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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy,
joyous, laughter and fun-filled

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Very Fortunate

I feel very fortunate to have talented friends that take the time to send some stitches my way! VERY fortunate!!! :-)

Just this past week I received an absolutely stunning mini quilt and ornaments from Debbie of woolensails....

The embroidery on this piece is absolutely fabulous!!! I love it!!! I think I sent her half dozen emails about how excited I am that I can call this piece "Mine, mine, mine"!!! lol! Really, it truly is an amazing piece... the design, the tiny stitches, the aging of the fabrics... I'm just plum crazy over it!!! Debbie also sent along some snowman ornaments... stitched to perfection with a wonderfully soft pine scent to them... ahhhhhhh... smells like Christmas!!! :-) I still can't believe these are "Mine, mine, mine"!!! Thank you, Debbie!

I also have some finishes to show... I made these for a Secret Santa swap. Finished them at nearly the last minute... and barely remembered to take a picture before adding them and a few extras to the package and run them to the post office...

First is "Kringle's Crow" by Nan of Threadwork Primitives. It was stitched with Gentle Art threads 2 over 2 on 32ct. linen. Stuffed with wool snippets and backed with a dark red wool.

Next is "Christmas Tree" by Jenny of Country Rustic Primitives. This was stitched with DMC threads 1 over 2 on 32ct. linen. Also stuffed with wool snippets and backed with same dark red wool and then I added a tiny rusty jingle bell on a rusty safety pin.

And... just to keep the red theme going... I stitched up a little woolen Christmas bird...

A lot of stitches both to and from this week! :-)

I'm a very lucky (and happy) gal!

We did pick out our Christmas Tree last Sunday... spent yesterday decorating the tree and adding a little bit of Christmas here and there throughout the house... I hope I can get some good pictures to share with you during the next couple of days!

Until next time... Stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Many More Thank You's!

I've been a lucky gal these past two weeks! The mailman has been bringing packages that are full of fun instead of just silly ol' bills and catalogs! :-)

Our eBay group hosts a few exchanges over the year... this time it was a "Secret Santa". One of the details of this exchange is that we don't know who will be sending to us... well... boy was I happy that PatiJane was chosen to send my way!

PatiJane knows I LOVE snowmen... so she created a few real great ones for me to display throughout the season! :-) The guy that is front and center is a little over a foot tall! He's made of wool and is holding a sparkly wreath and some candy canes... His tag is a cross stitched santa moon! PatiJane also stitched the bestest pillows with trees, snowmen and "Peace"... they are all simply beautiful! Love the little wool bird... his wings are made of "Silent Night" sheet music! The white tart is actually a heavenly "Sage & Lemongrass" scented soap that was hand made by Patty Cake Originals. Also included in the generous package of treasures was some chocolate (been devoured already!), a prim tea light in a metal holder, a mini wool feather tree, a list pad, some red sparkly garland and a handmade Christmas card... everything... and I do mean "every stinkin' stitch" is PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much PatiJane!!!!

And, as if that wasn't enough... I was also the lucky winner of a Little Drummer Boy hooked rug that was a giveaway on the blog of Ginger from primitivesbythelightofthemoon. Can you say WOW!!!! I tried my best to capture the soft prim colors that Ginger hooked into the rug... but, my picture seems to be a little on the bright side. Trust me when I say the colors are the softest of prims and adds to the peaceful spirit of the season! The size of this Little Drummer Boy is about 12" x 20"... he is proudly displayed in my living room for this Christmas and many Christmases to follow! The tag, envelope and card are also hand drawn by Ginger! She really is a talented gal! Thank you so much Ginger!!!! I will treasure this guy for a long time! :-)

And, one more good package came my way this week! This was from Kathy of rugsofmineintime! Kathy was generous enough to send along some of that "sparkly wool" that I've been dreaming about... I had seen it on her blog when she was writing about one of the hook-ins at Grant Street Woolworks! Linda (owner of Grant Street Woolworks) hand dyed some pieces and mine is a beautiful Christmas green! I can't wait to hook this into a rug! Kathy also sent along a rolled wool pinkeep and a beautiful needleminder with a Hibiscus on it! Gorgeous! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and generous Kathy! I love it all!

