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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank You Skippy!

Tish over at Loafer Mountain Primitives was recently adopted by the cutest kitten I have seen to date! Naming a new friend is always difficult as you want a name that sticks, is fitting for his personality and is easy to shout out the back door when that little someone is late for dinner! LOL! 

Soooooo, Tish had posted the cutest pictures of her new found friend and asked for some suggestions as to what to name him. Between the pictures and a few written details and hints of what this little guy is always up to... I offered the suggestion of "Skippy".

Well... Skippy loved his new name and as a thank you he sent me the following...

A gorgeously prim shelf! This shelf is made from recycled barn wood and milk painted a beautiful blue and accented with old square head nails. Simply beautiful!!!! Along with the shelf are some great items to help me begin decorating! A prim bonnet and apron.... a really nice wooden Treasured Friends sign and some wonderful autumn potpourri... along with a small twig wreath and metal star... The pictures are taken with everything laid out on my living room floor... but I will be getting these treasures on the wall in my front room by this weekend! I just wanted Skippy to know that I have received his gifts and absolutely admire and appreciate all of them!!!! Thanks so much Skippy! Hugs to you!

Do you want to see what Skippy is up to today? Visit Tish's blog over at Loafer Mountain Primitives. He's really a sweetheart! :-)


  1. So glad to see it finally made it there! and Skippy thanks you so very much for the new name!!!
    Much better than being called....Hey You!
    Can't wait to see what you do with it!
    Tisha... and the Skippy Attachment!

  2. Awwww, what beautiful treasures from Skippy. Now I have to pop on over and take a look at Skippy!

  3. Yippee Skippy! He is a precious creature. Aren't all kittens? And he is so generous with Mom's goodies! You made out! Gotta love it!
    Linda ;)

  4. Skippy is a cutie & sweet too! What a bundle of treasures you received! :)

  5. Awww, that Skippy is not only cute - he is darn thoughtful too!

  6. What fun to get gifts in the mail...and from Skippy himself! I do like that name!

  7. What a nice gifts! And the name "Skippy" ain't to shabby either! LOL Good for you! (and Skippy)

  8. What a cute name Skippy is. How wonderful to receive such unexpected treasures in the mail. I agree with Kim, that Skippy is one thoughtful little kitty.

  9. Congrat's Sharon! Lots of prim goodies :). How nice to give a new name to such a cutie..


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