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Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Autumn Decorations

Since the weather is cooler and the days getting shorter... I thought I would take some time to cozy up the house a bit. I don't really put out too many decorations for any of the holidays. Just enough to show bits and pieces of the season. The autumn decorations are getting more and more each year though, as I just can't seem to resist another pumpkin! 

Here is the area on top of my tv cabinet. I mixed in the bitterwseet garland and pumpkin make-do that I recently purchased at the Cinnamon Stick along with an old fashioned grinning cat and jack in with my daily glass bowls and flask.

This is a sweet scarecrow shelf sitter made by Pati Jane of patijanesprimitives! She gifted it to me last year as part of an Autumn swap we had with our eBay group An American Primitive Gathering (USAPRIM on eBay). I have it displayed on the back of a sofa. He's enjoying the nice, soft quilt that Kelley made! LOL!

This area here is on top of the Philco radio I had shown in an earlier post. The two needlepunches are from Kelley and the basket and glass ball jars are from my recent NC trip. Add some colored leaves and wah-lah! Instant autumn! ;-)

The sweet mousie in the jol cupboard hanger was made by Chris of mysticalprimitives (eBay name). She gifted me the redware pumpkin last year too. The owl I made last year. It's a cross stitch pattern by Country Stitches. The strawberry, though not autumn, is staying out because I really love it! LOL! It was made by Ginger from primitivesbythelightofthemoon. The jol np on the right I made last year... just not quick enough that I could display it last year. LOL!

And here is my little german twig tree... I try to put seasonal items on him throughout the year... this is how Halloween is looking so far this year... The pillow at the base was made by Debbie of woolensails.  The Wicked ornament was a freebie chart from Betty of primitivebettys. And, the pumpkin I bought from eBay last year. I'm thinking I should put some time aside to make some ornaments... I think I have some bottle cap ornaments around here somewhere too...

Here is our tiny front (sorta) foyer area. The "window" I have had since I moved here. It's a catalog purchase, and I loved it because it was made out of old wood and the window panes are actually mirrors. Adds a bit of light to an other wise dark area of the house. Mixed in with my regular every day items are just some putka pod stems, leaves, sticks and hooked sunflowers.

And lastly, is a corner in our living room. The bag on the top of the picture is hanging from the door of the clock face. In the bag iare pipe cleaner spiders! I left them in the bag so as not to scare my squeamish readers! LOL! I tucked a gourd jol into a basket that was gifted to me by Chris and placed it on top of a spider web doily that has been draped with a grinning cat garland. And the pumpkin in the carrier is made from a coverlet. I found that on eBay last year and thought it was pretty clever! 

I'm sure there are a few items I forgot to mention the details on, but you get the idea. It's mostly just some seasonal accents, rather than an all out wall to wall boo-nanza! LOL!

I did some more hooking on that big rug today! Progress pictures to be posted soon... hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend!


  1. Looks like a lot of decorating to me! And all of it just right for the season.
    Don't you just love this nice cool weather! Sure puts a person in the mood for pumpkins and colored leaves.

  2. I'm seeing a pattern here - "this was made by..." this was made by...." - I best get busy and get you something fall! LOL! I have your little np basket out! Anyway - Looks great and best watch it - i have my eye on some of those things and i know you only live a bit over an hour from me (however my husband things I drive on 2 wheels so I may make it under an hour!)

  3. LOVE all your decorations. So many were gifts ~ lucky you.
    Did you make the penny rug? Very nice. One like that is on my (very long) list of things I want to make.
    I'm looking forward to seeing rug progress.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Love all your treasures from friends. Everything looks great! Enjoy the weather, we deserve it after the summer we've had. LOL!! WHEW we made it thru.

  5. Love all of the decor. Looks like a lot of the season to me. Aren't you lucky to have so many friends to gift to you? Hope ;you have a wonderful fall weekend.

  6. You have been busy decorating. It all looks great. I'm lucky to get the Christmas decorations out before Dec. 25. LOL

  7. you do have a fair amount of autum to display. It looks great all cozy.
    thank you for the comment on my blog, I do love picking the dump.

  8. WOW...it all looks so nice! I don't do much of the seasonal decorating anymore. I always enjoy seeing what others do, though. I am happy that the days are a bit cooler, though I hear it's going to be in the 80's here this week. huh. Fall is great...I just don't want winter to come.


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