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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brandywine Hook-In and Other Updates

Happy Halloween to everyone! It was a good day here... we had the most kids visit our neighborhood than we have had any other year prior. And, each kid wore a great costume! I mean, they really went out of their way to look great this year! Starting to quiet down here (with the doorbell).... so, I can have a minute to give ya'll an update on some stuff!

First, is the progress on the big rug I've been working on. I was supposed to have had it finished by now... but, by some gracious stroke of luck, I have re entered the workforce! Yep.... been a couple of years unemployed here. And, even though I am enjoying my new job... it took a couple of weeks to readjust my hometime schedule to fit in all the "want to's" and "have to's". I should be able to finish hooking this by next weekend. And, when I do my final post on this rug... I'll write about all the details like size, color planning and types of wool used, etc...
Yesterday was a fun day out to Wagontown, PA. The Brandywine Rug Hooking Guild was having their annual hook-in. Or, maybe it was a eat-in? LOL! Kathy was generous enough to bring in a basket of candies.... and Jan brought along some bread and sausage and crackers and cheese dip and chips and banana cake... Oh my! 
Here's Joanne trying to look innocent...

But, Kathy knew she was up to something...

Rebecca Erbb's booth.... ooooooh-la-la! Did I ever spend a lot of time over there!!!! :-)

Here is a general view of the whole area where everyone was sitting and chatting and hooking (and eating)... LOL! It really looked to me like more people attended this year than last.

Here is a quick picture of my stash building I did yesterday! On the left is from Rebecca Erbb... in the center is from The Wool 'n Gardener and on the right is from Olde Peddler Wools. I only go to one hook-in a year, so I allowed myself to buy what I needed. It's a real pleasure to be able to see and feel the wool before buying it. So.... these are ALL some fabulous quality pickin's! 

My Birthday Celebrations were extended until yesterday too! Kathy was nice enough to bring along a gift she had for me! A really uniquely shaped basket filled with Snickers that has a plaque attached to it that says... "Chocolate Fixes Everything"! LOL! It does... it really does... :-) Kathy also gifted me some gorgeous chocolate colored woolens and cottons and a note pad with my initial on it. Thanks so much Kathy!!!! Love it all!

My navigation unit decided to take me on a scenic route for the drive back home. I was glad for that too as I was able to stop on the side of the highway and check out this fun 1960 ElCamino that was for sale! It's in really super clean condition.... it just could use a different color paint, don't ya' think? It's greener than a jealous frog.... and would look a bunch better if it was a dark silver or an anniversary gold? Anyways, if anyone is interested in purchasing this beauty... the owner is asking 14k or best offer... :-)

Whew! That was quite an update! I hope that everyone is hooking and stitching and enjoying this season of color and cool! Many designers have been releasing their Christmas patterns!!!! I think I'm ready!!!! How about you? :-)

Until next time.... fill your days what what you love best!


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Your rug looks great! So close to finished!!!
    WOW! You've gone back to work. I can imagine it's quite an adjustment. But if you like the work, that's a good thing.
    I can't believe how many hookers were at the hook-in! But why are there as many pictures of the food as there are rugs??? LOL!!!
    You found some great colors of wool. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Is your next project planned yet?
    Cool car!!! I like that jealous frog green!

  2. Sharon ~
    Great post! Your rug is looking most wonderful.
    Congrats on re-entering the workforce. It will definitely interfere with your hooking time...lol!
    The hook-in looked like great fun and with Kathy and Joann there, I'm sure it was.
    I don't think I'll consider the El Camino. I don't think it would fit in my garage ~ way too long.
    Hugs and Happy Halloween :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your new job! What a hook-in!! I would of hung around Rebecca's booth also. LOL!

  4. Now that looks like one fantastic hook-in. Your rug is coming along nicely, lovely muted colors. Best of luck with your new job and a belated Happy Birthday!

  5. welcome back to the work force. While I am thankful for my job it sure cuts into my fun.
    Your rug is beautiful. and a belated happy birthday. I love the wools you chose to buy and that car I think should stay the color. If you plan on driving that car around you want to be noticed. and that green will do it.
    Happy Halloween

  6. Love the rug you are doing and the car! That is really an eye catcher. Looks like the hook-in was fun but very crowded. Funny tho - no pictures of rugs at the hook-in - did everyone just bring food and leave the rugs at home???

  7. Love the way your rug is coming along. That car is wonderful and sure is an eye catcher! The hook-in looks awfully crowded but I am wondering did everyone just bring food and leave the rugs at home? No pictures of rugs - ???????

  8. Hey - I is innocent - I'm not trying! As I told you - your rug looks awesome! Totally cool the way you are doing that background! I never would have thought of that! Your hooking is perfection too! So happy you came - now what's our next event?

  9. What a day it was Sharon!! So happy you made it, and NOW I get to see what you bought lol. I swear you buy, and then sneak it out to the car really really fast lol. I know, just making room for more and less to carry out... Good thinking!
    And that Joanne, you never know what's going on in that pretty little head of hers.... I am so happy I saw your rug in person. It's just beautiful and can't wait to read what you right about it when it's done! Soo, what's your next project? Using some of the wools you bought?

  10. Sharon.

    I LOVE your rug. It is truly beautiful and the colors you picked are perfect. Did you design this rug or is it a commercially available pattern. I'd love to know the size and if it's available. Good Job



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