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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I must have been naughty...

Really naughty...

Why else would Santa leave our town with a Blizzard Warning?

That's right... 12"-18" of the white stuff is due to blanket our area by Monday at noon time. Can't remember the last time we had this much snow before the New Year. Better button up... because I think it's going to be a looooooong winter. Bah-humbug! ;-)

With all kidding aside... I really did have a wonderful Christmas! I took a different route this year. I did minimal decorations. I did not put up a tree. I did not sit in traffic to push through a parking lot filled with angry people to buy things that will soon be broken or forgotten. I did not bake 20lbs of butter cookies to plump out my already big butt.

This Christmas... I simply took a deep breath... exhaled... and enjoyed the peace of the season. Add to that... a couple of meals with friends and family... lots of Christmas music... and some quiet time to reflect on how thankful I truly am for everyone I share my life with and the good health we all have...

If some chocolate managed to get mixed in with that? Well... then I guess I am thankful for the chocolate too!

May the Magic & Peace of Christmas stay with you and yours throughout the year!


  1. Sharon,
    Exactly like I did here! Simple and having enough time to savor the tastes, sounds and sights! Lots of chocolate.....it doesn't get any better!

    Somehow I missed that darling video of the goats! Glad I checked your older posts! We all should have a baby goat or two running around! :-) Thanks for sharing that!
    Cathy G

  2. Sounds like you had a delightful Christmas!
    All the fuss and bother just takes the joy out of it. If you can avoid the hassles, Christmas can be sooo nice!
    Now for the snow! You are welcome to send *some* if it our way. Not all, but some! I am getting disappointed in the weather reports that keep predicting and nothing happens. We haven't even had an inch of the white stuff yet.
    I love snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate, a rug to work on and snow falling outside!

  3. Geez...I was a "good girl" a really good girl so how come you are sending that white stuff my way??? I have sooooooo much to do...you know - with the Make-Do room - how am I ever going to be ready to open on Wednesday if I can't get to the store??? Hmmmmmmm -
    Your Christmas sounded just perfect Sharon ! Happy New Year and hope that "magic" and "peace" continues thru-out the year! XO

  4. Your Christmas sounds great - all the important stuff with family and friends and none of the craziness.
    I hope the blizzard weakens before it hits you. Not only for you but because it is headed for us when it leaves you. But just to be safe, dig out the candles and flashlights.

  5. Bah humbug with the snow is right - we are blanketed and everything is white and gray skies! Pat can have it! They keep changing the weather report - was originally 10-13 inches - not sure now! Sounds like you had a nice Christmas! Do tell - what did Bob get you this year? Wasn't it the frame last year?

  6. Stay safe & warm in that horrible blizzard! I've heard news reports & it sounds frightful.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you my friend. :)

  7. Sharon ~
    Christmas day has passed by and we had minimum snow, so you can keep it all to yourself! Give me 80 degrees and sunshine.
    You sure had the right idea about the holidays. I just am not that smart. Maybe next year....sigh.
    Hugs :)

  8. It is just starting to snow here all my travels are done so it is ok. we are to get 10-12 inches with wind so probably will lose the power. So the plan for tonight is keep the wood stove going.

  9. ohmy, that is a lot of snow! A simple Christmas...what many yearn for...glad you had what you wanted for this holiday.

  10. I love to grant wishes, and if Pat wants the snow, she can have it. Just leave it in Newburg and not let it come to Shippensburg lol. Not a flake on the ground here and the sun is shining. I am thrilled. I'll just admire it on the blogs. I sure hope everyone is safe in it though. Stay home, stay safe and stay warm... Snuggle up with your stitching Sharon!!

  11. sounds like a perfect Christmas to me. I cut way back this year too and it made my life much more enjoyable. It is all about family and friends, isn't it.


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