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Thursday, August 12, 2010

1946 RCA Revisited

That Radio Guy has been creating some very appealing eye candy again! While we were rummaging through the 127 Yard Sale a couple years ago, Bob spotted a 1946 RCA 65X2 radio. These radios were either originally brown bakelite or painted black using a technique called thermoset. Nothing really exciting to look at really. But, this was a good deal, and a chance to learn while troubleshooting the electrics to get it singing again. So, Bob bought it. 

While going through the electrics and fixing it up to playing order... Bob was thinking, that maybe this radio would be a bit more appealing if it were brightened up with some new, retro color scheme... and, he was right!

His first combination was white with teal which now sits (and plays) in my kitchen...

Then, while showing his creation at a "Show & Tell" session at the NJ Antique Radio Club meeting... someone fell in love with that radio... but wished she could have one in Coca-Cola red... to match her kitchen! She probably didn't think that she would actually ever receive one... but, she will this Friday at the meeting! :-)

Just another fun way to keep radio history interesting and enjoyable in the eyes of today!


  1. Sharon,
    I love the radios!! She will love the radio!
    How are your tomatoes this year?? Remember I was saying I planted cucumbers after the 20th of June?? Well, I bought the plants at the greenhouse. Guess what?? The were melon plants marked cucumbers!! LOL! That's the way it goes with gardening.

  2. That reminds me of the old radio that sat on the kitchen shelf when I was a little girl. Love the red accents.

  3. How nice, my Mom had her old radio restored when we were kids and it still sits in her house. It is so nice to sit and listen to. Great pictures!

  4. What great radios! Your DH does a wonderful job with his restoration!

  5. Really cool - love the teal (shocked it isn't teal and BROWN) lol - really really love the Red!

  6. Great job! She is going to love it, what a nice surpise!

  7. Wow. Retro radios. How awesome are they!!! Great job, Radio Guy!


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