to shrink a bit. Even get a bit wonky at times... especially the "Cut The Corners" pieced block. That's when FUDGE became an expletive...


So, when it came time to piece the blocks together to make the one big block that is the Inside Section 1 of this "Snow Days" quilt... I FUDGED some of those seam allowances down to an eighth of an inch to compensate for a few inaccuracies...

This is what was created after about 6 hours...


See the Clover Mini Iron? LOVE it! One of the biggest difficulties I had with the first "Cut The Corners" block was using my regular iron with steam... lots of FUDGE that day when I burned my finger tips and then messed up all my pressed seams one right after the other... lol! There are mixed reviews on this Clover Mini Iron. But, I can honestly say that it heated up quickly and was hot enough to press those seams and keep them there. A lot easier to control than a full sized iron... and I have yet to burn a finger tip!

Here's a quick pic of my sewing area. I don't have a big house... so my machine isn't always out and available to sew. It's generally stored in a carrying case. So, when I do bring it out, ALL sewing gets done... including sewing backing on cross stitched and punchneedle pieces...

Today, however, I have had enough with machine sewing...

I just might trace off the embroidery for Block #2...


  1. your sewing area is way too neat for all that creativity - Only you Sharon would curse in chocolate! Love it! Reminds me of my Ohio relatives when I was a kid they were constantly saying "Oh fudgecake"

    Regardless of all the fudge going on - it looks wonderful to me!

  2. Well Sharon you are getting lots of practice with points I see! Hang in there. I still don't always get mine perfect. I think you are doing a great job!

  3. Your block looks like it came together really good. I've done my share of fudging in seams. That is going to be one beautiful quilt when it is finished.

  4. You have successfully explained why I stopped quilting. Only I hand quilted...which shot the fudge factor up about 2/3 of your fudge factor! LOL. I think your efforts look pretty dog gone good...
    When I first read your post, I thought you were going to give us a nice fudge recipe! ;-)
    Keep sewing dahling!

  5. Methinks your quilting is lovely! Love the colors.
    Happy Easter.
    Pug hugs :)

  6. I'm like Courtney, I thought you made yummy sweet fudge! lol Your quilt block looks great to me. It sounds like you have a lot of patience. I probably would have quit after the 2nd "fudge".

  7. It looks fine to me, I can't even sew a straight border stitch on a flat piece, lol.


  8. lol cursing in chocolate. That was funny Joanne!
    Sharon, it looks great to me! I thought you made fudge, but after you made your piece, I hope you went and had some chocolate :) Keep going, I want to see more!

  9. Regardless of what went on in the making of it, the block looks great!!! We'll see how mine looks...ha! It does get easier and better...trust me.

  10. I love these quilt block you are doing!

    I keep telling my DDIL that the biggest part of learning to sew is being able to FUDGE it when things don't turn out right. When perfection isn't on the menu, life can still be sweet!

  11. Non matching points is why I hand piece...yours are looking good!

    Love the "If it fits it ships" photo...saw that on I Can Haz the other day and cracked up...that would be Olivia and Melrose!!!

  12. Goodness you have more patience for 'machine sewing' than I do...I have to do a bit of it but I can't wait to put it away.
    I guess if you didn't tell anyone about your 'fudging' up the squares we'd never know it! But I so understand your frustration.


  13. You're doing great! Like Joanne and Kathy, and probably everyone else, had to chuckle at the use of chocolate in cursing. Quite creatively too!

    No one knows what's inside the quilt, especially once it is quilted! Keep on sewing, you are doing great!


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