Now... receiving gifts sure is a lot of fun... but I've been working on some items for GIVING too! A couple of items started their travels this afternoon... and as they arrive to their recipients... I will share some pics here... just know one thing... I am so slow with my stitches... I intend to have stuff there by Christmas... but, at the rate I'm going... my next gift creation should be an Easter bunny! lol! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Primitive Place Magazines

We had a glorious Thanksgiving and have been enjoying 4 continuous days away from work and responsibilities! Can you say BLISS? :-)

A good amount of my time has been spent catching up on the homefront. You know, the bigger tasks that usually get put to the side during the 5 days on / 2 days off schedule. Washing windows, curtains, cabinets and floors... actually moving the furniture and breaking up those dust bunny parties... lol! And, lots of organizing! During this process I have also found some items that may interest you... some are listed on eBay right now... and I will continue to list for the next day or so, so check back often...

(Auction Pictures Removed 12-10-11)

Some crafting and stitching has been enjoyed over the last 4 days too! Some are gifts and can't be shown just yet... and some aren't quite finished... I'll share with you what I can in my next post...

Until next time... Stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a proven fact...

Day after day...

Same thoughts
Same actions
Same Result


If you're not happy with the same results...

Try something


Yep... me and Mr. B have plans to have the best Thanksgiving ever!

And... it has nothing to do with that outfit pictured above! lol!

We wish you and your family all the health, happiness and delicious memories that life has to offer!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kringle Frost


You can keep the real stuff! I'm looking for glitter snow... I think Kringle Frost here needs a little sparkle! :-)

*** Kringle Frost ***
~Keeper of the Forest~
Original Pattern & Design by The Cheswick Company

This was my first attempt at a dimensional pattern. I had visited the website of The Cheswick Company and fell head over heels over this little guy! Snowmen are a favorite of mine. Anyways... they offered just the pattern, or a kit. I went for the kit as the pattern called for wool felt (which I don't have any of)... and a few accent pieces that would take some time for me to find around here. One would be the tree branch. The one that came with the kit is of high quality and looks pretty darn real! The other item would be the lantern. Anyways, these little details are what really finished the piece off nicely... methinks. Oh... and from his steel shot weighted bottom to the tip of his top hat measures about 14" tall! So, he's sure to be seen all throughout this winter season!

I'm putting away all the pumpkins for another year... feeling the urge to get decorating for Christmas!!! I'm seeing evergreens, shiny ornaments, candy canes, santas, reindeer... and more snowmen!!!

Until next time... Stay healthy and keep on smiling!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Redbud Cottage and Snow Days Block 5

These are my two stitching updates since I don't know when... I thoroughly enjoy the process of stitching and hooking... it just seems some things should go a little faster? ;-)

This cross stitch pillow is called Redbud Cottage. It's a Stacy Nash design that is offered through the Girls Club at Country Sampler Quilt Shop in Spring Green, WI. It is backed with a homespun that is mostly browns with some red here and there. I stuffed this pillow with wool snippets. It's a solid, heavy pillow.

The one thing I added to this project was sewing in a piece of muslin directly behind the stitching. I did this because the linen was light and most of my wool snippets are dark. The muslin kept the linen bright so that the integrity of the stitches stayed clear.

My other finish is another embroidered block from the Snow Days quilt that Jacque and I are working on together. This is Block 5 for me! It's a biggy! In fact, I could almost classify it as two of the regular blocks. I think some of the next ones are smaller...

That's pretty much it for now. We survived the snow last Saturday, maintained power throughout the storm, raked some wet leaves today and now I'm looking forward to a wonderful, sunny, cooler weekend... that is full of wool, cotton, needle and thread! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Thank You's and Some Shopping

It's been a lovely two weeks here! First to arrive in my mailbox was a beautiful hooked rug that Pat was offering as a giveaway on her blog Hook, Hand and Heart. The star runner is skillfully hooked in the most prim shades of gorgeous wool... a generous gift that I will treasure for a long time! You should visit Pat's blog... not only does she have many talents (such as knitting, weaving and hooking)... but she has the cutest kitties and also knows where the best local restaurants are!

