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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And now...

...for something completely different! :-)

Another video for your viewing pleasure... but first, let me give you some background information...

Every year, the company my husband works for hosts a family day event for all that work in his office. Every year since Bob has worked there, it has been a semi-pro ball game at our local ball park. We'd have a section of seats blocked off in the picnic area and we'd have burgers and hot dogs and all the soda you could drink. Well... someone in the office had suggested we do something different this year... and out of all the suggestions, it was decided that we would all go to Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ and enjoy a real renaissance tournament and dinner... and you know what? It was FUN! Here's a picture of some of the artwork that is painted on the ceiling when you first enter the "castle"...

And here is a short video to give you an idea of what the performance consisted of. We were lucky enough to be down in the front seats right on the edge of the arena. You might notice some reflection in the plexiglass that is in front of us for protection... and so the horses don't get spooked...

 And this part totally cracked me up! The arena is set up into sections. Each section is identified by a color and that color section would cheer on their same color Knight during the tournament battles. Well, about half way through the show, it was the Knight's duty to "honor a lady" in their cheering section. So, all the Knight's came out horseback with a silk scarf on the end of their lance and when they pointed it to the lady of choice, she was supposed to take it off the end of the lance. Well... when our Knight pointed the lance at me I about froze "like a deer in headlights" (Bob said)... and with a bit of fumbling... I got the darn thing off! I never seen a Knight laugh so hard in all my life!!! LOL! And here is what the scarf looks like...

... feel bad for Bob... my ego was too big to fit in the car during the ride home!!!! LOL! *grin*

I'm back to normal now... sitting at the frame and hooking... just like the "Queen of Love & Beauty" should be doing... *wink*

One more thing... the night of the show also happened to be our 11th Wedding Anniversary!!! So, that made it all the more fun!

I hope you enjoyed our silliness... I'll be back in a couple more days with a rug update!


  1. Well it looks like fun and it's good to be queen.

  2. ohmygosh, how fun was that?!?! I think you should wear your scarf for a good long while...no matter what you're doing! {grin} Happy Anniversary!

  3. Sharon, Happy Anniversary to you and Bob!! What a cool video, and it sure looked like fun. Oh, I was laughing at picturing you snatch that scarf off LOL. What a fun thing to do... Do we have to call you Queen now? :)
    Can't wait to see the rug update!

  4. Too Funny! Happy Anniversary!

    I'm honored you still emailed me after your Queenly adventure and might possibly will the lady still have lunch with me on Friday should I venture to NJ? LOL

  5. Sharon ~
    Happy, happy anniversary and many, many more.
    What a fun night!
    I'm anxious to see the progress on your rug.
    Hugs :)

  6. What a fun evening, and yes Happy Anniversary with many more to come.

  7. Oh Queen Sharon - that looks like a hoot! Happy belated anniversary!


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