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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dig Dug

That's what I did today... I got out the snow thrower and cleared the driveway and sidewalks from 18"-22" of snow. I usually like using the snow thrower.... but not this time. 35-50 mph winds made for a "what snow you throw comes right back at your face" kinda morning. :-) I was a frozen, wet, snow covered popsicle when I was done.

Good thing there is a Texas Weiner serving chili dogs and hot chocolate just blocks from my house.

Mmmmmm... Thanks Bob!


  1. It can be a pain, but a good excuse to stay inside and work on a project;)


  2. I hope your back warmed up in the house. What a lot of snow. A chili dog sounds sooo good and so does the hot chocolate. Hope your staying safe and warm and getting some stitching done!

  3. Oh you must have been one tall popsicle! I know just what you mean - I had to stand there when the wind kicked up and just wait - those little snow kernals stung! Sorry you got so much snow (Na na na na more than us!) My area I would clean would blow shut faster than I could open it again!

  4. Waaaah! I like snow, but that's excessive!!!
    And that wind is nasty!
    Hope your outdoor chores are finished and you can relax in the warm and enjoy some crafting.

  5. Snow has pretty much passed up by this year and that's okay with me. It's beautiful if you are able to stay inside, toasty warm.
    Hugs :)

  6. Bob is a good guy :)... tell him thanks from all of us.. but wait, where's mine???

  7. I shovelled a little and got soaked too. But nobody made me a chili dog! Now I am craving one. lol

  8. That is a heck of a lot of snow! I hope you have been able to warm up!!

  9. Lucky for us we only got about 6 inches and a bit less than that at the store....BUT the wind is making snowdrifts that are 3 feet tall and the spot next to them is bare....Go figure. I did my share of "digging" today - no snow blower at the store so it is being done by hand....I am already done with the snow and the cold, nasty wind!

  10. oh I have been looking outside all day waiting for it to stop. we got about 12-14 inches so now the removal begins. and I too want a chili dog. I do not need a chili dog.


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