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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Cheer

Our online eBay group is having a Winter Cheer Swap. One of our members (Rebecca) created a variety of designs all with the theme of Simplify. Each person that wanted to join the swap entered their name and was emailed a partner to send to. One item needed to be one of the Simplify designs done in your choice of medium... and then we were to add anything we thought our partner would like.

Well, Joanne received my name! And I am SO HAPPY she did! She hooked me the MOST BEAUTIFUL rug!!! I tried my darndest to get the color right in the picture... but you really hafta see it in person to appreciate the soft, muted, perfectly prim spring color she chose! It's GORGEOUS! And I LOVE it! Joanne also sent the fabric heart pillow... it has a little wool heart appliqued to it! :-)

And, if that wasn't more than enough.... she also sent me some black bean chips with CHEESE dip! Me luvs CHEESE! :-) Some pumpkin pretzels.... a good size thermal cup for my coffee, some wonderful fabrics and a garden themed card with promises that Spring will (eventually) get here! :-)

Thank you so much Joanne! All of these goodies are wonderful.... but that RUG is just top notch perfection! :-) LOVE IT!

I did take pics of the handmade I sent off to my Winter Cheer partner... but, she hasn't received it yet... so, I've got to wait a couple of days before I can share a pic of it with you here... :-)

I've been involved in some redecorating in my home this past weekend too... Tisha & Skippy will be the first to know when I have everything just right! :-)

AND, I've been getting into so much trouble with Jacque!!!! More details on that to follow... yes, it's all legal...LOL! ;-)


  1. Oooh what a great package to get in the mail. The rug is beautiful and the snacks are making me hungry.

  2. Absolutely stunning! Now that's what I call winter cheer. Joanne did an awesome job on that rug. Enjoy it all!

  3. Sharon ~
    That Joanne :) Her hooking is amazing, isn't it? Love the rug!!! I can't capture the true colors of wool either. Mine always come out too bright.
    So what kind of trouble have you been getting in to???
    Pug hugs :)

  4. ohhhh...decorating? Looking forward to seeing what you've been doing.

  5. Oh Sharon - I was so happy to get you in the swap and making it for you! First I was thinking more "pastel" colors but then I just went with more prim - so happy you like it! Enjoy those chips and cheese - you can't go wrong with cheese - and those pretzels you were SUPPOSED to get in the fall! LOLLLLLLL Share some chips and cheese with Bob! Can't wait to see and hear what you are getting into with Jacque - oh boy the two of your heads together one can only guess!

  6. Wow! Love that rug! And what a great package of goodies! Enjoy it all especially that wonderful rug!
    Cathy G

  7. What a lovely surprise package! All the goodies are wondeful, but I just love the Simplify rug. Looking forward to seeing your redecorating photos, I need inspiration!


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