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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Projects in Progress

On the tails of Hurricane Earl came some super gorgeous, cool, crisp, clean air!!! Makes a person feel human enough to smile while being outdoors! We have windows open and fresh air whisping through the house... ahhhhhh... good bye soupy days of August...  hello September and it's crisp apples, clear blue skies and touches of autumn color tinging the leaves....

And, cooler air brings back the urge to pull out the wool and get back to hooking. I've gotten a little further on the large rug... trying something new with the background. I'm also enjoying just grabbing what's near me and hooking it in... very relaxing! I hope to be pulling more loops on this piece this weekend...

One of the things I like to do is have a project in progress that fits different areas of my home... and also fits the different mood I might be in. So, on days I'm feeling really lazy, I plop into my squishy recliner in the living room, turn on the TV and engage in some mindless crocheting. I haven't ever crocheted anything with too many detailed instructions... I usually just keep with one or two different stitches and stay pretty square in the design. Again, crochet, for me, is just something to keep my hands busy... I really don't want to have to think too much while doing it. LOL! So, since I had two skeins of a Red Heart Super Saver oatmeal colored yarn, I decided to make a simple shawl. It's 16" wide and 70" long. The entire piece is crocheted using a half double crochet stitch with a size N crochet hook. Very basic. But, will serve it's purpose during the cooler days ahead.

I've also been cross stitching... my thoughts were to make two of this design... one to send as a gift to a friend, and one for me to keep. But, with this design being one strand of floss over one strand of thread on a 32 ct. linen... looks like I'll be making just this one and mailing it off to it's new home. I'll make one for myself next year... only it'll be one strand of floss over 2 strands of thread on 28 ct. linen! LOL! Maybe... have to see how big the finished piece would be... ;-)

Many thanks to everyone that bid on my auctions! I now have some change in my pocket... and some space in my craft room to create! Looks to be a win-win situation for all as some great deals were had by the winning bidders! Enjoy your quilt projects, books, cross stitch and wool applique projects!

As for me... I'll be enjoying some loops this evening... 

Until next time... :-)


  1. Love seeing all your projects. I really like the shawl. Is it easy to make? I like to have a little project to do when I am too lazy to get out the rug frame. I usually knit those little dish cloths. But a shawl might be fun.
    I'm looking forward to playing with my bay treasures. Maybe I can learn to quilt too.
    And YES, the air is lovely today - fresh, clear and crisp. LOVE IT.

  2. WOW! Love your rug! Great design and the colors are just perfect!

    Nice crocheted shawl. Nice for these cool evenings we'll be getting (I hope!)

  3. Yes indeed goodbye to those hot sticky days of summer and HELLO autumn crisp, cool days!

    Your shawl looks so cozy and the rug is looking so nice with all the gorgeous colors of wool and such tiny stitches on your cross stitch. You have certainly been very busy!

  4. Oh Wow Sharon - loving the randonmess of you rug - it's looking wonderful and looks like a fun one to hook!

    You sure have been busy - that shawl is so pretty and one strand over one strand - better get it done before your next birthday - the eyes go next!

  5. Sharon ~
    Oh, your rug is wonderful and the shawl is lovely, too. One over one on 32 count ~ my eyes are way too old for that! I think I'll stick with 2 over 2 on 28 or 30 count...lol!
    Keep us updated on your rug progress :)

  6. ohmygosh, Sharon! That shawl is gorgeous! I see you're keeping busy. It got cooler here, too, but supposed to get warm again. That cross stitch...I need a magnifying glass to do that kind of work these days. Looking forward to seeing you progress with your projects.

  7. That's it! I feel human again with the cool air...

    Your rug is outstanding...loving those gold flowers...

  8. Sharon, your rug is beautiful!! You'll be done by Brandywine ;). Love the shawl too, very pretty and will do just what you need it to do on those chilly nights.
    Ok, would love to see the pic of the cross stitch, but all I see is a blurr. Is that because you don't want me to see it because it's coming to meeee??? LOL!!! Just teasing... I can't imagine doing 1 over 1. Hope you have eyes left after it's finished!

  9. Sharon,
    All of your handmades are beautiful! Love how your rug is looking. The shawl looks so soft. Hey wait Kathy....I can't see the Jack too good either! Maybe it's coming to my house! lol I'd be cross eyed stitching one over one! Make one for you this year Sharon!

  10. Love seeing all your works in progress or finished. I've been working on our Etsy group space. :) Will come chat about it tomorrow... ;)

  11. Love the rug and the shawl..I do the same thing in cooler weather but it is granny squares that I like to make. I have 2 that I have been working on for a little over a year (when I get the urge) I usually end up giving them for gifts and can't really use any until lab pups outgrow their chewing stage :)
    I am going to try making rugs with rope and fabric wrapped around it and make into a braided rug..something to look forward to this winter :)

  12. Love the design of this rug. I am partial to leafy type of patterns and this one is very pretty. Just purchased an Oxford punch needle and will be giving rugs a try.
    Thanks for sharing, Peace for all,


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