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Monday, August 16, 2010

RCA Video

If you were wondering whether or not they liked the radio....

The video starts with a quick narrative of the history of these two radios by That Radio Guy himself!



  1. Nice radios - but you know me - I have to make a comment on something else - that sure was a whole lotta maters sitting in front of you! Wowser!

  2. What a great gift and looks like they were thrilled. Beautiful job on restoring the radios!!!!

  3. Very nice radios! My BIL would really LOVE that Coke-inspired one. He too has a collection of Coke things. You know, I was thinking about your Radio Guy (and Kathy's) a few weeks ago. The auction that I won my washing machine was LOADED with radio stuff. The seller was a HUGE radio buff. He was in White City, KS.

    Looks like the new owners are totally thrilled. WTG RadioGuy! :)

  4. The video was great!! What a wonderful gift!

  5. oh, how fun was that video! Thanks, Sharon! And, way to go, Radio Guy!

  6. Hey, the Radio Guy done good!!!
    What a great gift and a wonderful way to present it!
    Glad we got a shot of you too!
    Loved the video!!!

  7. I love the Old radios and record players..I have some of the old Thomas Edison records if you are interested I will let them go very reasonable since we are moving and trying to lighten the load..Just go to my blog and email me through there.


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