Thanks so much Pat!!!!

The next surprise to arrive in my mailbox was from Merrie! Merrie is another sweet gal with plenty of talents! She hooks, she knits, she needle punches and she is a fellow coffee fanatic! :-) She is also a member of the group AAPG that I belong to on eBay. Anyways.... Merrie was generous and thoughtful enough to knit me a pair of woolen socks so that my toes could be toasty during the winter months ahead! I could not believe my eyes when I opened the package! Not only are the colors and stitches perfect.... but, I know full well how much time goes into making these! Last year, Merrie had sent me a pattern and some yarn as I was really wanting to learn to knit socks... but, try as I might, I could not learn knitting to save myself... lol!

Thanks so much Merrie!!!

And, I also did some shopping on some prim pals blogs!!! I started with Lauren over at Rugs and Pugs... She was making these awesome necklaces from antique spoons that are stamped with "Rug Hooker" and "Wool". I had to have two as I could not make up my mind which one I liked better.... the little sheep charm is just the right added touch to these! Well made too!

Then I hopped over to Tammy's blog at Rock River Stitches! Tammy always creates the most beautiful hand made treasures and also offers patterns of her creations. Well... it started during the Summer when she offered the little piggy... and then most recently I was lucky enough to purchase a Mr. Jingles the snowman! They are both superbly handcrafted and I love them both! Tammy has two more snowmen offered right now on eBay. Mr. Jingles and Mr. Jangles... and they both are sparkling with the first snowfall of the season! Click here to visit the auctions.

I did manage to get some stitching done too! The Stacy Nash pinkeep is complete and I have another block of the Snow Days embroidery just about finished... pictures of those soon to follow in the next post!

We had an early snowstorm yesterday... has me totally confused as it rarely snows before Christmas here, never mind having it snow two days before Halloween? So, I don't know what I should do? Hand out candy? Dress up as Santa? Shoot me a Turkey?

Oh my...

Tomorrow is October 31st.... I am wishing you all more TREATS than TRICKS!

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smiles Across the Miles and Some Rugs

Friday was a wonderful day! I had taken a vacation day so that I could attend a meeting of the Hunterdon County Rug Artisan's Guild.

Well... the day started with a visit from the mailman! He brought me a surprise package from Jacque! Inside the package was a beautiful quilted tote and zippered purse that she made for me from the Iced Mocha fabric collection...

LOVE it! I especially like the way one side has the squares and the other is stripes. I've already sent her many, many thanks... but, one more couldn't hurt...



Then, it was off to Flemington, NJ to attend the meeting. Lots of topics were discussed as this was actually two meetings in one as hurricane Irene had caused last month's to be cancelled. I'll save the details and just show you the rugs that were there for show and tell... Some were finished and some were in progress. Each person explained a little about their rug and then the rug was placed in the center of the meeting area so all could see. So many talents and different styles of hooking...

I hope you enjoyed these pictures... and hopefully you now have some inspiration to get hooking on one of your own rugs!

I would like take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to leave comments here... I really do enjoy reading them all! I also want to thank those that have emailed me their comments because blogger was giving them some technical troubles... and also, a big HELLO to those (recent and from the beginning) who have decided to follow my blog. I hope you continue to read and enjoy the adventures and creations I write about here...


Until next time...

Stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Just Could Not Help Myself

Saturday and Sunday were two of most picturesque autumn days I could imagine. The sun was shining... there was a soft warm 70 degree breeze during the day that cooled to a cozy 45 degree breeze during the night... the leaves are starting to turn... the sky was a brilliant blue with big, white puffy clouds... so, how could I in my right mind sit in a chair and stitch all day? lol!

