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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dig Dug

That's what I did today... I got out the snow thrower and cleared the driveway and sidewalks from 18"-22" of snow. I usually like using the snow thrower.... but not this time. 35-50 mph winds made for a "what snow you throw comes right back at your face" kinda morning. :-) I was a frozen, wet, snow covered popsicle when I was done.

Good thing there is a Texas Weiner serving chili dogs and hot chocolate just blocks from my house.

Mmmmmm... Thanks Bob!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I must have been naughty...

Really naughty...

Why else would Santa leave our town with a Blizzard Warning?

That's right... 12"-18" of the white stuff is due to blanket our area by Monday at noon time. Can't remember the last time we had this much snow before the New Year. Better button up... because I think it's going to be a looooooong winter. Bah-humbug! ;-)

With all kidding aside... I really did have a wonderful Christmas! I took a different route this year. I did minimal decorations. I did not put up a tree. I did not sit in traffic to push through a parking lot filled with angry people to buy things that will soon be broken or forgotten. I did not bake 20lbs of butter cookies to plump out my already big butt.

This Christmas... I simply took a deep breath... exhaled... and enjoyed the peace of the season. Add to that... a couple of meals with friends and family... lots of Christmas music... and some quiet time to reflect on how thankful I truly am for everyone I share my life with and the good health we all have...

If some chocolate managed to get mixed in with that? Well... then I guess I am thankful for the chocolate too!

May the Magic & Peace of Christmas stay with you and yours throughout the year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Final Chapter

Yes. I've been working on this rug for such a long time now... it almost feels like a very long (and wordy) novel! But, rest assured.... with the binding completed just last night, this post will hopefully answer all the questions that have been asked during the progress posts.

The rug was designed by:
Susan Feller
of Ruckman Mill Farm in West Virginia
Her inspiration was a
"Circa 1812 Bookplate"
The final size is 28" x 54"

I purchased this pattern (on linen) at the 2009 Brandywine hook-in. I did check Susan's website and can not find the pattern... but she may be able to draw one out for you if you give her a call.

I did have a couple of people ask how I went about my color planning on this rug... I can give you a "sort of explanation".... but I can't guarantee that it will make a whole lot of sense.

This pattern had never been hooked before, so I did not have any influence on what should be what color. In one way this was good... and in another way it was kind of frustrating (at times)... but overall... this rug was a lot of willy-nilly fun!

First was the leaves. Leaves grow in so many different colors and change throughout the year... therefore, my thought was that I had creative license to pick just about any color. And so, I did. Most of the colors are just soft primitives that blend in with the neutral decor of my home. Every once in awhile there is an "off-color" leaf.... but it simply is a leaf that was hooked with one of the background colors. Just to kind of bring things together... there really are many leaves in this rug. Which, is another reason why I did not choose to do all the leaves the same color. Monotony... blech! Do you see an occassional light blue leaf? Fun... something different... a whispered poison...

The flowers? Well... I rarely (if never) use pink in my rugs. So, I did. I picked a pink that was kind of muted. Actually, it's a Heaven's to Betsy wool. I had some in my stash, was gifted a few pieces more and thought this a great place to use some... the wool takes on a similar appearance to a paisley wool after it has been hooked. The orange flowers? Well... I just like muted and spiced oranges... it's different yet similar to the pink... Am I making any sense yet? LOL!

The background... well, let's see... I wanted a dark background as this rug is the first rug I've hooked that will actually be used on the floor. *grin* My next thought was that, this being an 1812 design... would certainly qualify as being a candidate for a "cost effective make do" appearance. So, I followed the theory that a well worn pair of wool pants might offer a few strips to fill a grey area... a tattered and torn wool skirt might offer a few strips of brown to fill in the next area... and, since I didn't know which color I would have available next.... I did it in patches. I've seen some antique rugs done this way and really liked the look of it. The blue that is popping in the background is actually more muted grey when viewed with the nekked eye...

Lastly... the binding technique I used is the ol' wool yarn whipped over cotton cording. I've heard it gives a good strong edge... and has been recommended as the binding of choice for rugs that will actually be walked on.

I've tried to get a picture of this rug on the floor of where it is going to rest....but, my camera will not allow it. It either shows too blurry, too yellow or too dang "anything but what it should be"... so, alas... my last and final pic of this rug is once again... on my back patio.

So, there you have it! Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about and seeing the progress of this rug... I know I had a fun time hooking it! And, it sure is sweet to admire it all finished (on the floor) as I sit in my squishy-cozy recliner! lol!

Have a blessed week! I'll be checking in again before Christmas Day!
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