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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Radio Rabbits & A Winner!!!

Happy Saturday to everyone! It's sunny but cool here in Central Jersey. With Easter being next weekend... I decided to finally finish some bunnies I've been working on...

Here's a close-up of one...

Silly, right? These all started because my dear hubby is an Antique Radio enthusiast. He buys the radios that need help... refurbishes the exterior and also fixes the technicals inside the radio to make them play. One of the parts we have an abundance of is TUBES! Boxes of them! And, when he buys large amounts of tubes from estates, sometimes some TV tubes are mixed in with the radio tubes... and rather than throw them away, I am "repurposing" them in a whimsical fashion! LOL!

I came about this idea last year, when I wanted to send a little funny handmade gift to Kathy. We have rug hooking and primitive crafts in common... but both Kathy and myself are married to Ham Radio Guys! So, the Radio Rabbit was created as a silly kinda Easter gift! Simple wool pieces all blanket stitched with pearl cotton... attached to a genuine antique TV vacuum tube... This year, my hubby asked me to make a couple more for his friends and also for him to sell when he vends at local radio swap meets. I even added a couple to my Etsy shop. They are just so silly to look at! :-)

And now, I remember that I promised to announce a winner to the pattern giveaway on the day of my next posting of a finish! Using the old fashioned method of writing entries on small pieces paper and giving them a good mix up... the winner that was selected was...

Ann of 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets

Please email me your mailing address Ann, and I'll get these patterns out to you as soon as I can! Enjoy them!

Thank you to everyone that entered the drawing! Look for more pattern giveaways in the near future... remember, as I finish the pattern, I will give the pattern away for someone else to enjoy!

Sunshine smiles to ya'!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pattern Giveaway!

I've been spending a lot of time organizing and decluttering. Doing a pretty good job of it too! One idea I had that can also help a fellow stitcher is to give away a pattern after I finish it! So,today we are starting with a group of patterns so my stash can be up to date!

Just by leaving a comment on this post, you are entering to win...

Patches n' Posies Wall Hanging
Penny Rug or Hooked Rug Pattern
by Kindred Spirits

Scrappy Penny Rug
Penny Rug Pattern
by Little Thistle Designs

Americana Button Collection
Penny Rug Pattern
by Sew Fabulous Designs

Bunny Tails
Cross Stitch Dimensional Bunny Pattern
by Country Stitches

Wooly Easter Eggs
Wool Applique Pattern
by Country Stitches

It's A Hoot
Cross Stitch Dimensional Owl Pattern
by Country Stitches

The winner will be announced on the day I post my next finish! Guidelines to this giveaway are that you must check back to see if you have won (within 7 days of winner being announced). And, this giveaway is open to US residents only, please.

Thanks much and good luck!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Glass Insulators

You find them all over in antique shops, flea markets and maybe along the rail road tracks during your afternoon walk. But... what to do with them? I used to just place them on my window sill and enjoy the way the sunlight shines off of them ( I love glass!)

Well, one day I turned one upside down... and you know what fit in there? A votive candle! So, I pulled out the rusted wire, Swarovski crystals and metal jewelry findings and this is what happened...

A hanging glass votive candle holder! Fun, huh? I had received some inspiration from a Better Homes and Gardens e-mailed crafting newsletter, but I haven't been able to relocate that info... Try one yourself, or visit my Etsy shop as I have this one for sale.

I also accomplished another finish... It's my first try at making a dimensional stuffed animal. It's a bunny holding an Easter Egg. Does it look like a bunny to you? The picture that came with the pattern sure does look a whole lot better! :-) But, at least I tried it, right?

Bunny Tails
a pattern by from Country Stitches

There is supposed to be some homespun tied around his neck... and maybe some sweet annie or lavender tucked in his arm with his egg... I just haven't added those finishing touches yet...

So that's about it this week! The weather here in Central NJ has been looking up! Sunshine and warm breezes and some perennials poking their heads up in the garden!!! Gotta LOVE it! 

I'm starting to feel human again! LOL!

Sunshine hugs to all!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pin cushion

While wandering around Michael's craft store last December... I spied these cute little tin gardening tools. They had watering cans, pitchers and tubs. I thought they were the right size to make some ornaments for the tree... but, then we never got around to putting up a full sized tree for Christmas. 

Now, with Spring right around the corner. And gardening and flowers constantly in my thoughts... can't forget about stitching either... this morning's project was to make pin cushions out of these little gardening tools. Added some paper flowers I made, just to make it all the more Spring! I have a few more I made up, and hope to get them in my Etsy shop in the next day or two.

I did create another little something... needs a little bit of tweaking though... perhaps the next day or so might bring the ideas I need for the finishing touches...

Sunshine smiles to ya'! :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sometimes it's that little bit of something that just makes you say "I'm going to do it NOW!" And then... it happens!