I could not help myself... Saturday I opened the windows and did my indoor seasonal cleaning (well... most of it)... haven't gotten to the windows and curtains yet... Sunday I did my regular bakery and grocery store run... followed by some yard work (trimming the hedges in the front yard)... followed by washing and drying my car and my hubby's SUV... then we had a nice Sunday dinner and now I am relaxing...

This is my favorite time of year... the time when I am most comfortable and have the most energy to do just about anything.

I will sleep like a brick tonight... I am sure of it!

But, since I did promise a stitching update to you... I will share the progress on the piece that was hoping to have finished by today. It's a Stacy Nash Girl's Club cross stitch that is offered through the Country Sampler Quilt Shop. The club ships four kits a year. The kits have the pattern, linen backing, threads, and the fabric to finish the stitched piece into a pinkeep. This was the first kit I had received... I think it's supposed to be the Summer one... It's called "Rosebud Cottage"

It's stitch over 2 threads on 32 count Platinum Linen. I'm nearly finished with the stitching... just need to put in the lettering on the bottom of the design and assemble into the pinkeep. And yes... I do have the Autumn kit already... you think I might get that done before Christmas? lol!

Seriously though... with how fast this year zoomed by... and how quickly winter is approaching... you can bet your last nickel I'll be outside wandering around somewhere during these gorgeous, colorful, energy filled days of autumn, every stinkin' chance I get! :-)

Here is a picture of the hubby and I tailgating during the Kutztown, PA Antique Radio Show and Sale...

Do we look like we just celebrated our 12 year Wedding Anniversary last Sunday? Well... we did! Had a fun time at the Sands Casino and a delicious meal at the Carnegie Deli... good stuff! :-)

You can bet that next weekend will include a whole lot of relaxing...

Until then...

Stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Getting Ready for the Weekend!

I'm so happy I could sing!!!
The weekend is finally a few short hours away....
to sing along with me

You won't be sorry... promise! :-)

I'll be back Sunday with stitching updates!

Stay healthy and keep smiling!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Videos from Kutztown Radio Show

For the folks who enjoy a visit to the show via videos... here are two short ones from my Mr. "Radiowild"! Enjoy!

Next post will have some stitching updates!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kutztown, PA

Yes, it's that time of year again... time for the Antique Radio Show at Renninger's in Kutztown, PA. Bob and I had a S*U*P*E*R*B 2 days at the show! He sold, he bought... I shopped... and I shopped some more... lol! :-)

Simply put... I could not resist the treasures that were to be had at Sharon Renninger's booth that is located inside the main building...

A Jack O' Lantern, a handmade fabric pumpkin, a towel embroidered with Jack O' Lanterns, some autumn colored boxwood branches, and some brown & cream coverlet remnants... were some items that I could not leave behind. In fact... I had admired the white JOL last year... but last year's was triple the size of this one... this one is "just right"... ;-)

Next was leaving through the side entrance of the building...

Little did I know I was nearly gobbled up by an angry Jack! lol! Beautiful mums and gorgeous gourds and pumpkins for sale there!

Next, I wandered over to the outdoor flea market area. They have this every Saturday at Renninger's... not just this time with the radio show. Usually the vendors have the same old fare... but, this visit was different. I had found two original, screen printed on jute rug hooking patterns... still sealed in it's original packaging. It was neat to see the graphics on the insert as well as the original price of $1.99... but, I did not buy them as the designs were not my style...

I also found a few treasures that needed to come home with me...
I always look for unique glass items... This glass vase is a light yellow that fades into a light green base. Really pretty! It does need to be cleaned up a bit... but there aren't any chips or scratches in it. I thought the enamel container was nice... I'm used to seeing white with red or white with black... this one is cream with green...

And last is the glass bottle. I do collect glass bottles... but only very unique pieces. You can't see it too well in the picture, but just below the indent on the neck is a glass marble. This is a free moving marble that is actually part of the bottling process. The vendor explained to me that these bottles were filled upside down... and when the glass marble pressed against the rubber ring inside the neck, the bottle was sealed. To drink it's contents... you pushed the marble down and it would fall into a groove that is under the indent... which would allow the liquid to flow freely from the bottle. Difficult for me to describe without pointing at and moving the bottle... but, hopefully you get an idea of it's mechanics...

