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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paranoia Is Very Time Consuming

I am so new to quilting it isn't even funny. All of the two quilts I have finished have been entirely made of simple squares. Never tried the "official" quilt blocks... until today... these are two pieced squares that are to be part of the Block 1 shipment to the Snow Days quilt.

First up was a "Cut The Corners" pieced square. As you can see... things are not exactly lining up the way they should... but it is a first try... and the overall size of the finished square measures as it should.

Next up is a "Churn Dash" pieced square. This was a bit easier as the pieces are a decent size.

Me and my sewing machine "ain't the best of friends" lol! I am sure any malfunctions are the responsibility of the operator rather than the machinery itself... ;-)

And, the final picture for this post is the completed embroidery block! Now, this is something I can get used to! It's very relaxing... and the thread... oooooh-la-la smooth to stitch with! :-)

The next update will be these pieces (plus another little one) all sewn together to complete the first official block. Wait until you see what happens with the embroidery... :-)

Click on any of the pictures to get a closer look. Any and all constructive criticism will be welcomed and appreciated. This is a HUGE learning process for me... maybe others are learning right along with me too?

Did you try something new today?


  1. I will be right along with you, I am so glad you are showing your progress and it is a great encouragement for me. I have a quilt and blocks sitting by my machine right now as my last block was to large and I have ripped it out 3 times and resown it and I know for sure it is the person who is cutting the pieces not the pattern or the sewing machines fault. I need to rip it up and start over I think but was so demoralized I just couldn't face it. So keep posting in encourages me so much.

  2. Oh, you remind me of myself with the quilting. I really never broke through and learned to match up the corners, but now that I'm seeing so many great quilters...I want to try again. I can't make my machine work right either! LOL I love all of your blocks. I simply love quilting...no matter how it turns out. They're all cozy and homey!
    Keep on stitching!!

  3. Looks to me like you're a pro at it!! Looks great, I always had trouble with the points.

  4. Well it looks to me you are doing a fabulous job on this quilt. Your embroidery work is amazing! Your going to have one beauty of a quilt when it's all done.

  5. For a first try it looks fantastic. You know it all depends if you are a perfectionist or not. I myself..not so much and figure it all makes it look just a little more prim :)

  6. You are moving right along & so much braver than I. I don't feel I could EVER make a quilt blog.

    Looks great!

  7. Did you check the measurements of 1/4" on your sewing foot? I "assumed" mine was 1/4" - NOT! I had to rip out around 50 log cabin squares on a quilt that I made. ARGH!!! I did try something new - I made a wallet - the link to the tutorial is on my blog.

    I am in the process of making one of the patterns that I won from you, when was that, 1 1/2 years ago? It's the bunny w/egg. I'll be sure to show it off when I'm done.


  8. Looks good to me :)
    Looking forward to seeing more.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Sharon, you're doing just fine. Practice makes perfect and all of that. By the time we're done with this quilt, you'll be a pro! An accurate 1/4" seam is paramount to success.

  10. I have been looking through your blog and you like to do a lot of different things. I just love the sledding block and the way the thread changes.
    Your applique house blocks are great. The shutters on the one house certainly do look like the gum. cute.
    Thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving a very kind comment.


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