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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Block ~ Wanna Win A Radio?

Another block further on the Wisdom House BOM. This is a good thing as it is getting around the time when the next block should be shipping... not only for this one... but the Front Porch one I haven't started yet... as well as the Snow Days quilt... I must learn to function on less sleep... :-)

"Wisdom House"
Designed by Jan Patek
Completed Quilt Size: 69" x 89"
Block #2 Size: 12" x 12"

Also, many thanks to "weaverpat" for the great tip on making my berries more round! I did manage to try this technique on one of the berries (the one on the far right) and I can see a big difference! Still some imperfections... but, that is my stitching... much more practice is needed on my part.

For those of you who are interested... Pat's tip was...

"To get nice round berries, trace around a coin or whatever is the size you want for your berry on a piece of cardboard (cereal box will do). Cut it out and use it to trace around on the back of your fabric. Cut around your fabric circle leaving an approx. 1/4 seam allowance outside the circle you drew. Baste around the circle in the seam allowance. Place the little cardboard circle on the wrong side of the fabric and draw up the basting thread and tie the ends together. Press the fabric circle with the cardboard inside. Carefully snip the basting thread and slip out the little cardboard circle. You should have a perfectly round fabric berry."

Another fun thing you might want to give a try at... if you would like to win one of my DH's refurbished antique radios... give this video a look-see...

Remember... you must be a subscriber to his "Radiowild" YouTube channel... you must leave a comment on his radiowild page below the video (any guesses left here will not be a valid entry)... AND you must tune in to the video that will announce the winner! That would be this Tuesday night, March 1st... sometime after dinner...

That's about it for this weekend folks! Always feels good to get some progress on a creative project accomplished... the daylight is getting longer... more song birds are in my area... and most of the pooey snow has melted!!!

Keep on smiling!


  1. Leave it to Pat! Is there ANYTHING that woman can't do??? She simply amazes me.
    Your BOM's are lookin' good.
    Hugs :)

  2. Your quilt blocks are looking great. I still haven't tried one but it is on my list. Isn't Pat a sweetheart?

  3. That Pat is a wonder woman - everything she puts her hand to is great and she's a great teacher!

    Okay - not sure if it would be easier to count Bob's radio's or your wool pile! I'm thinking both would be hard! LOL

    Love your BOM!

  4. Looks good! NOOO! on the less sleep! LOL! We need our beauty sleep!

  5. Hey Sharon...you're rockin' on your applique! A big thank you to Pat for showing you the way to do circles. Looking forward to seeing more blocks. That's always my solution...sleep less. {grin}

  6. BOM is looking wonderful Sharon! Less sleep might lead to square cherries lol.
    I wonder how close the winner will be that wins Bob's radio. What a nice giveaway! Cute video:)

  7. Your BOM is looking most wonderful! :)

  8. Your BOM is looking most wonderful! :)

    I saw a cookie jar at the thrift store the other day that made me think of you. It was shaped like an old radio... royal blue in color. I almost bought it for you!! The only reason I didn't was because I was worried about it breaking in shipping.

  9. Wonderful Blog and your creation grrrrrrrreate.
    Keepm rolling.

  10. NOw that is one awesome block....Your going to have one fabulous quilt when your done!


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