And lastly, is Bob's massive radio acquisition! lol! He had been looking for one of these for awhile and finally found one nice enough to part with the money for! It's a 1938 Zenith Shutter Dial Console Radio! Aint' it gorgeous?

The overall condition of the wood on this is about as perfect as a 70 plus year old radio can be... the dial is fabulous with no real flaws... see the green light? That's the tuning eye... the band on it narrows as the station tunes in clearly... the grill cloth is the original... and the chassis (where all the electronics and tubes are) is super clean. And yes, it does play! We've been listening to it most of the day today... I'm glad Bob bought it home... because I like it too! :-)

So, an A*W*E*S*O*M*E start to the Autumn season! And, to top it all off, a cool front came through our area late Thursday afternoon... so we have been having sunshine and mid to upper 60's during the day and down into the low 50's during the night.... ahhhhh... sweet perfection!

Cooler temps are making me want to bring out the wool and get hooking! As soon as I finish up this cross stitch I've been working on... I'm going to start a hooked rug! Probably some pumpkins... a gal can never have too many pumpkins!

Stay healthy and keep on smiling!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello September

Christmas in August was very uneventful. When the month began, I started out with high hopes... because I was starting the month with a week's vacation... and during that week I managed a really cute snowman punchneedle... but, still haven't finished the back and edges yet.

I went to start another Christmas project... but got side tracked with a Stacy Nash Girl's Club cross stitch... I'm half way finished stitching that one... I'll have pics next post...

We had a visit from Hurricane Irene... Irene brought buckets of rain and some good gusts of wind... some trees came down and pulled power lines down with them... our home went 40 hours without electricity... the town and building where I worked went 4 days without electricity... many areas suffered severe flooding... but, thankfully, no one I know was hurt in the storm... and no one I know lost any belongings or suffered damage to their homes... good bye Irene...

My hubby's Birthday was in August! Yep... the day after Irene's visit. So, we celebrated with eclairs and ice water... by candlelight...

Right now I have a severe craving for Autumn... and all that comes with it! The brilliant colored leaves... a sliver of frost in the mornings, bright full moons in the evenings, apple pie, pumpkins and cornstalks decorating the porch... and some wool. Yes... I hope to be getting back to hooking some rugs...

This is a rug I hooked several years ago. It's a design by Dierdre Wilson.

Hello September... I am ready to cool down and relax!

Until next time...

Stay healthy and keep smiling!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Sunday!

This was back to work week for me and boy oh boy did it wear me out. Managed some overtime too, so didn't have much time or enthusiasm during the week to get any stitching done.

So I made sure to make some stitching time yesterday! Made great progress on one of the "Christmas In August" items!!! The punching was finished last night... was planning on putting the backing and finishing touches to it today, but got a little side tracked...

It's a Country Stitches pattern that was gifted to me by my friend Pam (no blog) a little more than a year ago. So, I think it's high time I get it stitched! ... I'll give all the details on the pattern in my next post when it is completely "finished". :-)

If anyone has an AC Moore near them... RUN, don't walk there and stock up on DMC floss! They have it on sale this week for 5/$1.00. That's nearly half price! I spent some time picking out some prim colors...

and kept the girl at the register busy for awhile too! :-) Do you know they have to ring them up by color? And, did you also know there were only TWO registers open while I was there? Yep... not a good "friend making day" today... lol! That's OK... I bought enough to last me at least a year... they might forget who I am by then? ;-)

We are also getting a good, soaking, much needed rain today! Local brooks, rivers and the canal are at or near flood level. I can hear the flowers, trees and grass drinking this stuff up though! Should help to make for a beautiful Autumn display of colors this year!!!

With the days getting somewhat cooler and the daylight getting less and less... and the crickets singing in the night... I've had pumpkins on the brain for at least a week now... :-)

Have a great week everyone!

Stay healthy and keep smiling!

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