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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skippy's Shelf & Some Spring

A big Hello to Tisha & Skippy! Way back here was when Skippy sent me a Thank You for giving him a name... and it was just this past week that I now have his generosity properly displayed. This beautiful handmade barnwood shelf is in between two windows in my sewing room... and has some of my favorite treasures nestled inside! The bonnet, apron, star and mini twig wreath are also gifts from Skippy & Tisha. Thank you so much!!! This is such a beautiful and generous gift! And I always enjoy hearing about Inspector Skippy's adventures over here on the Loafer Mountain Primitives blog! :-)

I had quite a few ideas as to where this shelf would be displayed. Thought about repainting the room, but then decided that I like the color of the walls just fine... and instead just rinsed the walls with some borax and water and freshened things up a bit. This is where I will see this shelf the most as I am always in this room stitching on something!

Since we have about 2 ft of snow over our entire yard with snow mountains about 4 ft tall along the curb of our yard and surrounding our driveway... I thought I would bring some Spring out of storage and brighten up the inside of the house a bit... more on the way...

Time to get back to some stitching... I have so many projects in progress that my head is spinning!!!

Ain't life grand? :-)


  1. Yipee!
    Looks great and Skippy says, Thanks for the name...
    It fits perfectly, Love the way you have it displayed!
    Tisha and the Skiparoni'

  2. What a great shelf. I love your little spring touches. We need some spring - soon.

  3. I love the Adventures of Skippy! He's quite a carpenter too! That's a great shelf.
    Yes, think Spring!!! Maybe the decorating will bring it on.

  4. ohhhhh, how fun that shelf is!!! What a great gift you received! The treasures you have on it a precious.

    ummm, you do know it's only January, right? We're having winter right now...winter=snow. A tad early for spring, methinks.


  5. What a great gift from Skippy! I love the little quilt hanging from it.
    You win in the snow department and I don't mind at all.
    Hugs :)

  6. What a lovely and thoughful gift....love all your spring touches....


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