It was exactly this month, about two years ago, that I learned how to make "feather trees" from wool. Our local rug hooking guild (Hunterdon County Rug Artisans Guild) was featuring a tutorial of the how to's, and Joanne was our teacher! What a fun class it was, as each person made a tree with different colored wools... and by the end of the class, there was a forest  of wooly feather trees! I got so excited about how easy and fun it was to make these trees, that when I got home, I promised Joanne that I would make one for each season... and then some! Well, she keeps poking me that I should have a National Forest constructed by now! LOL! However, I only made two so far. And, both were for Christmas.

So, last week, an incentive arrived in the mail! It was from Joanne... a box of Easter Egg feather tree ornaments! Yippeeee! They were so cute, I just HAD to get going on an Easter feather tree!!!! And so... I did! 

It's about a foot tall. The wool is one of the new wools from Heaven's to Betsy. The base is a wooden bucket (from AC Moore) that has been painted a milk paint blue. Don't you think those little eggie ornaments are the perfect finishing touch to this tree?

What a happy addition to our Easter dinner table... :-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rug Binding & Finishes

I spent some time yesterday and today binding the edges of two rugs. Thought I'd share with you a "little helper" I discovered just today that makes whipping the edges of your rugs a bit more relaxing...

It's something as small as a quilter's safety pin! These safety pins have a slight arch in them, so it is easier to pin together many layers of fabric or firm fabrics. When I whip the edges of a rug, I stay stitch (or serge) about 1-1/2" around the rug. Cut away the excess backing. And then, roll the backing over a cotton cording. I then take wool rug yarn and whip over the cording. I like this finish the best as I feel it gives a good durable edge to the rug, especially if it will be used on the floor and walked on. At times, I had difficulty keeping the rolled backing straight over the cording... the cording would roll to the edge of the backing... the backing would bunch up and make a lump in the edge... stuff like that. So, today I took out a trusty quilter's safety pin and just pinned the backing around the cording about 6" from where I was whipping. The loops then "held" the linen edge within that 6" length. It was like having an extra hand to hold everything together while I whipped down that length...

This technique became all the more appreciated when it came time to whip around a corner...

Whew! Turned that corner with relatively little fiddlin' and cussin'! LOL!

Anyways, the rug in the pictures is the Midnight Silhouette. The rug has been blocked and the edges have been bound. 

Adapted from "Midnight Silhouette"
A quilt pattern by Blackbird Designs

Another finish is this Scrappy Hit-n-Miss rug. I took a scrap piece of linen backing and drew a little doodle on it. The color planning was limited to using only the wool that was already cut into strips (leftovers from previous rugs). The finished size is approximately 28" x 13". 

That's about it for today's finishes... more to come in the next day or so...

Thank you for visiting! Warm sunshine and clear sky wishes to everyone! :-)

Monday, March 1, 2010

A couple of finishes...

Those two days that are the weekend seem like a lot of time when those days are ahead of you. Now that it is Monday, I wonder where those two short days went? :-)

Most of Saturday was spent in Bethlehem, PA. That Sands casino they built there sure is a fun place for us! The dh and I went for the day to get away and forget about the snow! He was winning some good dollars... then he'd share them with me... and I would lose those dollars for him! That's team work at its finest, right? LOL! ;-) In the Sands are quite a few awesome places to have a meal... we dined at the Carnegie Deli this time. Pastrami reuben with a potato pancake! Oh heaven!

Sunday we enjoyed some company at our home for a couple of hours. The dh had the opportunity to discuss radios with his friend. And, I enjoyed some crafting talk with his wife. Cross stitch, knitting, embroidery... and she wants to learn rug hooking! *smile* Sure, I'll help another person acquire an addiction to wool! *wink* 

I did manage to get a couple of projects finished and thought I'd share the pics this evening. The first is the Olde Pewter Letters pattern from Primitive Betty's. I finally mustered up the courage to cut around my finished stitching and sew the strips of material to it to make a pillow! That's what takes me so long to finish items into something... FEAR of cutting wrong and ruining what took me about a month to stitch... but, this one managed to take the form of a pillow without any major mishaps... so, here's the front...

And here's the back...

Finished size is approximately 8 inches square. Thought I'd add some decorative prim hand stitching on the back to mimic all those cross stitches in the front sampler area. And, you can't have something totally finished unless it has a button, right? LOL!

These fabric covered boxes were a first try for me. A little on the bumpy side... but with some practice, I just might get a little better... I moved them to the dining room table to get a picture. But, I have them displayed on top of a hutch... they look good there as they are a distance away from the eyes, and slightly in the dark! LOL! 

That's about it for today! I do have a couple of other projects that I will be finishing tomorrow. So, check back for more!

Have a great evening!
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