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Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Hooked Up!

Yes, I knew it would happen (eventually).... the last loop has been pulled on this big rug! :-) I just finished the stay stitching a minute ago, and am getting ready to steam it.

A note on the stay stitching.... one tip I had mentioned awhile back is something definitely worth repeating. That tip is to "Finish before you start". That's right.... if you plan on whipping the edges of your rug... it is much, much easier to stitch the edges before you start hooking the rug. I waited until I finished this rug... and the weight of the wool sure made for a cumbersome time of running this through the sewing machine. This tip is especially helpful when it comes to larger rugs... I really don't think it would make much of a difference on a mat or smaller rug.

Last weekend was a fun time washing the wool I had purchased at the Brandywine hook-in last month! It's always so fragrant and soft and fluffy right out of the dryer! Makes me smile! Anyways, I've got it all folded... just need to find a space to store it! ;-) I think I seriously hit stash overload status... time to hook more rugs... faster!

I still have this little cross stitch I started working on in September! Yes, I do plan on finishing it.... and yes, it still will be shipped to the person I was originally making it for! lol! I don't think a person would mind a pumpkin for Christmas? Do you? :-)

And, to answer a question from the last post... no, we did not adopt a kitty... I simply have acquired the need to check out the funny captioned pictures at icanhascheezburger.com every morning! :-) These cats and kittens really can make a person laugh!

Well, that's about it for today! I hope everyone had a very thankful and full Thanksgiving! Time to get your needle and thread out and start making some Christmas gifts! That's what I'm doing this weekend... I'll share pictures of these projects after the recipients have received them!

Have a warm & cozy weekend!


  1. Your rug looks great!
    You did a fantastic job, wonderful colors, so impressive!

  2. OMG Sharon...your rug is beautiful!!! Love the colors you used Really nice!!

  3. Sharon ~
    Your rug is GORGEOUS!!! What's next on the frame? Using those luscious new wools you've added to your stash?
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Sharon, This rug is amazing. Your colors and the contrast are just beautiful. Definately a show piece.

  5. Very nice, very nice. Love the pattern and your colors. Whose design? How big is it? Great suggestion about planning ahead for whipping the edges. I think I better take your advise on the rug I'm working on and do it now before it gets any heavier. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

  6. ABSOLUTELY A WORK OF ART!! I finally was able to get to your blog without it being "aborted"..geesch!! ????? Your pile of wools looks like alot of fun. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.....XO, Judy

  7. I love that rug, Sharon!!! You did an awesome job! I love the colors, the design..everything!Don't you just love washing new wool..it gives me such a pleasure to fold it and place it with my other wool.

  8. I LOVE your rug Sharon! Wonderful colors and so nicely hooked! That is such good advice to finish the larger rugs ahead of time...... I think it helps to keep them in line too...
    I bet you can't wait to cut into that new wool! Do you have a design in mind? I am between projects right now and can't get unstuck!! LOL
    Your beautiful rug is inspiring me to get something going!
    Cathy G

  9. Such a beautiful rug! You did an amazing job with it.
    Your sure found some wonderful wools and I'm sure you'll find just the perfect project for them.

  10. That rug is wonderful! I rarely finish a rug with whiping. I use tape or wool and finish in the old fashion way. I hate the whole process of whiping but I am lazy. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  11. What a gorgeous rug!!! I love it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  12. Sharon, your rug is simply beautiful!! Your stash of wools is enough to make a girl drool too!



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